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Islamophobia or “Stupidophobia?”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Today, Turkey, a military power, except for the nuclear option Israel promises the world doesn’t exist, that could erase Israel in a day, broke off diplomatic relations.  Israel has until Wednesday to close their embassy and go home.  The reason? 

Israel, in an act the United Nations now officially equates with piracy and war crimes, murdered 8 Turkish citizens on the Mavi Marmara last year. 

Turkey was always very friendly with Israel, even friendlier than Libya.  This is news, you thought all Muslim countries were enemies of Israel and trying to “throw them into the sea” or put all Jews in ovens?

If you find all of this and so much more, unintelligible, it simply means you are an American or Canadian or German or Brit, perhaps Australian or Austrian, I could go on and on, from a country with controlled press, part of a population under a very real form of mind control well beyond anything you could call “propaganda.”  We are going to talk a little bit about a coloring book for children, one about 9/11 that is, at best, criminal, those responsible for it well deserving of burning in hell.  Instead, they will be enriched, enshrined and, eventually, entombed, too late for my liking.

First, however, let’s get to more background on this and other forms of misinformation, disinformation and “corkscrew” logic that has turned people once free into a lifeform that seems to embrace impotence and fear.

Yesterday, I was on a Press TV show, in fact, I did 2.  The second one, I was confronted with a 9/11 denialist, claiming to be an “anti-war activist.”  However, the rhetoric was pure ADL/Abe Foxman, someone coached to cover up Israel’s complicity in 9/11.  On the runup to the anniversary, the airwaves, blogs, comment boards, letters to the editor, are being orchestrated by powerful Jewish lobby groups directed by foreign intelligence agencies to suppress the truth.  I am waiting for that video to be posted, in the interim, I have this.

This is a recent short interview on Press TV discussing the false flag attack on the Pentagon, a missile attack which we can prove conclusively.  Disagree?  Then have the 85 suppressed videos, seized by the FBI released and “show me the plane.”  Listen to this select excerpt from earlier this week:

[youtube C6xH7Btmrz8]

Management and orchestration of news is unseen by many and expected and even overestimated by some.  Skepticism is never bad but can, in itself, be exploited.  A “conspiracy theory” is anything that differs from the wild concoctions the mainstream press peddles.  We live in two world’s based on those who believe or disbelieve this last statement.  However, as lying is no longer just an industry but a science, confusion has to be considered the only supportable state of mind.  Here is an example to some, Libya and Israel.  I will try not to be too “preachy” on this one.

Powerful forces, well financed have been manipulating all news about Libya.  Here is the question.  Assuming Israel controls all news, something many believe, if news favors the “rebels” who now are the new government of Libya, are they controlled by Israel?

All evidence I saw, this is me personally, from previous employment, contact with rebel leaders who are, in fact, contributors to VT, and some history with Gaddafi and his family, I had seen a fairly cordial relationship between Gaddafi and Israel based on mutual financial gain.  This is how it was with Turkey, who just “jumped ship” on Israel and how it still is with Jordan.  Also, this week, we learned that Egypt and Morocco are under some control by Israel.  The real list is bigger still, much bigger.


[youtube b7IfcxSGJgU&feature=player_embedded]


You can pay Israel to do anything and, if there was anyone who needed “anything” done, it was Gaddafi.  Families of the “disappeared” in Libya, much as in Chile and Argentina are now lining up for word of relatives, some who only recently “dissolved” and many who took that long one way trip into the desert long ago for some unknown offense.  We all knew this day was coming, and, according to reliable information, Israel knew it better than anyone else.

But then, a very honest question, why wouldn’t Israel have its powerful press assets defend Gaddafi?  My answer:  timing. 

Israel faces what we call a “delegitimization” vote in the UN soon. 

Were it to tell the press, and, yes, Israel can do that, to favor Gaddafi, who they knew to be doomed as soon as the Security Council voted against them, this is what would happen, as Israel saw it. 

