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NEO – Why the Scots Chose To Wear Their Chains With...

- "The Scottish Independence dance will continue because the demographic votes showed the young people for it, and the old folks against."

Avnery – Scotland on the Euphrates River

- "That is one aspect of the New World Order that does not get the attention that it should...its basically being a criminal endeavor."

United Kingdom is Staying United

- It’s official. The German-backed Scottish Nationalists have been defeated & we in the UK are staying together.

Scotland: Referendum Rigging Caught in Secret Video

We are being tested. The Snowden release of the 2003 real 9/11 report was censored. VT is publishing recently declassified documents from America's nuclear research laboratories showing that two generations of American scientists were educated in what Jim W. Dean calls "flat earth" physics.

Scots Kiss Goodbye to Independence

As voting day neared, the "Yes" to Independence campaign was seriously threatening the unity of the realm by arguing that the only guarantee of self-governing powers for Scotland was to vote for independence.

ISIS, Scotland and The Politics of Mimicry

But the current outburst of tribalism suggests that our society is changing direction. Society may never be the same, and this may be a very positive occurrence.

Will Independent Scotland Spark American Revolution 2.0?

Helpless Americans are looking to Scotland for inspiration as they contemplate strategies to take back their country from the corporatocracy

The Scotland Vote

- The Scottish Nationalist Party speak of Scottish ‘independence’, but if they win they intend to apply to join the EU.

VT is expanding to Europe…in force

- "Willy Wimmer has served 33 years in Germany's Bundestag with Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union. He goes back to working with Helmut Kohl."

Scotland 2011 Photos

This is from a 4 gig memory card found in a drawer. This is a piece of a day's drive, the last day of a Scottish holiday. From there, I drove through Britain, ferry to Calais and drove to Garmisch Partenkirchen in Bavaria, a little piece of over-militarized America in the German Alps

Church of Scotland General Assembly Alams Israeli Apartheid and Land Theft

The Inheritance of Abraham? A report on the 'promised land' is a ground-breaking report by the Church and Society Council that was overwhelmingly agreed this weekend at the annual General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in Edinburgh. In adopting the report with only a handful of votes for remitting it, the Church of Scotland rejects the use of the Hebrew Bible to “sanction…occupation of land which involved the displacement of some 750,000 people living there”.

Is This The Best That Christianity Can Do?

The Holy Land needs advocates for the truth. “It is the truth, and only the truth, that will lead to peace and justice”

Sunday Drive

With a minimum of commentary, we take the short run from Germany's Mosel Valley, through Calais and into Scotland.

Scotland Parliamentarians Stand Up for Middle Eastern Nuclear Whistleblower

Yesterday members of the Scottish Parliament spoke up for Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu's right to full freedom and is support for a Nuclear FREE Middle East because you "can not devolve the right to speak out against injustice"...

Scottish Parliament Calls for Vanunu’s Freedom

Yesterday members of the Scottish Parliament called for Mordechai Vanunu's right to leave Israel and Vanunu recalled "the beginning of this case in 1987."

DU Effect Hits International Debate Again

Depleted Uranium use since Operation Desert Storm is not just a health issue for Gulf War Veterans in the US but all coalition forces and endemic populations that are left to deal with the affects for billions of years. This is an international issue that has seen the UN and WHO involved.