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Marine Denied VA Disability For El Toro

VA denies multiple disabilities of El Toro Marine; denial never received by Marine or his attorney. Bad news learned when Marine asks VA for status report.

Marines Get the Shaft

Government approved VA presumptive health care for Camp Lejeune veterans (and their dependents) but made no provision for presumptive disability compensation payment.

Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington

El Toro Marine remembers rifle inspection by Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.

Colonel Gregory “Pappy” Boyington

El Toro Marine remembers rifle inspection by Colonel Gregory "Pappy" Boyington.

NCIS Implicated in Crime Scene Tampering

Covert operation flew cocaine into the U.S. on former military C-130s operated by CIA proprietary airlnes. Marine colonel murdered who threatened to blow the whistle on illegal narcotrafficking.


The AP broke the story yesterday that Camp Lejeune could have used a simple test mandated by the Navy in 1963 to learn that its water wells were seriously contaminated.


An El Toro Marine with prostate cancer was left on his own to drive home after telling a cancer center treatment doctor of severe abdominal pains.

Murder, Cocaine and Environmental Contamination in the Marine Corps

True story of murder, narcotrafficing and environmental contamination written by two Marine veterans.

Connecting The Dots To Cancer

Semper Fidelis is not just an empty slogan or a recruiting gimmick to entice young men and women to join the Marines.

Navy Shutters and Seals El Toro Hangar

California Department of Public Health holds-up release of old hangar. Navy requried to do more work.

Radiation Risk to El Toro Marines

Marines may have unknowingly been exposed to radiation in Hangar 296 at closed California base.

Marine Hangar Was ‘Witches Brew’

MCAS El Toro’s Hangar 296 was “ground zero” for TCE plume spreading miles into Orange County and contaminated with radiation from a Ra 226 paint room.

Doctored Photo In Marine Murder Probe (PART 2)

Colonel Sabow was found dead in his quarters at MCAS El Toro on January 22, 1991, after he requested a court martial for alleged charges due to personal misuse of government aircraft.

Marine’s Murder Ignored by ‘Scientific Journals’ (Part I)

The difference between homicide and suicide can sometimes be a close call, requiring extensive pathological review and crime scene reconstruction.

Veterans Exposed To Enviromental Hazards

Former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, California, is a safer environment today than prior to its closure in July 1999. Since the 1980s, the Navy spent hundreds of millions on remediation work at the base.


Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) have not notified veterans of their possible exposure to environmental hazards at 130 military installations on the EPA National Priority List (Superfund sites). There’s a critical need for the VSOs to exercise leadership by notifying their memberships of the 130 military bases on the NPL, including the Contaminants of Concern and health effects of exposure to contaminants.

Ode to a Murdered Marine

My limited contact with poetry was in college at Temple University in the 1970s. I managed to squeeze by an English poetry course with a gentlemen “C.”

El Toro Marine Goes Toe-to-Toe with VA

 (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) - John Uldrich, an El Toro Marine veteran, has a 100 percent plus disability rating. But for all intents and purposes, it...