Some are unfamilar with the term, “delegitimization,” but in this video by Israel Ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, speaking to American school children, he calls on them to fight “delegitimization,” the movement to have Israel declared a “non-country,” a rogue state that has declared over half its original population “non-humans” because of their lack of “Jewish genetics.” 

Insane as this all sounds, Oren is as serious as a “heart attack.”  If all this talk sounds a bit nutty to you, you aren’t alone.

 [youtube ZV5GNp6pYo0]

Thus, in the middle of this mess, “delegitmization,” diplomatic relations with Turkey gone, the UN ready to vote to recognize Palestine as a nation (to be blocked by a US veto in the Security Council…very embarrassing) and increasing calls for an investigation of Israel’s role in 9/11, Israel is unleasing its dogs, AIPAC, its shills in congress, armies of crazy people to spam up the internet and, just perhaps more mass killers as in Norway.

If Israel were to act for Gaddafi, it would use Fox News, CNN, the BBC and even Al Jazeera.  But Israel knew Tripoli would fall, and with it, things would get out.  The only question was when.  Any press organization backing a war criminal, even an accused war criminal, would be discredited.  There has never been a history of a news outlet EVER backing anyone the ICC has indicted and Gaddafi wasn’t going to be the first.

Thus, claims that Israel could have inflenced the press to back Gaddafi are, at best, far fetched.

If we only have “deniable assets,” alternative press assets working for Israel, anti-war group infiltrated by Zionist elements and bloggers support Gaddafi, we can still collect money but not “burn” vital assets.  You say, “explain?”  What if, CNN or the BBC find themselves knee deep in documents showing Gaddafi to be a mass murderer or a family servant, a “nanny” for instance, can prove the Gaddafi family to be tortuous fiends, any press asset of Israel will be discredited and “burned.”

With the UN vote on Palestine coming up, “spending” press assets on Gaddafi, someone with an albatross hanging around his neck, isn’t worth it.  It will be shown Israel did a lot of business with Gaddafi but it will never be shown they loved or even trusted Gaddafi.  The point?  Conspiracy and skepticism, yes, but analysis “yes” also.

Thus we return to the real issue today, 9/11 and Israel’s involvement, another huge issue that Israel needs its press assets intact for, as gatekeepers and storytellers to point the finger away from proof of their involvement.

What is that truth?  In fact, none of us know.  What we do know is that Israeli terrorists were arrested on 9/11, some were found with explosives and weapons, in the act of trying to destroy the George Washington Bridge.  We are told another group was trying to destroy the Lincoln Tunnel.  Security agencies immediately freed them and they were flown out of the country the next day on the personal authority of President George “W” Bush.  We are certain of the bridge incident, having direct information from NYPD.  We were told of the tunnel incident but have no direct informant within NYPD who was there.

There are also stories leaked by the FBI that there may have been more Israeli teams, video teams, some seeded into crowds, others tasked with covering the “exit” of the real terrorists.

We also have proof that Israeli film teams were sent to “document,” their term, not mine, 9/11, advance knowledge.  We can prove Building 7 of the WTC was demolished with explosives, we have conclusive proof and can prove, we believe, a similar fate for the twin towers.  Real science, not government disinformation, long debunked, shows that aircraft could only do very minor damage to buildings at the World Trade Center, damage easily repaired, expensive, perhaps even taking months before the floors could be safely reoccupied.

As for the buildings turning to dust and flying all over Manhattan, thousands of tons of steel, vaporized by heat well beyond ground zero at Hiroshima?  Do we want to go there?  Thus, we return to Building 7, incontrovertible proof of a criminal conspiracy.

No aircraft hit Building 7 and the fires there were minor.  We have proof it exploded, months of preparation.

In fact, we can debunk in any real court of law, anywhere in the world, including Israel, everything about 9/11 that we are being told, the myth of the phony hijackers who never existed, all of it.  A convenient and entertaining article with some excellent videos can be found here.

Now we have a discussion about a coloring book that portrays Islam in a bad light.  The dialog itself, both sides, is, by sensible standards, steeped in phoniness and mythology.

