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Portrait of a Modern Revolutionary

- Russell Brand introduces his new book Revolution as an answer to a question. Brand maintains that voting was a waste of time - that there needed to be a revolution.

Challenge – Is America the New Axis of Evil (videos)

This video is now "classified," as are the news reports on CNN and CBS. The arrest records...of the Mossad agents who tried to destroy the George Washington Bridge are classified.

Christmas in a Sea of Time

Whatever else is going on in the world, banking collapses, wars, current but forgotten were we to be honest, our lives and memories are of Christmas.

America’s Police State and the Forgotten Oath

What Americans have learned is that those who take oaths and those who keep them are seldom the same folks. "Oaths" seem to come with more than a bit of "wiggle-room."

Occupy Zionism

In the US, we are in the midst of a massive movement that aims directly at the system of government and it’s complete and utter contempt for the American people. This darn thing is growing and will have worldwide implications.

100,000+ Occupy Oakland, NOT 7,000 as Government Reports

(Video Proof) - Oakland’s police got Occupy Oakland general strike crowd count wrong: it’s 100,000, not 7,000.

Video: Michael Moore at Occupy Oakland

Michael Moore's half hour video at Occupy Oakland isn't intended to represent the "Occupy" movement as one of the left. Increasingly, we are seeing the movement cross former political divides. I don't expect my former neocon friends, no sane person can still consider themselves a "neocon" to kozy up to Michael Moore but his message does cross lines and touch every aspect of America.

Occupy Fukushima

"It is a homicide, isn't it?..." - Ashai Shinbum, a major Japanese newspaper.

Warning: What Time is It?

We are not going away quietly, no longer buying the lies, no longer divided by "left" and "right." We are taking our lives back, not just in America or Israel or across the Arab world but Europe as well.

Ex Marine Sgt Speaks on Occupy Wall Street Incident

Marine Corps Veteran Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Occupy Times Square, Veterans’ Rights