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NATO's Secret Weapon in Syria
NATO’s Secret Weapon in Syria

Turkey, NATO and the Syrian Mystery


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


“The usual suspects” who see NATO plots everywhere, usually quoting France’s leadership of NATO as key to their crackpot theories, France having left NATO in 1959, know nothing about Syria.  There is no “Arab Spring” in Syria, the infamous “tin foil hat”plots that claim George Soros is the afterbirth of Maggie Thatcher and Satan.  Syria went under martial law in 1971 and has remained that way every since, we call this the “Assad regime.”

The current fighting began with an army crackdown on the anniversary of the slaying of 38,000 Syrian demonstrators, part of the same civil war we have been fighting now for over 40 years, a slaughter that dates to 1982.  The Assad’s were described, even then, as “war criminals” for acts that directly parallel the same crimes they now claim “never happened.  The Assad family is known for one thing, lying.

As to what it is all about, an attack on Iran through Syria, offshore oil or a nuclear World War III, what the real experts fear most, the last thing it involves is either truth or anyone giving a damn about the real people of Syria.

[youtube X8dSFeWxRnI]

Now we have conclusive proof that the great globalist plot isn’t George Soros at all but that the Assad family, as usual, is deeply involved, lying with every breath and, this time, can be proven to be closely aligned for the last 12 years with those they falsely claim were their enemies, the Israeli’s.  Guilty of the same charge?

  1. Jordan
  2. Egypt
  3. Saudi Arabia
  4. Libya
  5. Yemen
  6. Bahrain
  7. Afghanistan (Karzai’s 3%)
  8. Turkey (formerly)
  9. Where does the list end?  What, you think this list ends?  You will end long before this list does.

This is an inexorable fact.  In 2007, both Israel and Syria admit that Israel attacked a Syrian missile storage depot.  We can prove two things about this claim:

  1. Witnesses as the scene say it never happened.
  2. Syria and Israel were in “non public” peace talks with Turkey as mediator.  No attack could have occurred during that meeting.
  3. Both Syria and Israel coordinated a lie to create the false impression that Syria and Israel were enemies.

Back in 2003, again during the reign of Bashir al Assad, both Israel and Syria admit that Israel staged an attack on what Israel claims was a nuclear reactor making weapons grade plutonium.

  1. Witnesses at the scene, with radiation detection gear saw no major or minor increase in radiation, thus proving no reactor existed.
  2. Syria possessed a highly advanced ABM/Air Defense system that would have precluded any air attack.
  3. Thus, Syria’s claim of an attack on a “non-reactor” backed by Israel’s claim that they attacked a “weapons grade reactor” are both falsehoods, each meant to establish a background of emnity between Israel and Syria backed by multiple coordinated false statements by each country.

There facts are outlined here.  There are backed by onsite reporting from Trish Schuh   They are further backed up by the UK Guardian.

“Another Israeli government official, speaking anonymously, said today that Olmert’s chief of staff and diplomatic adviser had been in Turkey since Monday, as had their Syrian counterparts. He gave no details of any talks.

Turkey’s NTV television said that while both delegations were in Istanbul they did not meet directly, but that Turkish mediators were shuttling between them.”

The Guardian tries to explain how talks had gone on “after” the attack on the alleged nuclear base but forgets to address the September 17, 2007 attack that would have happened in the middle of talks.

Here is a transcript from NPR (National Public Radio) about this attack, those involved in the discussion were, of course, unaware that talks were in progress which weren’t announced until a year later.  This should have been delightfully embarrassing:


Mystery continued to swirl around an Israeli air strike in Syria that took place in the middle of the night on September 6th. Neither Israel nor Syria nor the United States has offered an explanation of why Israel hit Syria or what the target was. But that hasn’t stopped the speculation, which is focused on an alleged Syrian-North Korean nuclear connection.

Here’s NPR’s Mike Shuster.

