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Defense Authorization Act Has Destroyed America’s Bill of Rights

The US has become a totalitarian nation since the enactment of the NDAA by Congress and signed by President Obama.

Stop Mass Killings Limit First Amendment Not Second

Any way you slice it, the real culprit in these massacres is THE MEDIA.

How Politicians Play Military Personnel For Fools

Nobody likes to be played for a fool. Especially when being played for a fool you're risking life and limb, not to mention killing and wounding other people.

No Charges, No Trial, No Lawyer, No Jury

It seems big changes are all around our country now, things like globalization, the economic crisis, and our “war on terror”.

Hey NSA: Intercept THIS!

Any CONSTITUTION-BURNING TRAITOR who tries to spy on an American without a court order should be tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, disemboweled, defenestrated, and run out of town on a rail.

An American Judge Puts Islam Above the U.S. Constitution

This past Halloween an Atheist was in a Halloween parade held in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania dressed as a zombie Mohammad.

Questionable sources: Message, Not Messenger Is What Counts

The following was on the net, from the Sorcha Faal site on the day the rotten pigs in Congress were passing the now famous “Orwell was right act” that destroys the bill of rights.

Senator Al Franken Stands Against NDAA Abuses

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that includes provisions on detention that I found simply unacceptable.

Defense Authorization Act Will Destroy Bill of Rights

The grim face of totalitarianism is emerging in the National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA) now before Congress.

A World United for Human Rights

Today the American people, in concert with their brothers and sisters around the world, proclaim the rights to which they are entitled by birth and citizenship, by Constitutional law and Proclamation, and by membership in the collective body of nations that has universalized recognition of these rights for all humanity.

An Abuse of Language

The last US administration displayed a rather perverse and dangerous penchant for dressing up their behaviour, providing it with religious or patriotic intent. President Bush packaged the Iraq war, for example, as America's mission - having been charged by God to bring the gift of freedom to the world. The "war on terror" was presented through the lens of the Second World War and the Cold War and transformed into a battle of cosmic proportions against those who "hate our freedom" and "our way of life". US troops who were sent into battle in Iraq were seen as "defending our freedom" or "making America safe".


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