Off the Record and Closed to the Press: AIPAC Community Briefing on Iran Nuclear Deal

Sig heil, Bibi!

Sig heil, Bibi!
Sig heil, Bibi!


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor with help from a VT source

It was officially “off the record and closed to the press.”

But VT isn’t just press. It’s a hotbed of former spies – guys who could sneak into Abe Foxman’s bathroom and flush the ADL’s latest press release before Abe had a chance to use it for its appropriate purpose.

So “penetrating the security barrier” surrounding a supposedly top-secret AIPAC meeting is all in a day’s work.

Below is a firsthand report from someone who sat through one of the “off the record and closed to the press” AIPAC anti-Iran-deal meetings being held in many American cities. Apparently the ultra-Zionist freaks are pulling out all the stops to torpedo this international initiative that blocks their longed-for war on Iran.

They should all be arrested as unregistered agents of a foreign power. Maybe the next time VT sends its sources into a “top secret” AIPAC meeting they’ll bring 120 pairs of handcuffs and conduct the biggest citizens’ arrest in US history.


Off the Record and Closed to the Press: AIPAC Community Briefing on Iran Nuclear Deal

-by a VT source

– Once again I had the pleasure of sitting in a SANCTUARY of a Synagogue to witness an AIPAC event………..

– Security checks were limited to inspecting your ID. This was my first time EVER to show an ID to enter a speaking event….

– There were around a 120 persons in attendance (give or take).

– First note from an AIPAC official is reminding the audience that EVENT IS OFF THE RECORD AND CLOSED TO THE PRESS……..It always baffles me that things need to be kept off the record and closed to the press by people who care so much about the national security of the US and its Allies and Friends………….Hmmmmmmm!)

– The regional director of AIPAC took the stage and delivered the main talk which lasted for about 30 minutes or so

– It was about How Really Really Bad the Iran Nuclear Deal is to the National Security of the US and its Allies and Friends!!……

– With Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, Even the Arab Gulf Countries, and the UN Security Council ALL supporting the deal; It is very easy to guess WHO are the “Allies and Friends of the US” who will be in grave danger by the deal…………

– The reasons for why the deal is REALLY REALLY BAD could be grouped in 5 BUCKETS (Believe it or not so many reasons that you can measure by the BUCKETS)……

– Those BUCKETS OF REASONS contain: faults with the Inspections that will be imposed to lifting the economic sanctions that BROUGHT IRAN TO ITS KNEES, to giving Iran access to ITS OWN BILLIONS held by the West, to allowing them access to conventional weapons and even ballistic missiles THAT COULD HIT AMERICA, to allowing them to do research on nuclear technology, to not dismantling their nuclear infrastructure ……..YOU GET THE PICTURE….

– What AIPAC is working towards is 290 and 67. What that means is that they expect that congress will reject the deal, Obama will veto, and then 2/3 of both houses will be needed to over ride the veto……Hence AIPAC is asking for full mobilization from everyone….

– What happens next? Keep negotiating and keep the crippling sanctions AND IMPOSE SOME MORE……

– AIPAC does not advocate for war BUT the US should fully utilize it position as the only superpower in the world WITH MILITARY CAPABILITY TO DESTROY THE IRANIAN NUCLEAR PROGRAM…………Hmmmmmmm!

– The REAL fun started in the discussion period and here are the highlights:

– the smart thing to do is to GO TO WAR NOW before Iran makes a nuclear weapon, said one man………..I thought why not since OTHERS are paying in blood and money?! WARS to the last drop of American blood seems like a smart strategy and you can even ask Paul Wolfowitz and Robert Kagan and his wife……..

– Same man said, the negotiations with Iran are making the Iranian Nuclear Program Legitimate and that is a mistake……Hmmmmmmmm! I thought, is this why the Jewish People invented the word Chutzpah?!

– An American Jewish woman who now lives in Israel wanted to know how she can help and he had no answer for her and a young girl also asked how can she help since she cannot vote and his answer was go to a town-hall meeting and tell the member of congress that you are worried about your future from a nuclear Iran!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– A woman told the speaker that even some Israeli officials say that the deal is GOOD. The AIPAC speaker said that AIPAC is made of AMERICANS who think about the US National Security first and foremost and THE ISRAELIS who support the deal WANT TO GET MORE AID FROM THE US and think they can do that by going along!!!!!!!!!!


– The general impression was that the audience are so very hardcore Zionists…..

I guess some Zionist Jews are hell bent on taking America all the way to the last drop of its blood and buckets of money.


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