Chuck Hagel: US Should Consider Engaging Russia in Anti-ISIL Fight



… from  Sputnik News,  Moscow

[ Editor’s note: Dear readers, we have a rare example of American leadership here that frankly we have been on a starvation diet. Hagel has had a low profile for some time, but he has risen from the ashes at this most timely moment. He has picked up his sword.

What Hagel is proposing here is heresy, that the UN Security Council actually do what it was designed to do, versus being a Kabuki theater where a few major Western countries can use it as a platform to smear as “threats” anyone who does not want to do what they want.

The best part for us is that a real down-to-the-bedrock discussion on an international effort to take out ISIS will have to involve making a list of its supporters, including what action should be taken against them, and that is something several members of the UNSC would not want to do.

Not only would their names be on the list, but certain foreign intelligence agencies could provide ample proof of their involvement, starting with Syria who has had a great incentive to know exactly who the Western players are behind ISIS.

The World was already tired of US gunboat diplomacy, but sponsoring terrorism was a step too far.
The world was already tired of US gunboat diplomacy, but sponsoring terrorism was a step too far.

Russia and China could choose to play these cards right away. Or they might want to wait until the US, Britain and France had blocked all moves for putting all military action against ISIS under UNSC legal control.

One of the huge repercussions of this would be that it would put a leash on the growing independence of NATO to get involved militarily for whatever reason or threat their PR people could come up with. That would put Germany on the spot. And as to the question, “Why now?”, think back to Germany’s recent report that refugee expenses would run $10 billion for 2015.

What we are seeing here is Putin’s jujitsu training of redirecting the energy of an enemy’s attack and using it against them. If the West resists this proposal, which it will (other than some token pretend kind), then it will be in the spotlight for wanting to continue to use terror operations in its regime change offensives.

Things are beginning to get very interesting with some potential major geopolitical shifts in the works. While we were briefing and getting briefed on our recent trip to Damascus, one of our main themes was that the whole terrorism-regime change dynamic was coming to a head, with some rare opportunities to end the free ride that certain countries have had to escape full responsibility for their actions.

But that said, the targeted victims really had to put their game face on and not make any major mistakes, as the Western countries will do everything they can to avoid having the “State-sponsor of Terrorism” tag pinned onto their butts. Most all VT readers can sketch out a list of who they are in 30 seconds. You can just image what a good intelligence agency could lay out, if allowed to… Jim W. Dean ]


A real internation effort to fight terrorism is a "foreign involvement" that our Founding Fathers would approve
A real international effort to fight terrorism is a “foreign involvement” that our Founding Fathers would approve

– First published  …  September 25, 2015

Chuck Hagel told Sputnik that Washington and the UN Security Council should consider Russia’s proposal to create a broader, UN-sanctioned coalition against Islamic State terrorists.

Leandra Bernstein — Including Russia in the international coalition against the Islamic State is a worthwhile proposal, former US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told Sputnik on Thursday.

“We already have a coalition of over 60 countries involved in taking direct military [action]against ISIL [Islamic State] in Syria and in Iraq, so to include Russia and other countries, we should look at all the proposals,” Hagel stated.

Members of the UN Security Council should consider the Russian proposal to create a broader, UN-sanctioned coalition to combat the Islamic State, Chuck Hagel told Sputnik.

“I think any suggestion or proposal by a member of the Security Council should be looked at seriously,” Hagel said on Thursday of UN Security Council measures under consideration by Russia.

On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced it is discussing the creation of a greater coalition to fight the Islamic State. The broader coalition would use force under the permission of the UN Security Council.

The United States and a coalition of more than 60 nations have been engaged in military actions against the Islamic State since August 2014. The actions have not been specifically authorized by the UN.

Washington has not extended an invitation for Moscow to join the coalition, because of Russian counterterrorism support for the Syrian government.



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