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With America’s Stealth Dictatorship Now Visible, A Police State..


… by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Though a GOP “insider,” I have always worked to represent reason and human values, or so I tell myself.  In our government, military and intelligence services, people of courage and good will have been worn down, bullied, they look away. 

Some were indoctrinated to the “right,” seeing the intellectual dishonesty and ineffectiveness of the left, now exposed as “controlled opposition.”

All opposition is controlled opposition.  Real Americans wait by their door for when “their time” comes, and that time is closer than ever.

Once we used to fight over 9/11 as a “conspiracy theory.”  So many went to defend America, believing 9/11.  This will break your heart.  Please accept my apology in advance:

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

This video is now “classified.”  Even the news reports on CNN and CBS are now classified.  The arrest records on those this tells of, the Mossad agents who tried to destroy the George Washington Bridge are classified.  The arrested men were taken from the police by what was believed to be FBI.  They were not.

The men wanted for this terror act on 9/11 were flown to Tel Aviv on 9/12, 2001 and refuse to be interviewed.  The police who arrested them have been ordered silenced or their pensions will be stopped.

Now the truth has become undeniable.  Those I used to disagree with though friends no longer take sides against me, we take one side, toward America, toward fixing an America increasingly corporate, increasingly a police state, increasingly a slave state, a failed nation led by the dimmest and worst of a generation.

[youtube 6_RvhvGZVkk]

There is no one in Washington, except perhaps Ron Paul, that any of us, and by “us,” I mean our military, our veterans, our intelligence community, can get behind.  To that limited extent I speak this much for them with their clear authorization.

Pain Pills for a Troubled Conscience

They are my brothers though too many for too long took the 30 pieces of silver.  Those who have done so, their names are known, are now pariahs as they should be.  We have waited so long for this.

For me, it has required abandoning much of the left, all of the right, and advocating universal opposition to all American military action.

The reason is simple, our government is now clearly controlled by a criminal conspiracy that rules most nations with others, those who pretend, from time to time, to be bastions of free thought or occasional insanity, doing so out of a carefully scripted stage play.

Look for a second at the current “war” with Iran?  Who benefits?  Iran is making billions on worthless oil driven through the roof over a phony nuclear conspiracy theory while “others” are trading oil futures, peddling $4 gasoline in America, $10 gasoline in Europe, robbing food from the mouths of children.

We see it all now, the phony war on terror, the staged phony conflicts, even a history of world wars that falls apart under real scholarship.  Our history is mythology, our political parties are “gangs,” our courts are farces, our laws a joke, only the dead, the dying and the maimed are real.

To those who have given much in the belief they have defended America, a group I belong to, a Marine combat infantryman from Vietnam, it gives me no pleasure, it gives me much suffering and disappointment when I tell you.

A Long Lanky Gordon - the Big Target - Malnutrition already at work

In my heart, our two world wars, Korea, Vietnam, the war on terror, all of it was planned, orchestrated and staged to manipulate resources, to enslave mankind and create a world government much more evil and restrictive than Orwell could ever have dreamed of.

To the millions who dream of freedom, who fought for those beside them, moreover, those who may believe they defend their families and lands from oppression, from within or without, all of it, with so few exceptions, has been exploited, twisted and coerced into eventual human slavery.

Look back at the Cold War?  Who won?  Not the west for sure.  Iraq?  A defeat for everyone involved, America and Britain, a major defeat for Iraq, a victory for corporations, oil thieves and arms merchants as with every war.

Afghanistan?  It is a pure drug war now and, with luck, Afghanistan will be plundered for mineral wealth later, with the fighters of today becoming the slaves of tomorrow.  It has been written.

If you don’t think all the world’s religions haven’t been managed as part of the game, you have not been paying attention.

When Constantine chose Christianity, those who know the era, recognized that he had in mind remaking Christianity in Paul’s light, hierarchical, aggressive, judgmental and purely polytheistic. 

When you hear “hold no other g-ds before me,” you are hearing of a pantheon of g-d’s as with the Greco-Roman religion, not a form of monotheism, be it Yehwah/Jehovah, the Hittite sun g-d or whatever.

