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Racist West ignores Nigerian massacres

The real power rests with the Security Council which is tightly controlled by the most powerful nations on earth which are in fact owned by the international bankster cabal based in London, Tel Aviv and New York and these people really do not care about the lives of ordinary people at all, much less the lives of ordinary people in Africa.

Islamophobia is creating a global police state

Neocons are building their global police state, everywhere, on the same foundation: Islamophobia.

Historic Paris Climate Justice Protest Set for Saturday Dec. 12th

Paris Braces for Biggest Protest in History

Huge wave of false flags to follow Paris, San Bernadino

Experts predict a huge new wave of false flags as Craft International and other perpetrators "flee forward" to cover their bloody tracks from Paris to San Bernadino.

Putin-Obama Meet in Paris Discuss Syria

According to a White House source, cited by Reuters, Obama mentioned that sanctions against Russia could be rolled back when the Minsk accord is honored.

Those Who Fuelled Extremism in Syria Now Mourn Paris Attack Victims

Jim W. Dean - Does anyone think the Syrian military is going to take orders from some foreign committee-selected interim head of state? ...not after 250,000 dead, over a million wounded, and 11 million refugees.

Paris at Night Le G 20 de La Nuit

Paris at Night Le G20 de la Nuit is an event to promote night life in Paris.

TRUTH JIHAD: 11/13 Another French false flag?

Simultaneous terror drills; magic passports; suspects well known to the authorities...where have we seen this before?

NEO – Who was Really Killing Paris and Why?

Jim W. Dean - The best memorial to the victims of terrorism is for the public to wise up as to who the State sponsors behind most of these killings are, and take them on. Without doing this, these memorials are meaningless, and maybe even worse.

An Appraisal on Paris Attacks

Asif Haroon Raja Paris attacks on November 13 which took lives of 129 (risen to 132) innocent people and injured 349 are shocking and condemnable....

Russia to send police pup to France after dog killed in...

Russian army service dogs MOSCOW, November 12. /TASS/. The Russian Interior Ministry will send a police puppy to French colleagues after a police dog named...

Armageddon on the Golan Heights. The Final Battle.(Updated-Paris Attackers Fought In...

Relevant Biblical passages have been quoted in full below this article

Irrational and Troubling: Don’t Blame Syrian Refugees for Paris Attacks

TEHRAN (FNA)- There is a key difference between people seeking placement in Europe as refugees and the thousands of home-grown terrorists who have gone...

Suspected mastermind of Paris carnage killed in Saint-Denis police raid

Jim W. Dean - A 7.5 hr standoff and shoot out, with 5000 rounds of ammunition and 800 police officers, was evidence of every law enforcement agency in France wanting to get in on taking some of the credit, a three ring circus "piling on".

Twilight of the Idols: How Celebrities Kill the Paris Debacle

The Paris debacle proves to be a complete disaster for celebrities who pretentiously say that they cherish all life.

SouthFront: What the Nov.13 Paris Attacks Mean?

...from SouthFront The recent Paris attacks demonstrated existence of the well-armed and well-disciplined terrorist network. It’s ready to exercise large-scale sabotage attacks. This network could...

Israel Behind Paris Attacks?

Much has been written and said by writers and analysts of print and electronic media about the coordinated terror attacks in a stadium, a hall, restaurants and bars across Paris which left more than 130 innocent persons dead and more than 350 injured, on the night of November 13.

Press TV Debate: Did West need Paris false-flag attack to pressure...

ISIS “is not what it purports to be, it’s been benefiting from massive aid from the West, primarily from US allies in the Middle East."

Attacks in Paris

Asif Haroon Raja The serenity of Paris was jolted on the night of November 13, 2015 by the noise of blazing guns and din of...

Paris Proves Vladimir Putin Won Ideological War

What we are seeing here is a complete blowback, and Hegel would have called this “the cunning of reason.”

Paris Suicide Bomber Given Fake Syrian Passport by Turkish Intel

Intelligence officials have reported that a Syrian passport belonging to one of the eight terrorists who carried out the Paris attacks was a fake, which was made in Turkey and then used for passage through Europe.

SouthFront: History Repeats Itself in Paris

There is a pattern to things that happen when the United States faces a serious defeat in its international policy. A sudden violent atrocity shocks the world. There is a huge uproar. The U.S. setback goes unseen. Humiliation is avoided. Time is gained to cope.

SouthFront: Paris Massacre – Who Is Behind It?

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence’s contributor Ahmed Rajeev is providing a leftist look at the Paris attacks.

Paris – Who made the terror?

The US and its allies murdered one million civilians in Iraq, using indefinite sanctions and war, destroyed all public infrastructure, and gutted all institutions....

We Have Almost Nothing on the Paris Attacks (updates)

Gordon Duff - Initial accusations on the Paris bombing came in WHILE the bombs were going off. As with the Russian air disaster, the first reports can very well be red herrings

Who was killing Paris tonight…the usual suspects or someone new?

Jim W. Dean - We will be sifting through the chaos for anomalies in the reporting as this event was done, like all the others, to herd public opinion in a particular direction. Check back for updates

Another French false flag?

Kevin Barrett - I was interviewed about Paris false flags - in Paris - right before this one happened.

British Blues – Rock Icon John Mayall’s Historic Return to the...

Seeing posters in the Paris Metro that the British Blues icon John Mayall was going to play at the famous Paris Music Hall L’Olympia immediately got me on the phone with my friend and VT collogue Jane Rosenstein so that we could obtain press passes to hear him.

Faris, a famous Guitarist played at L’ Alhambre in Paris

Guitarist FARIS, (who turned Blues classics into Tuareg style) was the opening act for Eric Bibb & Jean-Jacques at L' Alhambra Théatre in Paris.

Chile Celebrated National Day Fiestas Patrias in Paris, France

Chile celebrated their national day one September 18, 2015 with a very cordial celebration.

Who’s Next and Premiere Classe- Two Fashion Exhibitions for Spring

Who's Next and Premiere Classe, two fashion exhibitions in Paris, France presented collections for spring/summer 2016.

Miss Carpenter an excellent comedy in Paris has been prolonged until...

Miss Carpenter, an excellent comedy in Paris, France has been extended until January.

Americans Disarm Terrorist on Paris Train

 Two U.S. servicemen and their student friend who disarmed Moroccan terrorist and beat him unconscious in train aisle as he opened fire on Paris-bound...

Paris Journalists attend Press Conference for 68th Festival de Cannes

Paris journalists attend press conference for Festival de Cannes.

Charlie Hebdo & Copenhagen: Netanyahu war crimes?

Was Bibi behind the slaughter in Paris two months ago?

Paris: Fallout After Staged Suicide of “Charlie” Investigator

Perhaps the world's dumbest false flag attack...

American Masterclass in Paris presented by pianist Jay Gottlieb

Jay Gottlieb, an international American pianist presented a Masterclass in Paris to a French audience in the tradition of the private musical salon.

Caught: The Backstory on the Paris Anti-Semitism Hoax

When we look at this story, a "perp" who spends his life it seems, spraying swastikas all over Paris, caught again and again, a virtual "one man holocaust," we take note.

Zionists linked to “Charlie Hebdo terrorists’ escape”

Coincidence theorists are going to have a field day with this!

NEO – A Murderous Fraternity

Jim W. Dean..."Terrorism does not spring from poverty, but from a pathological compulsion of the puppetmeisters to coordinate mayhem."