Vladimir Putin Stuns the World and Weakens the CIA’s Plan in Syria!

"Hey, Bro. We've been here before. I told you to join me in order to defeat ISIS. I also told you that I can do the job without you. Well...have you learned anything yet over the past few days? Hey, I'm still willing to accept you. Just say goodbye to NWO agents, and we will welcome you in Russia."
“Hey, Bro. We’ve been here before. I told you to join me in order to defeat ISIS. I also told you that I would do the job without you. Well…have you learned anything yet over the past few days? Hey, I’m still willing to accept you. Just say goodbye to NWO agents, and we will welcome you in Russia. What’s your move?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Vladimir Putin’s strategic move in Syria has brought back Hegel’s “the cunning of reason” to reality again. Remember how NWO agents were basically congratulating themselves for removing Saddam and Gadhafi without a challenge? You remember how Jewish Neocons like Bill Kristol used words like “tyranny” to marshal their essentially Talmudic plan in the Middle East?[1]

Well, no more. Putin has changed that. NWO agents and their lackeys continue to lament that Putin is a force to be reckoned with. The National Interest has recently reported that “America’s military” is “slowly becoming obsolete.”[2] We can thank Putin for that.

NWO agents are still barking like a mad dog in the Weekly Standard, the New York Daily News, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, and Bloomberg,[3] but they have no moral or intellectual teeth. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who is Jewish, has recently come out and declared indirectly that Putin is the West’s worst nightmare.

The Spectator, a kind of Neoconservative magazine in England, has written an article entitled, “How Putin outwitted the West.”[4] (Putin didn’t outwit the West—he outwitted NWO agents and Satan worshipers.) Listen very carefully here:

“Russia was right about Iraq and Libya, and America and Britain were dead wrong. Regime change doesn’t seem to have changed Middle Eastern countries for the better, as Vladimir Putin has been warning for years. His policy is not to support any armed groups ‘that attempt to resolve internal problems through force’ — by which he means rebels, ‘moderate’ or otherwise…

“Russia’s decisive intervention has left Barack Obama and David Cameron looking weak and confused. When the usually steadfastly patriotic readers of the New York Daily News were asked whether Putin or Obama had ‘the stronger arguments’, 96 per cent said Putin.

“In Britain even hawks like Sir Max Hastings — no friend of the Kremlin — are arguing that Russia can help beat Isis. And most importantly, Putin stole the show at the United Nations General Assembly last month with an impassioned speech denouncing the whole US-backed project of democracy in the Middle East at its very root.

“The Arab Spring has been a catastrophe, Putin argued, and the western countries who encouraged Arab democrats to rise against their corrupt old rulers opened a Pandora’s box of troubles. ‘Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster,’ he told assembled delegates, in remarks aimed squarely at the White House.

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“‘Nobody cares about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have forced this situation, do you realise what you have done?’ It was quite a sight: a Russian president taking the moral high ground against an American president — and getting away with it.”[5]

The Daily Beast itself has admitted that “new outfit to promote ‘debate’ between the U.S. and Russia has a decidedly pro-Putin lineup”![6]

Can you imagine a “pro-Putin” party in America, where the Neocons and their puppets have been ruling for years and where they have spent billions upon billions of dollars demonizing Putin and creating chaos in the Ukraine? What does that tell us here?

Well, the truth is that Americans and much of the world are beginning to wake up from their “dogmatic slumber,” to use Emmanuel Kant’s words. It gets even better: the Daily Beast continued to say that the Zionist/Neoconservative regime in America is not willing to have a lively and rational discussion with Putin.

It looks like NWO agents and Satan worshipers have learned their lessons from Charlie Rose. Remember what Putin did to poor Charlie? Remember how he morally and intellectually humiliated the poor man? Remember how Bill O’Reilly himself admitted that “Putin is way too smart” for Charlie?