MIKE SHUSTER: Nothing about Israel’s air strike on Syria is known for sure. It’s not clear how many aircraft were involved nor the route they used to reach their target nor where the target itself was. The target has been reported to be near the Syrian town of Deir ez-Zor in Syria’s eastern dessert. But there are also reports the Israeli attack aircraft jettisoned their empty gas tanks over Turkey more than a hundred miles north.

Anonymous American and Israeli intelligence sources have been quoted wildly speculating on the motive for the attack. Among the possible reasons: The site could have held missiles from Iran destined for Hezbollah in Lebanon, the attack could have been a warm-up or a warning for a possible Israeli attack on Iran, or the Israelis believe there was some kind of nuclear cooperation underway between North Korea and Syria.

Then something stranger still happened.  When VT reported the following, we received what we consider a “response” from, well, someone’s “handlers.”  This is what VT announced 3 days ago:

 Assad’s oldest son Bassel was his father’s choice to succeed him, a strong military leader who would have been legally old enough to assume the presidency in 2000 when his father died.

Instead, Bashir al Assad, an opthamologist from London who was finishing his residency became president.

Bashir’s personal accomplishments are primarily having been propelled through medical school in Damascus, and when it became necessary, was given the rank of Colonel in the Army with less training than Uganda gives a private security guard.

A few odd things happened.  Bashir became president in 2000 running unopposed and getting 97.5% of the vote.

He also married a beautiful young lady from London that he met while doing medical training there. Some believe her to be an Israeli agent and Bashir’s handler. We think that is outrageous and irresponsible.

Her job, prior to marrying Bashir was working as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan/Rothschild, the largest Jewish controlled financial institution in the world.

This is the news story, one we believe fabricated, invented to take heat off our “outing” of Bashir’s wife as an Israeli agent.  From the UK Guardian again, their report placing “influence,” not on the wife but rather the father in law:

A Harley Street cardiologist has been acting as a close adviser to the president of Syria during his regime’s brutal crackdown on anti-government activists, according to a cache of what appear to be emails sent and received by Bashar al-Assad and his wife.

Dr Fawas Akhras, who is the father of Assad’s wife, Asma, used a private email channel to the Syrian leader to offer advice on how the regime should spin its suppression of the uprising, including how best to rebut graphic video footage appearing to show the torture of children by Syrian forces.

The 66-year-old west London-based consultant has until now been regarded as a modernising influence on his son-in-law.

Then the Guardian’s reporting when into the area of “deception and cover” when Akhras made this derogatory statement about his daughter, conveniently timed to minimize her role:

 Dr Fawaz Akhras, a Harley street cardiologist, faced embarrassment last week over leaked emails published in the Guardian that showed him advising Assad on how to handle the crisis, and his daughter Asma – the president’s wife –shopping for luxury goods while violence raged.


The following video is one supplied by the Syrian government.  First, I suggest  you watch the video and then I will comment on it:

[youtube kOPHfhoK7q8]

The tank hit in the beginning of the film is a T 72 of Russian manufacture.  The explosion, not counting “secondary blasts” is by nature caused by the use of a modern RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade), probably of latest manufacture.

This is a video of an M72 with high explosive anti-tank (HEAT) ammunition used against an aging M 4 (Sherman) tank with very little armor.

[youtube wvUtTJ-7woI]

The weapons shown as having caused this blast is an American made LAAW (Light Anti-Armored Weapon), one with which I am very familiar, a weapon I have used personally on more than one occasion.  The blast from an M72 LAAW is pure white and about 1/4th the size of what we see in the video.

There is another problem.

The last time I used one of these weapons, most of  you weren’t born.  They were first developed in 1963, used extensively until around 1972 when the BGM Tow system, demonstrated below, was introduced.  The M72 LAAW was last produced in 1983, almost 30 years ago.  A limited number were built for Afghanistan but the largest existing inventory of these weapons, 50000 in total, is with the Egyptian Army.

