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Israel Cozies Up to China

Good thing I have access to CCTV-English (Chinese state television) for international news or I would have totally missed the scoop that Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu has frozen new settlement activity in the Palestinian West Bank.

Thought Police within the so-called ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’

I depart by saying that any group of people, whether it is the disciples of Hitler, the Christian Zionists of America or the Jewish supporters of Israel, or the brainwashed false Muslims, I say loud and clear, any group that believes they are “chosen” by God and thus superior to anyone else, is an enemy of all humanity.

Should the EU Break with Israel

Murder, stonewalling and strangulation

Turkish Premier to Refer Legality of Israel’s Gaza Blockade to The...

Turkish premier reiterates Ankara's intent to refer legality of Israel's blockade on Gaza to The Hague, saying the world will see 'who is standing alongside the victims'.

Warped Flotilla “Inquiry” Invites Mega-Mischief

Panel “cannot make definitive findings” It’s completely at odds with what other experts have said.The UN itself has already accepted that Israel's blockade is illegal.

Palestine is a reality

Washington must see the futility of supporting Israeli attempts to keep up the Gaza blockade and scuttle the statehood process.

Flotillas and the Law : Civil Society Movements vs. Corrupt Politics

For all intents and purposes, when it comes to the Palestine-Israeli conflict, the United States and Israeli governments have placed themselves above all law.

‘US needs A Declaration of Independence – from Israel’

“In light of this long — but still very partial — list of abuses and usurpations committed by Israel, it is past time for the US to end its ‘special relationship’ with Israel and declare its independence from that country,” — by Henry Nor

Netanyahu Owns the US Congress

We need look no further than the politics of the state of Israel to see what extremist religion can do with power. by James M. Wall

Israel’s Contempt for Law of the Seas

…and the EU’s contempt for the safety of its citizens who bring humanitarian relief to Gaza’s women and children. By Stuart Littlewood

UN Secretary-General Trying to Scupper Flotilla Plans

PACK YOUR BAGS BAN KI-MOON. Blockade illegal… collective punishment illegal… interception illegal… The UN called for “unimpeded” humanitarian assistance for Gaza

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine, Trade Not Aid

Samouni Inter-Trade Palestine (SIP) is a social enterprise international trade mission. We endeavour to catalyse the end of Gaza’s charitable dependency through import and export trade.

DR. ASHRAF EZZAT: Mubarak Regime Orchestrated the Church Blast to Please...

New insights into the latest bombing attacks on the Alexandria church which took place on the New Year Eve and killed 23 and wounded more than 90 innocent people are suggesting that the police apparatus of Mubarak has been covertly involved in the orchestrating of this hideous terrorist attack which at the time smelled like another Mossad operation carried out to serve Israeli interests which in a way it did.


I was all set to shunt Palestine into a mental siding because leadership is still lacking and so much time and effort is misdirected,...


To their eternal shame, Western churchmen seem to care little about the plight of their brothers and sisters in the Holy Land or the fate of the holy places where Christianity was born. There are, of course, honorable exceptions. One such is the Archbishop of Wales, the Most Rev Dr Barry Morgan, whose church has provided the Gazans with a mobile dental unit.

Mid-East talks and the Palestinian exodus

The idea is so simple, and yet so sinister. The Zionists wanted to establish a state with an overwhelming Jewish population in an area of overwhelming indigenous non-Jewish population. So, the only option is to expel them out- in mass exodus- of their land to live as Palestinian DIASPORA.

7 Questions for Defenders of Israel’s Inhumane Siege of Gaza

The Gaza blockade has nothing to do with Israel "defending itself." Apologists for the brutal siege of Gaza base their defense largely on a single, spectacularly dishonest argument: that Israel is only trying to keep arms out of Gaza -- arms that Hamas might use against Israeli civilians.