Surely the regime has enough evidence which indicates that Putin ain’t messing around. He quit talking a long time ago and started rolling terrorist heads in Syria. America spent years after years in the region pretending to fight ISIS, but Putin has recently come onboard and destroyed terrorist cells within a few days! As VT has recently reported:

On October 9, “Russian airstrikes kill 2 ISIS commanders, 300 militants.”[7] The Huffington Post, hardly a bastion of Putin supporters, has put out an article entitled, “Russia’s Aim in Syria Is to Strategically Defeat ISIS and Al Qaeda.”[8] On October 10, the Associated Press brought some depressing news to NWO agents and said that

CIA-backed rebels in Syria, who had begun to put serious pressure on President Bashar Assad’s forces, are now under Russian bombardment with little prospect of rescue by their American patrons…

“Over the past week, Russia has directed parts of its air campaign against U.S.-funded groups and other moderate opposition in a concerted effort to weaken them, the officials say. The Obama administration has few options to defend those it had secretly armed and trained.”

The Huffington Post reported:

“Last week, a Russian official arrived at the U.S. embassy in Baghdad to announce the immediate start to the Russian air operation in Syria, and to insist that the U.S. keep its aircraft (and personnel) out of Syrian airspace altogether that day. Since then, the Russian tempo of air attacks has been impressive, leaving little or no space to others.”[9]

Oh, boy. Isn’t that something to be happy about? Russia is now telling NWO agents and Satan worshipers to take a back seat!

From a political perspective, NWO agents have good reason to back down on debating Putin. They are scared to death because Putin might strip them completely naked before the entire world. They are also scared because Putin might even bring a world map with him in that debate and pin-point exactly where America is patrolling much of the world. Benjamin Netanyahu basically brought Wile E. Coyote with him at the U.N., but Putin would bring the real thing. Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, would certainly be glad to walk to the podium and point out:

“Saddam Hussein hanged: is Iraq a better place? A safer place? Gaddafi murdered in front of the viewers: is Libya a better place? Now we are demonising Assad. Can we try to draw lessons?”[10]

one can see that Putin would grab NWO agents and Satan worshipers by the balls, and there is no doubt that he would ask them serious questions during the cross-examination. In a recent dialogue in Russia, Putin cogently declared:

“Another threat that President Obama mentioned was ISIS. Well, who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians that were fighting against Assad? Who created the necessary/informational climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the area?

“Do you really not understand as to who is fighting in Syria? They are mostly mercenaries. Do you understand that they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more. So they arm them and pay them a certain amount. I even know what these amounts are. So they fight, they have the arms, you can’t get them return the weapons of course, at the end.”

Putin pressed the issue even further by basically asking: is the U.S. going to tell us that they don’t know who those terrorists are? Are they going to humor us by saying that they are not part of the problem? Well, let us watch the whole interview:

Putin calls the United States’ actions in Syria “absolutely unprofessional politics. It is not grounded on facts, in the real world.” He then moved on to lay out this blatant contradiction, which is quite rampant in Neoconservative circles:

“We must support civilized, democratic opposition [Syrian rebels/terrorists] in Syria. So you support, arm them, and then tomorrow they join ISIS. Can [NWO agents and Satan worshipers] not think a step ahead? We don’t stand for this kind of politics of the US.”

As a generous man, Putin went out of his way to extend his friendship to the U.S. He said that he doesn’t want to get into a conflict with the U.S. at all. “To the President of the United States, the vice-President and all other relevant people,” he added.

“Tell them that we do not want, or look for, any confrontation whatsoever…You must consider the interests of others, and you must respect other people. You cannot ‘squeeze’ others…

NWO agents and Satan worshipers, says Putin, simply cannot continue to do whatever they want around the world and get away with their bloody crimes. Somebody has to take a stand against them, and if it is going to be Russia, then so be it. As we have seen over the past few days, Putin’s words here are not just rhetoric. Putin is serious. Listen to the Daily Beast:

“On Oct. 7, Russian warships in the Caspian Sea fired 26 high-tech cruise missiles at rebel targets in Syria—a staggering 1,000 miles away.

