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Pakistan To Help Extricate Than Reinforce ISAF

Among the seven agreements made by Gen Musharraf with Washington in September 2001, free passage of NATO containers from Karachi Port to Afghanistan via Torkham and Chaman and also air supplies were included.

Balochistan Insurgency Will Extinguish Like a Damp Squib

Growth potential of a country devoid of natural resources remains seriously handicapped, but is less vulnerable to foreign intrigues and intervention.

Critical Appraisal of Ignoble NATO Attack on Salala Posts

It will be recalled that in order to multiply pressure on Pakistan, western border was deliberately heated up by strategic partners sitting in Kabul.

Pakistani PM Gilani Has Cooked His Goose

It is now an established fact that PPP as a party claiming to be champions of democracy, rule of law and rights of the poor is in actuality anti-democratic, lawbreaker and anti-people. PPP and democracy repel each other since the two are synonymous.

Gen Pervez Musharraf Vying To Return

Gen Musharraf came in the limelight when he was appointed Army chief by Nawaz Sharif in October 1998.

Why Salala Was Attacked By NATO?

While the US military and NATO have off and on committed unfriendly and hostile acts against its ally Pakistan since 2006, attack on Salala on 26 November by NATO helicopters killing 24 soldiers and injuring 16 was by far the worst.

Hissing Rattlesnakes In Afghanistan

Unresolved Kashmir dispute, inflexibility of jingoistic and scheming Indian leaders to reconcile with Pakistan’s existence as an independent state and their burning desire to gain unchallenged hegemony over all South Asian nations has kept India and Pakistan on the warpath.

Indian Military Might Is Overplayed

India claims to be the strongest military power in South Asia. America has now started to authenticate its claims.

ISAF Will Quit Afghanistan Much Before 2014

When Barak Hussein Obama took over the reins of power in January 2009, war on terror conceived by George W. Bush Junior and his team of neo-cons in October 2001 had reached the age of seven years and three months.

Need To Rework US Centric Foreign Policy

Pakistan was coerced by USA to ditch friendly Taliban regime led by Mullah Omar and help the US forces and their allies to capture Afghanistan by providing airbases, logistic support and intelligence sharing.

The US Views Pakistan A Hindrance Not a Facilitator

The US and Afghan governments have arrived at a conclusion that Mullah Omar led Quetta Shura (QS) which influences Southern Afghanistan and Sirajuddin Haqqani led Haqqani Network (HN) which influences eastern Afghanistan are entirely controlled by ISI since the leadership of these outfits is sheltered in Quetta region and in North Waziristan (NW) respectively.

Implications of Indo-Afghan Strategic Accord

In the aftermath of 9/11 when George W. Bush junior’s administration decided to invade Afghanistan to get hold of Osama bin Laden, the alleged master mind behind the terrorist attacks, and his protectors, Indian leaders saw it an opportunity of the century to destroy their arch rival Pakistan once and for all.

Unilateral Action Will Dig Last Nail In Coffin Of US Military

The sole super power priding to be the strongest nation in the world with all its economic indicators in the positive was viciously hit from within by 19 Arab hijackers on fateful day of 11 September 2001.

Darkness Behind Deceptive Screen of India Shining

On one hand India claiming to be champions of democracy, secularism and human rights propagates that India is shining, on the other it suffers from highest rate of poverty, illiteracy, infant mortality, inequalities in society.

India Wishes to Strike Pakistan Before US Exits from Afghanistan

Whereas Pakistan is the next door neighbor of landlocked Afghanistan, which is dependent upon Pakistan land routes and Karachi port for its imports and exports, Pakistan has never tried to exploit its vulnerability or to blackmail it.

Post 9-11 Era Has Intensified Radicalism

Dogma of New World Order (NWO) conceived by Zionists and neo-cons Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney in 1990 presented Islam as the chief threat to western capitalist system and the US uni-polarism after the fall of Soviet inspired communism.