Constantine - The Religious Politician

Thus, when archaeologists who aren’t paid to be “agenda driven” go to the “holy land,” they find ancient civilizations but they don’t find any basis for the “religions of the book.”

They are all a Roman construct, more appropriately, a Hellenic Roman construct, built from the political needs of the Eastern Empire.  The city of Rome no longer existed, not in a real sense, Christianity was the religion of Africa and the Middle East and there was little or nothing left of Europe after the barbarian invasions.

History as taught is total bunk.  If you want to understand Islam and why it grew where it grew it is because it sprouts from the roots of early Christianity and Judaism and, thus, shares its Abrahamic roots.

Christian scholars, as they call themselves, other than a few Jesuit friends with a good sense of humor, are a pack of morons.

Until you begin to consider the realities of what was real and what was not, from the 3rd century through the 15th century, era by era, you will never see how far the west had fallen.

We are still fighting that war, just as the wars of the 1990s in the Balkans came from World War 2, or from the Balkan wars of the 1920s or even centuries earlier with the Ottoman conquest of the region.

If you want to understand the real history, read Siljander and his book, A Deadly Misunderstanding. Being dumb is imprisonment for the soul. But back to our talk of war.

I am always going to be an American despite roots elsewhere.  I could be anything, most Americans could.  With enough phony documents and my mothers birth certificate, I could be a Jew or a Cherokee. We call people like this Americans.

What is critical is that the anti-war movement, such as it is, becomes something of reality rather than a circus.

We need fighters, we need those who see economic growth and profit in technology and trade rather than debt, currency manipulation and drug running.

They neither serve, or pay the freight equally

We need admissions of error, admissions of crime, we need honor. The shame of it is what we lose.  We lose the beauty of Arlington where many of my  friends lie. We lose the heroism of Marines Iwo Jima or the 101st at Bastogne.

We have each other, that has to be enough.

We also have to admit we have reason to be angry.  No more airport scanners, no Homeland Security, no more having the UPS driver look in your window.  It was all theatre just like Israel and their years of worrying about Egypt and Syria while Mubarak and Assad were on their payroll.

Why do you think the news is controlled?  Hasn’t this election taught all of us something?  Did you ever think you would say you miss Richard Nixon?  He predicted it.  What did he know that we don’t?

300 combat patrols - 200 night ambushes - 5 amphibious landings - Food intake, 450 calories a day - Weight when leaving, down from 185 to 125 lbs.

Take the thanks I got for starving in Vietnam or fighting off hordes of ill trained farmers who believed they were fighting for their freedoms.

Admit that 95% of our “enemy” in Afghanistan is “the people,” a fierce and independent people, more like we wish we were, who would rather die than have the pack of Washington thieves who run our lives run theirs.

Keep the Al Qaeda fairy tales.  I am an intelligence and security advisor, don’t think I haven’t been at a table where the discussion was:

“Should we tell the Americans Al Qaeda is here?  How much can we make off this?  Who are we going to claim Al Qaeda is? Just hope it wasn’t me saying it and I can’t promise it wasn’t.

Why did it turn out there were no Al Qaeda in Libya despite the new lies?

Remember when it was admitted that the President of Yemen had lied to the US, saying a rival tribe was “Al Qaeda” so we would go after his enemies with drone strikes? It’s true but once the story was told, it was forgotten in the hopes the public wouldn’t remember.

Remember when Judge Napolitano and Geraldo Rivera of Fox News proved that 9/11 was an inside job.  Napolitano was threatened and is angry, this is not a man to be taken lightly, perhaps someone who really belongs in the White House.

When he proved 9/11 to be false and a day later nobody knew, how sick do you think he felt inside.

[youtube E7suTyXGybU]

Then Geraldo did the same thing.  He was told to be silent from then on also, silent or die.

[youtube kP0Hs-v-uJ0]

Then Jesse Ventura made mincemeat of the cover story of 9/11 using the top pilots, scientists and engineers along with eye witnesses.  One day later, it was though none of it had ever happened.

