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Election 2012 – Obamaville and Status Quo Survive but Warren and...

I will indeed be the first to predict that Senator Elizabeth Warren will be a presidential contender in 2016 and a Warren/Grayson ticket would indeed stir the masses ~ but most certainly not the corpocracy.

LIBORGATE Reveals Global Financial Game is Rigged

Anyone who has worked on Wall Street, as I have, knows that the game has always been rigged but never to the extent that it is now with high frequency trading and trillions of dollars being traded in virtually unregulated derivatives.

Obama Plays Lead For Jamie Dimon and the Fat Cats

Jamie Dimon’s gold embossed presidential seal cuff links, a gift from the president, are a blatant reminder that Obama plays lead to Jamie Dimon and the fat cats ~ who obviously control America

We Can Stop The Machine, If We Want To

We must take action and become the friction to stop the imperialistic predatory capitalistic machine before it consumes us and our precious liberties ~ that is, if we really want to. So how do we stop it?

Iran Crisis – Follow The money, It’s All About Petrodollars

To get a handle on this Iran psychodrama , we have to follow the money and that means the implied threat to petrodollars.

Obama Going Down With Dow – Obamageddon Approaches

Obama’s lack of moral courage for taking a strong stand for what is right or wrong regarding our economy is not just because of his self imposed calm, pragmatic and unflappable persona, which he feels elevates himself above the conflict and chaos of the masses, but rather his innate fear of failure and offending his uber-wealthy corporate donors ~ which are right now his only true base.

The Sinking Of America

Not only are over 50% of U.S. Homeowners under water but America itself is underwater, owing more than we are worth, while Obama continues to offer false hope and promises while preparing the country for an Imperial presidency and the New World Order.

Wall Street Rejoices While Main Street Cries – Where Are The...

It’s time to face reality and finally get beyond the lies and misinformation that caused and perpetuate our current economic crisis by recognizing that we are in a deepening recession, we’re broke and millions of Americans want truthful answers and jobs ~ not lies, hype and theater.

Sally And Frank Discuss Taxes

Only a animated cartoon can do justice to the absurd reality of our current tax code where General Electric made 14 billion dollars profit and not only paid no taxes but got a 3 billion dollar refund

ALLEN L ROLAND: Main Street Must Revolt / Replace Obama In...

The long engagement is over and the marriage has finally been consummated between President Obama and the financial elite