The destruction of Palmyra the city of Deborah


By Katherine Frisk

City of Palms

As I discussed in-depth in Damascus, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon, a critical analysis of Isaiah 17 found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Northern Kingdom of Israel before the Assyrian invasion extended well into Syria and included Damascus.

Which brings me to the subject of this article. Palmyra, its destruction by ISIS in 2015 and the CIA and Mossad hand that has played out in the war in Syria.

In the Old Testament when Joshua founded the nation of Israel as a federated democracy of twelve tribes, where the highest authority was the Judiciary, one of the first Judges was a woman called Deborah. We are told that she sat under a Palm Tree in the House of God, Bethal meaning Beth- house, El – God.

There is a strong possibility that the Palm Deborah sat under at “The House of God,” was the city of Palmyra, and that this “House of God,” had nothing to do with Solomon and David or Judah. But everything to do with Israel. Palmyra, city of Palms.

Syria/Israel/Northern Kingdom, Ephraim, the firstborn of the Lord (Jeremiah 31,) was invaded by the Assyrians, the Babylonian-Iraqi empire.

As with many Biblical texts which duplicate themselves in the various differing texts that have been put together into one book ( E, D, P and J texts,) the symbology of the palm is also found in the name Tamar, the wife of Judah, the city of Tadmor described as being built in Judea reflecting the opposing political realities between the northern Kingdom of Israel duplicated in the southern Kingdom of Judah.

The early “Christians” in Palestine were Hebrews who had the source material for Joshua and the foundation of the nation of Israel. The Yeshua sect. The Covenant was the supreme commandment. No king but thee God! The Yeshua sect became what is known as the Nazarenes and the Essenes and taught what was later to become known as Christianity.

In the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. they were seen by other nations and peoples as being a “Jewish” sect with very little differentiation between the followers of the teachings of Joshua/Yeshua/Jesus and the Jews who were waiting for a King David Messiah. The closest differentiation we can come to is the differences between the Hellenized Jews who had adopted Greek philosophy and the Maccabees who were proponents of the Levites and the return of a Judaic king. The Yeshua sect was in opposition to the Jews because the establishment of a monarchy breaks the Covenant and runs counter to the warnings found in Samuel 1 :8 

The early Christian texts were taken from a source material that has since become “lost.” This source material was not a historical account of a person called Jesus in the 1stcentury A.D., but was a collection of the sayings and teachings of Yeshua, also known as Joshua, translated into the Greek as Jesus. Glimmers of it can be seen in the Gospel of Thomas, found amongst the Nag Hammadi texts.

As proponents of the teachings of Yeshua, the foundation of Israel being a federated system with all twelve tribes, a Judiciary where women played an equal role and adherence to the Covenant, (“no king but thee Lord,”)  they were known as the followers of Isa, of Jesus/Joshua. Many were crucified, beheaded and subjected to persecution by the Sadducee High Temple priests in Jerusalem, the Kings of Judea, both Maccabee and Herodian, and later the Roman Empire. Hence, Jesus was crucified many times over.

The story was told in the Wisdom of Solomon written in the 1st century B.C. and in the Dead Sea Scrolls with the story of the Teacher of Righteousness and the wicked priest. Both these texts advocate life after death and the persecuted teacher. In the Gospel of Thomas, “Jesus says that the disciples are to go to James the Righteous “for whom heaven and earth came into being.” He was the son of Joseph and Mary and was murdered by the Sadducees who threw him from the ramparts of the temple.  He in turn was a descendant of Joshua, Ephraim and Joseph.


The grand colonade
The grand colonade

The Yeshua sect was persecuted by the “Jews” who considered them heretics because they did not agree with temple worship or blood sacrifice. Many fled east, to Damascus which was a major centre of Christianity as well as a center for the Essene community. They also established centres in Palmyra. Which should not be surprising, taking Isaiah 17 into account and that in all likelihood, Palmyra was once a city of Israel during the time of Joshua in the Old Testament.

A Christian inscription from Palmyra dated 135 AD?

June 24th, 2013 by Roger Pearse:

A discussion in a forum raised an interesting issue, and since I ended up translating material to answer it, it seems right to give it a wider currency.

Steven Ring in his chronology of Syriac history makes the following interesting comment:

Dated Christian tomb inscriptions written in the Palmyrene Aramaic dialect were made in Palmyra, Syria.

Christians in Palmyra and the early church

”The very frequent subject typical of Christian art of angels holding a shield or medallion with the portrait of the Redeemer is also of Oriental origin and, in addition to Dura Europos, it was found in the frescoes of the catacombs of Palmyra which were painted long before than those found in the Latin West. In these frescoes of Palmyra some Victories, with the androgynous type with which the angels will later be represented, hold medallions carrying portraits of the deceased instead of the image of Jesus in glory.”

Christian Monastery Islamic State Threat 

“While monks at the monastery say they are confident God and the Peshmerga forces will protect the site, they have removed their most precious relics, including centuries-old Christian manuscripts. The tomb of the monastery’s namesake, St. Matthew, lies empty – the bones have been moved north into the relatively safe territory of the Kurdish Regional Government.”

What this suggests is that early Christianity in Syria, the “Jewish” Yeshua sect, its early texts and architecture pre-date both the Orthodox Church in Constantinople and the Latin Roman Church in Rome. In effect Syria is not only the birthplace of the founding of the nation of Israel but the birthplace of the founding of Christianity.

