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There is a Way out of Tough Economic Times

Being a recipient of many Veteran newsletters and wire services, plus a lot of emails to articles I have written, it is apparent a lot of Veterans as well as much of America has fallen on tough times.

The “U.S.” House of Representatives Again Promotes Israel Over America

In yet another sickening display of gutless obedience to the Israel lobby and the Jewish dominated media, the "U.S." House of Representatives has passed legislation which promotes Israel's interests over the interests of America and Americans by passing the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012.

Pentagon Wants More of Your Money to go to Israel

The Pentagon is pressuring Congress to take even more money out of the pockets of American tax payers and send it to the Jewish state of Israel.

Valor… The Real Superheroes

Forget "superstars" they are made up by the Hollywood and the press. SUPERHEROES are everyday citizens who rise to the occasion

Being “under the bus” with COLA

Keeping your fingers crossed about COLA for veterans won't make it happen

Politicians…Had Enough Yet?

If you haven't had it with all politicians, you had better get stop smoking that "wacky weed"

Veterans Benefits VS. Entitlements Others Feel Due

What is the difference between an earned contractual benefit and an "entitlement". We seemed to have lost track.

Britain’s Politicians Find Courage – Perhaps

Christopher King considers whether the unravelling of Rupert Murdoch’s power in the UK will serve as a wake up call to British politicians whom for years he has targeted on behalf of the US and Israel.

Lying On Trial as Politicians Deal with Reality Government

An Exposed Schmekel Signals Beginning of the End to Political Lying. Can Lady Gaga save the day?

I haven’t Totally Given Up on Obama, but as My Late...

I’m an Obama supporter, but I’m not an Obama cheerleader. While I agree that President Obama has done more for this country in the short time he’s been in office than any president since Franklin Roosevelt, presidents are not only assessed based on what they do, but also what they fail to do. So in spite of the fact that he’s saved America from a second Great Depression, his success in that area pales in comparison to what he’s failing to do - aggressively confronting America’s most insidious domestic enemy and the most serious threat to our democracy since the civil War, the current GOP.