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From Hun to Hun

… by  Willy Wimmer,  Germany


A commentary on the NATO decisions and the role of the British government


France is now holding Russia's Mistral ship hostage to the Ukraine peacetalks
France is now holding Russia’s Mistral ship hostage to the Ukraine peacetalks

[ Editor’s note: The current Western-US-NATO attack on Ukraine and Russia has quickly turned Europe into the new economic war battlefield, in terms of being used as cannon fodder in someone’s New World Order plans.

My outreach to VT readers to help us expand the depth and breadth of our staff in a variety of capacities got a good response. My first focus was help, not only in monitoring key geopolitical issues in their native media, but in also introducing us to VT-type persons and entities where we have a natural synergy to work together.

Our German readers have been a big help, as their country has been a key player on the continent, and has been right in the thick of the Ukraine fiasco and the blowback on the sanctions as a result of it. They have put Germany into a recession already, and its going to get worse before it gets better.

We were acutely interested in evaluating whether the EU political disaster was going to be a rout, or was the opposition strong enough and organized to be able to get a foot on the brake pedal of the runaway train. The Germans are remarkably organized, and we were pleased that the business, political and workers’ unions taking the heat for the sanctions hits were not whining on their fannies. They were challenging the confrontational Eastern policy.

We also found out that VT is widely read there and highly regarded. So we felt the time was right to expand that base beyond building our readership, but also making direct contact with the military, political, and workers’ unions to explore ways to leverage our forces to attack our common enemies on multiple continents at the same time.

This has already started. We oldtimers at VT like to start working in a new geographical area, starting out with the oldtimers there, who have been in the battle for decades.  We have found that path to be the best quick study for getting a good relationship start and to hit the ground running. 

Willy Wimmer
Willy Wimmer

Willy Wimmer,  recently turned 70, and has served 33 years in Germany’s Bundestag with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union.  He goes all the way back to working with Helmut Kohl.

Between 1985 and 1992 he was spokesman of the CDU/CSU, and then Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister of defence. From 1994 to 2000, he was Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

He also can write, which is why we are featuring him today, as our American audience, including me, needs to develop a deeper background on the European political landscape, if we are to be effective in building bridges there.

Willy’s piece today focuses on Britain initially, but is really an overview of America’s push to drag Europe into a confrontation with the East, when the EU has a $110-billion trade surplus with Russia, along with growing trade ties with China. Someone seems interested in wrecking all that. Gosh, I wonder why?

We will be cherry-picking the best of the best that we can find, and also be looking to get selected material from VT published over there. By the time you finish reading Willy’s piece, you will have a good first dose. The Youish Lobby has a tight hold on European media just like here, so we might be relegated to the European alternative media, with occasional forays into the mainstream.

This is all part of revamping VT for the new and huge national security and economic changes that we face, which will have generational consequences if major resistance is not forthcoming, to slow down and stop what we see coming… Jim W. Dean ]



Willy Wimmer in 1990 at the Bundesrates in Bonn
Willy Wimmer in 1990 at the Bundesrates in Bonn

From Hun to Hun

… by  Willy Wimmer,   Germany

–  First published September 7,  2014  – (translated version)


It is strange enough. In the only TV program that is not filled from morning to evening with cooking classes, crime scene detectives or quota discussions, consideration is given to the German-being. “Arte” (French/German) plays British fighting songs against everything German from the period of World War II. But for the protection of the present Germans, it shamefully translates lines in which affront is made against the “Huns”, with lines against the “Germans”.

We are not so sensitive, because the Anglo-Saxons on the island are our cousins, because otherwise one can hardly explain why the German-stationed British Global warriors enjoy the mentality of a moderate “home advantage”. “From Hun Hun” we do really well together, even if you cannot see David Cameron in front of your eyes any longer. The only one who should listen well to the English fight songs against us, is a certain President Putin in the Kremlin.