[youtube TrZ14NRbT-s]

Here, watch Judge Napolitano question Senator Rand Paul over the unconstitutional provisions of the NDAA law passed recently, something more serious than gun seizure or a president born on the planet mars:

[youtube e2r1JSR8EC8]

This, of course, means that the oath each of us has sworn requires we declare those in support of these illegal acts to be “in a state of rebellion” and subject to what we have sworn to.  What is that?  Am I saying we are required by oath to take up arms against our own government?

Legal advice, from the highest authorities says these things:

  • It is technically illegal if Congress and many others were taken into custody by our military based on the authority of the required oath alone but
  • It is more likely that a patriot might die at the hands of a treasonous government which, by definition, one might apply to the United States based entirely on objective legal definitions as outlined in our constitution
  • Thus, do not openly organize the violent opposition and overthrow of the US government out of practicality alone although there is supportable legal precedent for doing so
  • In fact, current laws signed this year by the president make anyone subject to arrest and detainment, even the president.  Applying habeas corpus and constitutional protections to suspects, even without warrants or “probable cause,” is by law a formality long since discarded.  Do the fools know they have created the mechanism of their own destruction?

Doubletalk?  What is painful to accept is that honorable service in a dishonorable cause makes us no different than those in the past we have been taught were “evil doers.”  But you say, “We are Americans and we love freedom, we are empowered only to spread justice and security, how can such exhortations be real?”

They are real.  We are victims of game theory warfare, we have been duped into trading security for safety that never existed, fighting enemies who have more honor than ourselves, in some but not all cases, but certainly in being “less than we can be.”

Here, Senator Ron Paul, who currently has more support among active duty and retired military, more veteran support than any candidate tells the House of Representatives that proof exists that our invasion of Iraq was a planned criminal act and that evidence of this treason exists.  He reads the evidence:

[youtube Zn44sXhLwAM]

But thousands of our men and women died for what he has proven to be a lie and one minute after presenting the facts, diplomatic documents, not one action was taken.

Johnson - Preparing for His Gulf of Tonkin Address - August 4, 1964

You don’t begin to want to know what an examination of diplomatic documents will tell you about World War II or the establishment of Israel.

All of you know President Lyndon Johnson staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident as a criminal pretext to start a war that destroyed a generation of Americans.

Ron Paul proved that Iraq was invaded the same way.

The USS Liberty incident tells a frightening story about Israel as a friend or perhaps an enemy, one you have been lied to about for your entire life.

Here, the BBC debunks a vital part of American history.  Can we prove the 1967 War was an Israeli sneak attack, not the other way around.

Of course we can prove that and so much more.  Jews have been lied to all these years by racketeers, Palestinians put in concentration camps, we can prove it all, no conspiracy, no opinion, hard proof.

[youtube Ujoc1DYjuPE]

This time around, real Americans won’t take part in “their” phony election.  We are going to talk real issues, restoration of democracy, survival of America and a future for our children.

Washington will no longer dictate to America.

It's Pretty on the Outside

I go further.  Washington, whatever “it” believes is not “our” capitol at all.  It is a cesspool of degenerates and thieves all of us despise.

This includes congress, the money boys, the think tanks, the phony press, the whole thing.

We want the capitol moved to America, no more Homeland Security, no more phony seniority system, no more ruling elite.

We want an end to it.

No more Supreme Court Justices playing g-d with our lives, no more Senators from postage stamp states, no more congressional districts that look like crossword puzzles.

We’re not going to fight your wars anymore.

Let’s talk Iran.  Here is a dose of truth about the only supposed “evidence” of Iran’s weapons system:

[youtube hOCH1ECkyio]

The fact lead to choices.  One conclusion is that Stephen Erlinger, the puppet-master trying to start a world war is an Israeli agent.  Private sources confirm this.  We know he lied, now we know he was just “following orders.”

Where did we hear that one before?

We have met the enemy.  It is stupidity.  We can’t afford it anymore, no more fear, no more lies, no more greed.  Eventually, the way we are going, do I have to finish this?  There is going to be a price to pay for betraying America.

I simply put a small percentage of the “slam dunk” proof out there.

The only question is when.  When will we have had enough and where do we move first.

 Editing:  Jim  W. Dean













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