[youtube QUMxZ34Ptco]


According to amateurs, pundits and activists, NATO chose the 50 year old “flying sled” F4 Phantom for a “surveillance” of Syria.  Might I mention one thing, taking into consideration the facts outlined above, indicating a surreptitious relationship between Israel and Syria, one confirmed by Putin’s visit with Netanyahu this week, there is another factor to take into consideration.

The Turkish and Israeli air forces both fly the America F-4, in fact, both air forces trained together for decades, flying over Turkey, using the F-4 and other platforms.  There are very close relationships between the Israeli Air Force and the Turkish Air Force, relationships that survived the political spat that began a few months ago but has led to nothing more than a minor exchange of unpleasantries.

In fact, Turkish purchases of Israeli military equipment continued to move until November 2011 when that relationship ended.


However, there are two primary sources for US military equipment, one is obviously the United States, largest exporter of arms in the world.  The second largest exporter of US arms is Israel, 4th largest exporter of arms in the world, and, in this case, a demonstrable friend of Syria under mysterious circumstances.

Then again, there is the video.  Was the M72 law a “captured” weapon but one supplied by friends who would have unlimited access to this device, an issue we compare to shipping “coals to Newcastle,” as shipping a LAAW to a nation filled to the brim with modern and very superior RPGs, available from any of the several Syrian units who have joined the rebellion or endless other regional sources.  Every child in the Middle East and Africa seems to own an RPG, AK47 or both.

Then again, whose tank was destroyed, the Syrian Army or a rebellions unit?  Why would Syrian TV have a video from an enemy unless, just perhaps, this is their video.

The first day of Egypt’s rebellion, the planes of weapons came in from Tel Aviv, arming Mubarak’s thugs.

The same thing happened in Libya.

Now we have Putin in Tel Aviv and a Russia flagged ship loaded with who knows what, certainly weapons, but what else?

Moscow is pushing through deliveries of Russian-built helicopters to Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar Assad despite international efforts to block the sale.

A Russian-flagged cargo ship loaded with three Mi-25 attack helicopters is steaming toward the Syrian coast and should arrive in the country within days, Alexander Fomin, head of the

 A Russian cargo ship sailing under the Curaçao flag attempted to deliver the attack helicopters along with a number of air defense systems into Syria last month.

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, has repeatedly insisted the weapons are defensive in nature and are not feeding the violence in Syria.

Congressional lawmakers have repeatedly slammed Russian defense firms for supplying heavy weapons and support to Assad’s forces.

Those arms, lawmakers claim, have been used to massacre thousands of Syrian civilians and anti-government rebels during Assad’s nearly year-long crackdown on opposition forces in the country.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) placed a hold on the Army’s nominee to become top weapons buyer, Heidi Shyu, over the Pentagon’s contract with Russian arms company Rosoboronexport, which is also allegedly providing Syrian arms to Assad’s forces.

Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) said in an MSNBC interview that President Obama should take a hard line with Russian President Vladmir Putin and make clear “there are going to be grave consequences to our relationship if they continue” to supply Syrian arms.


We know we are going to have survivors and victims.  Putin and Netanyahu have it planned, they will survive.

Syrians will die, how many, 200,000 have died since 1982 in this same struggle and it is heating up.

Now the threat is that Turkey will become involved but we have our doubts.  What we do see is the world spinning out of control, the “Holyland” moving toward Armageddon as promised by our “neocon” friends, the nuclear genie being let out of the bottle, that or the endless stockpile of chemical and biological weapons that are held in Syria and Israel.

What can we predict?  America, no mater which position things go, whether Assad chooses to leave with the $6 billion the Russians are keeping for him and leaves the door open for invasion of Iran or if imaginary  NATO, the military organization that has stumbled around Afghanistan for over a decade, the one that ran out of bombs in a week in Libya, manages to find sufficient rationale to risk nuclear war and attack a key Soviet ally, one where western air superiority is not available.

Syria can shoot down any American plane or missile and has had this capability since 1996.

Who will suffer?

Two victims have already given their last drops of blood, the Syrian people under decades of brutal dictatorship and the truth, victim of dupes, pundits and “imaginitarians.”


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