“The missiles in question, which the Pentagon calls SS-N-30s, were mostly unknown to the outside world before the Oct. 7 raid. Even close watchers of the Russian military were surprised to see them. The missile attack was also highly visible.

“In many ways, it was an announcement to the world, and America in particular, that the once-dilapidated Russian navy is back in action—and that Putin’s missileers are now among the planet’s most advanced…

“Very few countries possess Tomahawks or similar munitions—and only the United States and Great Britain have ever successfully used them in combat. Now Russia has joined that exclusive club of global military powers. And that should worry the Pentagon, Wertheim said: ‘It should be a wakeup call that we don’t have a monopoly on the capability.’

“What’s particularly striking is that Moscow has been able to build this long-range naval strike capability with much smaller vessels than anyone thought possible.”[11]

That certainly gives NWO agents and Satan worshipers nightmare. Paul Craig Roberts, who is usually pessimistic about the situation in America and the Middle East, has recently seen some light at the end of the Zionist tunnel. He said:

The world is beginning to realize that a seachange in world affairs occured on September 28 when President Putin of Russia stated in his UN speech that Russia can no longer tolerate Washington’s vicious, stupid, and failed policies that have unleashed chaos, which is engulfing the Middle East and now Europe. Two days later, Russia took over the military situation in Syria and began the destruction of the Islamic State forces…

“Sputnik news reports that some high-level security advisors to Obama have advised him to withdraw US military forces from Syria and give up his plan to overthrow Assad. They advised Obama to cooperate with Russia in order to stop the refugee flow that is overwhelming Washington’s vassals in Europe.

“The influx of unwanted peoples is making Europeans aware of the high cost of enabling US foreign policy. Advisors have told Obama that the idiocy of the neoconservatives’ policies threaten Washington’s empire in Europe.”

In his new book, Roberts rightly says that by taking a “human and rational approach” to world affairs, “Putin has established himself as the true leader of the world.”[12]

That is a true statement. Russia may be a small country compared to the U.S., but Russia’s political principles are solid—and that is a comfortable thing to know. And NWO agents are frightened because people are beginning to line up with reason. They are so frightened that they have come up with some of the dumbest and pathetic statements ever concocted. They are now saying that Russia’s missiles are targeting cows! Cows!

"NWO agents have nothing else to do, they are using me to propagate their agenda."
“NWO agents have nothing else to do, so they are using me to propagate their agenda! Don’t they like beef? Why are they degrading my value? Sigh…So sad.”

The evidence?

Well, just believe it! It is the inexorable truth. As political commentator Mark Dankoff rightly puts it,

The Independent cites two anonymous US officials as a basis for this claim, who in turn are quoting unspecified, uncorroborated, and unverified ‘military and intelligence information.

“This is laughable on its face, and underscores the blizzard of lies spun by the American government, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council, and Turkey, about what has been going on in Syria, and who is clearly responsible for the 250,000 Syrian deaths, 1 million wounded, and 9.5 million displaced citizens of that country.

“The blame is clearly on the aforementioned states, who have financed, supported, and introduced the [Takfiriri] extremists and terrorists into the sovereign state of Syria in an illegitimate attempt to overthrow the legitimate and recognized government of that country.  This is not simply evil, but illegal.

“The lies being woven by Zionist corporate media in the West about Russia are an attempt to conceal the alliance of ISIL, al-Qaeda, and affiliates with American, Israeli, British, French, and Saudi intelligence, and to conceal the obvious fact that the Russian airstrikes are hurting these terrorist groups militarily, even as they take place legally because the sovereign government of the nation of Syria has formally requested Russian assistance.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin is to be congratulated for having the guts to do this on Syria’s behalf, even as he understands that the covert backing of these extremists and terrorists in Syria is taking place in his own backyard and represents a true national security threat to the sovereignty of Russia and the safety of its people.”

Obviously NWO agents are shooting themselves in the toes by making ridiculous statements like that, and we all wish that Donald Trump, who has recently received great accolades in Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula for his positive comments on Putin, would seize that moment to destroy those agents once and for all.



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