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Obama Quietly Legalizes Marijuana

According to Yahoo News, the Obama administration quietly legalized marijuana use last week – at least in states with medical and recreational marijuana laws.

Feds Force Citizens Underground in Black Market Clash

The federal mafia posing as a government of the people attacked again today using an effective strategy to scare the people that do business with those that safely fill the demand for cannabis

IRS Drops Nuke on Medical Marijuana Business Forces Black Market Clash

In one swift rocket strike of the pen, the Feds dropped a business nuke on the burgeoning medical marijuana industry. The IRS has ruled that dispensaries cannot deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security or rent.

The Cannabis Cure for Cancer

Do we really have the cure for cancer at our fingertips or at the bottom of our collective bongs? Geez us, if so, we really need to do this!

Take Care of Johnny Veteran

the closer you came to death every day, and there were many ways to observe that act, the likelier a Vet was to be diagnosed with post traumatic stress

Some US Vets Allowed to Use Cannabis Medicinally

In the current patchwork of Medical Marijuana laws and regulations across the country, clinical cannabis use is not decided by the military patients' need for medicine, but rather where they live.

Don’t Let DEA Ban Recommending Medical Marijuana for Veterans

The Veterans Administration is taking advice from the DEA based on the federal government’s assertion that marijuana has no medicinal value. This especially tragic because of the widespread evidence that marijuana is a safe and effective treatment for post traumatic stress disorder which is all too common among our veterans.

Foreign Policy Briefing 2/16/10

At least nineteen civilians have been killed so far in the US/NATO offensive in Marjah, Democracy Now reports. DN interviewed Wall Street Journal reporter Anand Gopal, who says the assault in Marjah is perceived as a "show of force" by coalition forces that will change little. Gopal says it's very difficult for reporters to get to Marjah; almost all the reporters who are there are embedded reporters, so they're only seeing one side of the story; and we won't know for some time if there are many more cases of civilian deaths.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Texas iconoclast Jim Hightower helps us find a way to thank Wall Street, illogical fears are analyzed at TomGram, Chris Kelly on "anti Christian muckrakers," and a vast majority of Americans are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. It figures. Bob Higgins