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Who do you trust with your health?

Environmentalists stress the need for EPA to select a IRIS director without industry bias.

VA, EPA Program Connects Disabled Vets with Jobs

he U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program yesterday announced a memorandum of understanding to connect veterans with disabilities to career opportunities in the water and wastewater sectors as part of the EPA's Water Sector Workforce Initiative.

Keeping the Lid on The Congressional Pressure Cooker

Senate Bill S-1629 needs to go much further into Agent Orange remedies

EPA Rules Lejeune Water Contaminant Causes Cancer

A long-anticipated report by the Environmental Protection Agency determined this week that exposure to the chemical degreaser TCE causes cancer in humans.

EPA reaches $1.4 million settlement with Monsanto over phosphate mine violations

The Environmental Protection agency has agreed in principle to a $1.4 million settlement with a subsidiary of Monsanto Co. accused of contaminating groundwater and a stream with selenium and other heavy metals at its phosphate mining operation in southeastern Idaho.

A Soldier’s 39-Year Battle

ALBANY -- Disabled Army veteran Susan Frasier rides an overnight Greyhound bus alone each month to Washington, D.C., to walk the halls of Congress in search of elected officials who will support her where the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and federal courts have not.

EPA’s Superfund Websites Can Save Veterans’ Lives

EPA’s Superfund database lists Chemicals of Concerns (COCs) and their health effects, valuable information to medical care providers.  (WASHINGTON, DC) - Thousands of veterans and...


Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) have not notified veterans of their possible exposure to environmental hazards at 130 military installations on the EPA National Priority List (Superfund sites). There’s a critical need for the VSOs to exercise leadership by notifying their memberships of the 130 military bases on the NPL, including the Contaminants of Concern and health effects of exposure to contaminants.

An Open Letter to President Obama

An Open Letter to President Obama About Veterans Exposed to Environmental Hazards Dear President Obama: We know that you may have read and been...

Why Isn’t BP Under Criminal Investigation?

BP is a convicted serial environmental criminal. Why is there no criminal investigation? Why hasn't the government launched a criminal investigation into BP? * By Jason...

Cracking Big Coal

* By Robert S. Eshelman The Nation * Scott Parkin, an organizer at the San Francisco-based Rainforest Action Network (RAN), is a straight-talking, get-things-done kind...

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