[youtube oDJkb3n6_Qg]

In fact, the dialog on 9/11 and the endless wars including the Afghanistan drug war, is all controlled, derailed, misreported and orchestrated by phony “counter-culture” gatekeepers who either discredit everyone around them or are part of the huge army of paid agents and informants, the real growth industry after 9/11 and the Bush coup d’etat.

Yes, I contend that Bush was never elected.  Even a managed press couldn’t have done that, but we can deal with this later, most of the damage, war, bankruptcy, loss of freedoms, has already been done.  How can anyone care about America’s independence, its constitution and its freedoms when looking away has become so easy.

A minor issue with me, the Tea Party.  In 2002, the Patriot Acts ended the constitution.  In 2005, habeas corpus was suspended, the basis for all our rights and laws.  4 years later, the people who voted for the maniacs responsible for taking down America, funded by Israeli extremists who hate the United States, convinced millions of Americans to vote in “Tea Party” candidates.

They got into office, tried to destroy Social Security, Veterans Benefits and Medicare and cut more taxes for the rich.  The constitution?  Oh, they forgot about that, a minor side issue.  They did get a free trip to Israel where, a good guess, lots of snap shots were taken, perhaps a few bank accounts opened and some new friends were met.

Some day, one of those candidates will grow a conscience and try to stand up for America and out those snap shots will come along with the records of that bank account.  This has been going on now for over half a century.

The coloring book issue is worthwhile.  It proves to the world how cowardly and reprehensible Americans are, how ignorant and gullible, how weak, how untrustworthy and how dishonorable.  It has only one purpose, to humiliate the people of the United States, making them look like jackasses.

Who would want to do that?

Is covering Israel’s complicity in 9/11 so important that they would stoop this low?  Proving complicity in the creation of the coloring book itself may be worse than the murders of 9/11.  It is one thing being cold and criminal.

The coloring  book is the work of a pack of lunatics.  The whole story, ten years later, it is so sickening that they would try so hard to sell lies so blatant, so utterly irrationial.

The problem is, there was never any proof in the first place there were any hijackers.  Oh, you didn’t know that?  You thought the passenger lists and airport videos simply dissolved like the steel in the World Trade Center when a few gallons of cool burning jet fuel and some cheap carpeting vaporized thousands of tons of high strength steel, cutting many support beams hundreds of yards from any fire, as though they had been hit by a laser.  Proof?  We have so many movies and photos, so many scientific statements on this it would fill a small office building, were paper to still be a medium of expression of information.

When I hear ‘anti-war” people, not mentioning names, talk about hijackers this is what I hear:

“I am pretending to oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but I am actually using language backing up the false premise used to go to war, the false flag incident on 9/11, as a way of infiltrating and derailing any move toward a restoration of free government in the United States.”

Harsh language?  Live with it.

If you are an American, you live in a country whose government was overthrown in 2000 by an interntional cabal tied to political and religious extremists inside the US, worse than any imaginable “Taliban.”  From that point forward, America and much of the world was subjected to a decade long wave of violence, blamed on imaginary terrorist organizations but, in reality, carefully orchestrated full full complicity by many world leaders, not just NATO or Israel, but much of the Islamic world as well, leaders with open political differences, or so it seemed, whose actions, when examined more carefully, revealed a powerful and malignant presence.

While the deaths mounted up, shiploads of oil disappeared and heroin production in Afghanistan reached staggering heights, while America’s debt soared and missing funds reached the trillions of dollars, the rhetoric about terrorism and weapons of mass destruction reached an overpowering crecendo.

Do I enjoy explaining this to our veterans and military families?  Many know it already.  Not knowing is dangerous or worse and knowing sickens us all.  Not just Americans but all of us built what we have of sacrifice and lost much of what we have lost because of our unwillingness to face truth, face fear and trust in ourselves.

The work of generations has been thrown away in a decade, not just in America.  There is a corner to turn and a real story, with Israel only an example.  The enemy is the weakness in our own hearts.






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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.