British Propaganda can really finish you off, as we Germans had to notice, since our fade-away Kaiser Wilhelm, and recent examples like Milošević, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi make it abundantly clear. If you want to understand why people are incited against each other, Anglo-Saxon propaganda must be taken at face value.

Recently, Hillary Clinton once again demonstrated this. American government officials are indeed standing up to their knees in blood for a long time, but have a masterful ability to bring others to The Hague. They obviously need to light one conflict after another, and then bring it to a victorious end for them, so as not to end up there themselves.

Hillary paying her dues, to you know who
Hillary paying her dues, to you know who

Let’s see what songs are hummed in London after the Scottish independence vote. Currently, London wants to make people believe that every vote in favor of Scottish independence would be a surprise. Nothing could be more false than this assertion.

As German diplomats credibly assure, since the mid-1990s, in all conflicts in which the United Kingdom has been habitually involved in the continent, British negotiators were only interested in one thing… What impact do negotiations have on continental issues on the complicated situation in the British Isles?

In a country, where even the BBC is working in the foreign policy interests of the country, with exorbitant amounts of money from the British government budget, one writes any form of “intelligence” in large size, quite different from the “Hun-cousins” from the continent.

David Cameron wants to influence the vote of Scottish voters at the last moment for the benefit of the City of London. Or should we evaluate his fulminantly presented Reflections on a global NATO Response Force at the NATO Summit differently? To bring the Bundeswehr on the Korean peninsula or into the Indonesian province of New Guinea, up to 3,500 British soldiers shall belong to this task force.

Here, he probably squinted at the Scots, because the first ones, who for centuries now put their bodies on the line and bite the dust for England, are traditionally Scottish soldiers. They are the bravest of the brave. British Prime Minister David Cameron‘s proposal on 4 / 5th September in Welsh Newport, was presented in the service of this tradition. Was this understood in Scotland as a comforting perspective?

Certainly, the proposal of the Prime Minister about the global NATO Response Force means no more and no less than the end of the United Nations, because the substance of the Cameron proposal is for NATO, led by the United States and in the manner of ex-US President George W. Bush and his unspeakable Vice President Dick Cheney, to become the global security services provider and to replace the United Nations.

The reactions in other parts of the world on these proposals from Wales are quite interesting. On the Indian subcontinent for example, hardly anyone will weep a tear for the United Nations, because the United Nations are consistently viewed as American fig leaf for their own campaigns.

David Cameron, trying to keep Britain a world power, when it isn't.
David Cameron, trying to keep Britain a world power, when it isn’t.

Also, the warriors of the “IS” in the Middle East come into play here. Perhaps the European perception of these murderous gangs is more limited than it should be.

In that part of the world, it is expected with confidence and certainly in the context of a miscalculation, to be able to wear out any NATO Response Force with its own “IS” Fighters.

All that David Cameron has not deterred to submit his proposals, and the others agreed on this in Wales, although they all know that the British proposals only have the goal to commit the whereabouts of London in the “Special League” for Global Conflicts. As a side effect, it must be guaranteed, that German soldiers are commanded by British commanders.

On the continent, one should spare all the time in the world to check the results of the NATO summit, and not only because these decisions would turn Germany and its governmental system upside down. Despite the Chancellor approaching the core beliefs of German politics with the “wrecking ball”, the Welsh decisions are of fundamental importance to the parliamentary system in Germany.

This seems to be considered also by England, because otherwise, it would not have made these proposals. It must be really annoying for Cameron to have to listen to his own parliament and the current temporary aversion to military adventure. If Germany’s “parliamentary reservation” tilts, there is nothing left for NATO to fear, inside of course, in favor of the military commander.

Scotland is important to us all. At its core, the Scottish decision is of a quality that affects us all. Not only in the question of whether Scotland and not England will afterward remain in the European Union. Scotland stands for a social Europe, whereas the “City of London” is the Mecca of those, who like the German Chancellor, want to rebuild our democracy, according to “market conditions”. The vote of the Scottish electorate is a vote for or against Europe.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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