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A Little Unfinished Business

If President Bush invaded Afghanistan and Iraq based on lies and deception, please explain why the U.S. is not responsible for repairing the horrific damage inflicted on those two countries and for paying reparations.

President Obama’s Cyclopean Perspective on Afghanistan War

Obama's recent comment on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, claiming that “our citizens are safer and our nation is more secure” conjures up the image of the allegorical man chained in a cave facing a blank wall and with his back to the fire.

From Cairo to New York

Inspired by the popular uprisings in Arab countries, the anti-imperialist 'Occupy Wall Street' protests are creeping with vigorous rapidity into other states in the USA.

The Sanitized Version of Neoconservatism

What these books still conceal, however, is the fact that the neocons are motivated by their Jewish ethnicity and the interests of the state of Israel.

Mayors Tell Obama Save America First

The United States Conference of Mayors, representing 1,200 cities with populations over 30,000, voted in their June 20 plenary session to call on the federal government to end America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and redirect that military spending to home land priorities.

Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Spawn New Disease

Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are at risk of a new disease researchers say they have named Iraq-Afghanistan War lung injury.

Year In Review—Nice on DADT and NewStart, Naughty on Afghanistan, Palestine,...

There's been a few pieces of good news as this year draws down. But in most ways, this year has been a really hard one,...

GI Resistance to Afghanistan War Planned for 2011

White House Afghanistan Progress Means Staying the Course This was sent to VT from Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). Posted on behalf of IVAW...

Failure, Not Progress, in Afghanistan

The White House is using its December review to try to spin the disastrous Afghanistan War plan by citing “progress” in the military campaign,...

Military Families Say: “Bring our Troops Home Now and Allow Them...

This posting is a follow-up to VT coverage of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) and Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) forming an alliance...

Army Weak: Soldiers Expose Deployment of Unprepared Troops

VT was contacted by the author of this article, Clare Bayard, which was originally Published on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 by CommonDreams.org. Clare asked...

Obama vs. Obama on Endless Wars: Who Wins? (VIDEO)

Back in early 2007, when the Bush administration was insisting that its military intervention in a faraway land was not open-ended, Senator Barack Obama wasn't buying it.

We ‘lost’ the Afghanistan War: See reality and start talking

A poll by the International Council on Security and Development reaffirms that the NATO alliance is failing to win over Afghan civilians, a cornerstone of success in the current strategy employed in Afghanistan. The poll found that in the two provinces currently at the center of the war — Helmand and Kandahar — 75 percent of Afghans believe foreigners disrespect their religion and traditions; 74 percent think working for foreign forces is wrong; 68 percent believe NATO will not protect them; and 65 percent think Taliban leader Mullah Muhammad Omar should be part of the government.

National Priorities Project: $1.09 trillion total spending in Iraq and Afghanistan

- Tallies Cost of War Including Recent Supplemental Bill through September 30, 2010 $749.9 billion for Iraq $337.8 billion for Afghanistan $1.09 trillion total spending With the passage...


PBS FRONTLINE did a documentary that is now available on DVD accurately called Obama's War. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/obamaswar/ FRONTLINE notes that "Tens of thousands of fresh American troops...

Batman Returns to Terminate Al-Qaeda

The war in Afghanistan is a political and a military failure, even Batman cannot win it for the Americans. In producing this Batman vs. Al Qaeda movie, Miller is merely going to glorify and authenticate a political myth.

Your neighbors are meeting to rethink the Afghanistan War. Are you?

This is a pivotal moment. According to a recent Newsweek poll "Afghanistan War Hurting Obama's Support at Home," public opposition to the Afghanistan War...

General McChrystal Couldn’t Fake it Anymore

"This was not the war that the commanding General had in mind, this was not his ambition, this was not the challenge he aspired...

Honoring World War II and Korean War Veterans As They Die

It is estimated that there are 2 million World War II veterans left alive.  Many that served in World War II also served in...

Making the Wars Disappear

Danny Schechter, who edits Mediachannel.org., recently posted his views on what has become obvious to anyone monitoring or just watching mainstream media that...

Afghan Offensive ‘Aimed to Shape U.S. Opinion on War’

No doubt after chewing our troops up, the DVA will rush in to facilitate expedited delivery of benefits. Right. For those stuck on history...