With regard to Solomon’s Temple

The author at Karnak Luxor Egypt.

a) The first temple in Jerusalem, Judea, was never built. No archeological evidence has been found. The stories of Solomon have in all likelihood been copied and adapted from Egyptian texts from the time of Tuthmosis 111 along with the Ten Commandments, Psalms, Proverbs and the Song of Songs. Some scholars have gone so far as to speculate that Tuthmosis 111 is the Biblical David while Amenhotep 11 was the Biblical Solomon.

Joseph married into this family when he married the Egyptian princess and priestess Asinath (the Egyptian Yuya and Tuya,) and their son Ephraim, blessed by Jacob as the firstborn became the leader of the house of Israel. His brother Manasseh taking a priestly role and being from the house of Mosis through his mother’s family lineage.

This then is the real house of David. The real temple of Solomon is found on the banks of the Nile River, not in Jerusalem. The many temple structures built by the House of Mosis during this time in history can be found across Palestine which was an Egyptian protectorate.

b) Deborah the first judge of Israel, sat under a palm at the House of God, Bethal, which could very well be Palmyra itself.

Jews today are attempting to obliterate all evidence of the so-called lost tribes, in the interests of leaving the “Jews,” the tribe of Judah as the sole inheritors of the promised land. Hence the destruction of Palmyra and the proposed re-building the Babylonian usury temple in Jerusalem which was first built when the Jews returned from Babylon.

A woman has always been a symbol of democracy. Athena in Greece is one of her manifestations, the “home”of democracy, while the Statue of Liberty in New York harbour, now raped and torn of her Constitution and Bill of Rights by the neo-cons, is yet another.


A woman as judge and a democratic system is totally contrary to the rise of “Judaic” monarchy, the return of a “King David,” the Saudi royal family and a Wahhabi Caliphate and needless to say the Pope, in a hierarchical structure where he is top dog and believes through his own papal decrees that he owns the planet, all bodies and all souls. So it is not surprising that ISIS is paid for and supported by the CIA arm of the Vatican, the Saudis and the Wahhabi sect and the Zionists on the Golan Heights.

Running parallel to their hegemonic aspirations, women are denied an education, equal rights, a role in the priesthood and a role in governance. As democracy becomes subjugated in societies and replaced by totalitarian states, so women become subjugated as they are in extreme forms of Orthodox Judaism, Roman Catholic adoption of original sin and in Saudi Arabia with its medieval treatment of women.

Palmyra for a much of its history through the centuries was governed as a city-state with councils, a system that was replicated in the French Languedoc in the city states during the Cathar period and where the counts ruled, but they ruled in conjunction with elected councils and by will of the people, not as authoritarian dictators. The count and his knights sat at a round table.

Their religious belief not surprisingly reflected the political setup where both men and women became the “perfecti,” the perfected ones, the age of Romance came into play with the troubadours and their love poetry and the Magdalene was restored to her role of Apostle and disciple as she is referred to in the Gospel of Thomas and no doubt other texts that were destroyed after the council of Nicea in the 4th century A.D. and the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria a few years later.

What we have throughout the Bible are two templates from Genesis to Revelation woven together and creating a tapestry filled with contradictions and cognitive dissonance.

Israel/Joshua/Yeshua/Jesus, a federated democracy, a multi polar society, with the Judiciary as the highest authority and women as Judges, a free and fair trial with witnesses to speak on their behalf in a territory that included much of present day of Syria, Damascus and Palmyra. It is what Palmyra stands for more than anything else that has made it a target for fanatics. An independent city-state ruled by councils. They had no king but God. The Covenant.

This is in direct opposition to Judah/David which is a monarchy with a totalitarian Messianic King who rules by his own decree where we have trial by ordeal. Palestinians can testify to their unjust treatment in Israeli courts and prisons where many have been tortured. It is a uni polar, racist, apartheid system. It is also in direct opposition to the Vatican who advocates trial by ordeal and an authoritarian universal church under the hierarchy of the Bishops and Popes as well the Saudi Royals and their totalitarian regime where people are subjected to the fanaticism of the Muslim Brotherhood Wahhabi sect.

These are the two templates. If you use them and apply them to almost everything. They go back to Genesis 1 as opposed to Genesis 2. Gen 1 is a democracy. Gen 2. is a sexist, racist, autocracy.

Both Russia and Iran promote the first template. You can see it in their political structures. Compare them to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the corporate fascist neo-con model in the USA.

What we need are the source documents, and I am not only talking about early Christian documents. I am convinced that there is source documentation for Joshua in the OT, that is not only of religious significance, but has very real political implications and is in line with the Covenant. The Christian texts being based on these documents, which were originally a collection of teachings and saying, ie. “Jesus said…” Or rather Joshua/ Yeshua said.

The Theater
The Theater

By the 2nd century A.D. these sayings and quotes were added to and included with a historical backdrop of the 1st along with the propaganda literature of Paul, a Sadducee who had Roman citizenship. Also inserted was the line of decent to David and Judah with Joshua being inaccurately called “The King of the Jews.” And so we now sit with a New Testament text that is a tapestry filled with contradictions and cognitive dissonance.

On the one hand he is the “King of the Jews,” on the other hand when tempted with all the kingdoms of the world by the devil, he turns the devil down. These two concepts cannot exist simultaneously. The one cancels the other out. As Jesus said: you cannot worship two masters. 

Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus (Greek translation) was never the king of the Jews. And Palmyra could very well have the evidence needed to prove it, as well as evidence that Syria once was considered to be part of Israel itself, called so by the venerable Isaiah, ruled by the house of Ephraim (Joshua), the son of Joseph and blessed as the firstborn of God.

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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