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Uri Avnery – Sisyphus Redeemed – Peres says goodbye

- Uri Avnery - At 90, Peres has become ... one of the Wise Elders, ... the symbol of all that is fine and good in Israel. His successor has already been elected.

Uri Avnery: Lifetime Achievement Prize

- November 11, 2013 - Laureate’s speech...Without Fear, Without Favor.

Theological Definition of “The Jews” and Ideological Implications

Edward Gibbon, who was no friend of Christianity, saw that Nero’s source of hatred against the Christians largely came from the Jews…

Israel: Curse of the Jews

"Israel is founded on myths and legends." -Barry Chamish, a Zionist who keeps tenaciously pursuing truth.

Franciscans Honor Shimon Peres

Peres will also hold a series of diplomatic meetings with the President and Prime Minister of Italy, and take part in a ceremony in the city of Assisi.

Stephen Hawking Boycotts Israel

Three of my favorite musicians - Elvis Costello, Roger Waters, and Brian Eno - are boycotting Israel. And now one of my favorite scientists, Stephen Hawking, is joining them.

Israel Indicts Freedom of the Press: Kam, Blau and Vanunu

Although Israel's military censor had approved Blau’s story for publication in Haaretz, his indictment was sought by Israel SECURITY Agency/Shin Bet/Shabak, State Prosecutor's Office, and the Police

Presidential Awards, Masters of War and Vanunu’s Final Message to Facebook

Today, Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu wrote, "Hi. Today they sent first notice, they will renew the restrictions. Sent to my Lawyer. Now you are free, we can close the Cause. either you do it or I will do it."

Latest Message from Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower TO: Obama, Peres and...

"My message to Obama, Vanunu is very supporting Obama policy, Obama Ideology of a Middle East Free from all Nuclear weapons. Vanunu is ready to help Obama in this. Diplomacy Now!!! Freedom Now!!"-Mordechai Vanunu, 24 April 2012 from east Jerusalem

Nuclear Assassinations: The Unholy Marriage of Spy Agencies

"I saw a motorcycle. They were wearing ski masks -- black ski masks. They were two people.

Israel, US, UK Nuclear Collusion, ‘Intelligence’ and Blowback

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "A nuclear Iran will pose a serious threat to the Middle East and the entire world, and it of course poses a direct and heavy threat to us."

Vicious Triangle Forming Against Iran

In recent days, there has been a vociferous interest in Israel, the US and the UK in fanning the flames of Iranophobia in what observers see as a political red herring to engage in a catastrophic war in the Middle East.

Nuclear Weapons and Hypocrites in High Places

Nuclear Ambiguity is an Israeli-American policy for without the West's agreement, there would be no ambiguity. Israel and the United States have also worked in collaboration in targeting Iran, but Washington is eager for ‘plausible deniability.’ There’s no denying the hypocrisy in high places.

Al-Arakib activist hit with 7-month jail sentence for … operating garage...

Commenting on the conviction  of former president Moshe Katsav for rape, the current Israeli President Shimon Peres declared, “There are no two states of Israel, just one...

Watching Israel Delegitimize the U.S.

Our “special relationship” with this rogue state has placed the U.S. outside the same system of international law that we now seek to impose on others, including Iran. Our handling of the current crisis on the Korean peninsula could restore our tattered reputation.

Gordon Duff: The Arms Circus, Israel Keeping The World In Turmoil

THE ART OF KEEPING AMERICA AT RISK FOR FUN AND PROFIT By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER, Senior Editor This week, newspapers around the world received reports...