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Iraq3by Preston James and Lee Wanta



“A VETERANS TODAY COLUMNIST HAS BEEN ADVISED THAT A CURRENT UNITED STATES SENATOR WILL NOT SUPPORT, NOR DISCUSS THE NEW REPUBLIC HIGH  SPEED RAIL (HSR) PROGRAM TO BE MANUFACTURED IN TENNESSEE [USA] UNTIL AMBASSADOR WANTA IS PAID>>>…. Until Ambassador Wanta is fully paid, two million new American jobs will not be immediately implemented.” (19) [This means Two Million new good job opportunities are now in peril because of the lack of support of the U.S. Senate for something that was lawfully determined]


Will we soon see the biggest overnight Reversal of our US Foreign Policy since 9/11 as major cities in Iraq fall under attack by Sunni led Islamists?

American Soldiers left Iraq and turned over the nation to Iraq’s Security Forces which are now abandoning many cities as Sunni led forces attack.

Is Iraq is being set up with this Sunni led invasion as another provocation to bring America back into a new Mideast war, or is there another more complex geopolitical game being played out here?

Draco guarding the City of London

One thing you can bet on, this conflict has be pre-staged and will end up benefiting the Military Industrial Complex and the City of London Zionist Bankers and the major oil companies one way or another. That seems to be the way it always works.

5678It is now known that the 9/11/01 attack was a sophisticated inside-job, Gladio-style False-Flag covert attack on America involving the use of pre-planted nukes in the Twin Towers and over 70,000 New Yorkers and first responders now suffer from radiation related cancers from the 9/11 nuclear explosions. (1)(2)(3)


We now know that this 9/11/01 attack on America was initiated by a seemingly strange coalition between the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), the Bush Crime NWO Cabal (BCC linked to the German DVD aka “Fourth Reich”), and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) including NeoCons, PNACers and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, and select individuals in the Mossad, JCS, NORAD and USAF.

Intel Insiders refer to this as the real Military Industrial Complex (MIC) run by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and also refer to it as the Powers That Be (PTB).

If this insider information is accurate, obviously the PTB is a very strange group based on cooperation between what used to be considered arch enemies of each other.

imagesHow could such cooperation occur between supposedly formerly declared enemies and State Agent Provocateurs, the “Fourth Reich” (BCC and the DVD), and the IZCS run out of Israel? The answer lies in the source of these two groups, which also has continuing financial power over them. Since this tracks back to the City of London -very private- World Zionist (WZ) Central Bank who criminally arranged both WW1 and WW2 in the first place, the current association becomes easier to explain.

It is well known now that the US Congress and most of the USG has basically been up for sale to those wealthy entities who are willing to provide huge campaign contributions, other forms of big payments, or large perks such as “revolving door post USG service jobs” with huge paychecks, in order to buy and own our U.S. Congress. This allows these wealthy entities, whether enemies or not, to sit at the same big USG Roundtable and learn to cooperate while eating from the USG trough of special corporate welfare provided by special interest legislation that these entities “purchased.” It is this large lucrative trough which breeds all kind of strange cooperation.

The Iraq War may soon be resurrected to feed the bank accounts of the Military Industrial Complex and the PTB, which is always at the expense of the American people and anyone caught up in the war machine meat-grinder/death machine.

Actually it is very hard work to start a war and it takes years of preparation, typically consisting of major geopolitical and economic manipulations to pre-stage the conflict. This pre-staging, especially since WW2, often involves the creation, financing, training, and extensive very sophisticated ultra high-tech mind-kontrol of extremist terrorist groups to imprint them to do anti-human acts.

This of course is the history of Al Qaeda or “the Database”(formerly the Mujaheedon, also known now as “Al CIA Duh.)” These terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, which was unlawfully and covertly created as a Global Criminal Enterprise, can then be unleashed at will to become the “dogs of war” to stage an attack on the very entities that created and subsequently managed them.

It is a fair assumption to conclude that this same type of pre-staging is involved in the current flare up and apparent takeover of ISIS inside Iraq. The PTB and Israel would rather have American soldiers fight Islamics, but when that fails they resort to their old standby, manipulating divergent Islamics to fight and kill each other such as what was done with the war between Iraq and Iran.

America’s invasion of the Sovereign Nation of Iraq was declared over by Bush2 on an America aircraft carrier soon after the invasion and taking of Baghdad. This proved to be a false conclusion and the US invasion of Iraq dragged on for many years. During his administration, Barack Obama has declared the Iraqi war over and pulled out our American troops. Of course, technically speaking President Reagan was the last duly elected President of the United States and all others since have been illegitimate. (4)

A recent strange news report claims that the US Military just deployed 4,000 America troops to Iraq. (5)

Has the U.S. Administration covertly sent 4,000 American Soldiers to Iraq? Or is this strange news report perhaps a pre-emptive disclosure and suggestion of what must take place to avoid sanction upon America by the PTB? And what could their sanction be? Could it be Nuclear Blackmail?

Or is this ISIS invasion of Iraq a sophisticated covert operation by the PTB to regroup Al Qaeda forces to attack Syria and then even Iran, perhaps the ultimate target for destabilization or Color revolution? (6)

A recent Guardian story now claims that Iran has sent 2,000 troops into Iraq to aid the fight against ISIS. (7) Iran is known to be primarily Shiite and may see the ISIS threat in Iraq as a Sunni threat to Iran. Sunni is the official State religion of Saudi Arabia and so far Saudi Arabia is known to be an Ally of Israel and America, so perhaps you can guess how this conflict between Sunnis and Shiites is now unfolding and the various sides are lining up. (8)

According to Senior VT Editor Gordon Duff, a major recent Russian Intel dump into the Public Domain included some astounding information. (6)

It is clear that this was done by Putin in retaliation to Obama’s threats of sanctions against the New Russian Federation over Russia’s stand on the Ukraine and specifically the Annexation of Crimea which was overwhelmingly approved and passed by Crimean Citizens.

(A) It disclosed that Israel was set up as a front for the Soviet Union to serve as a means to infiltrate American Intel and did so. And American Intel knowingly allowed this to serve as a means to infiltrate Soviet Intel.

(B) Also disclosed was that Pollard was serving as a Soviet Agent the whole time and used Israel as a cover. When he was caught in the biggest breech of American Intel ever that resulted in the exposure and deaths of hundreds of American assets and agents inside Russia and Communist bloc nations, most never found out he was actually a Soviet Agent.

(C) Some seasoned Intel Insiders with Cold War experience believe that Israeli Intel, the Mossad was essentially an extension of the Soviet Union’s Intel System, and when the Cold War ended became a “left-behind” Bolshevik Intel Cabal working for the City of London private Zionist Central Bank. (7)

When Nukes go off underground, it looks like this

(D) Additional disclosures are even more startling such as the conclusion that the 9/11/01 attack on America was a nuclear event, an installment of the Israeli Samson Option using “decommissioned” W-54 warheads provided by the BCC.

Nuclear Blackmail and the Samson Option?

(E) And the most alarming disclosure was that at present there are twenty-five American cities which currently have nukes that have been secretly planted in them by the IZCS on behalf of the City of London Zionist Bankers which can be used to blackmail the American Administration into starting another major war or continuing perpetual Mideast war in Iraq, Syria or Iran or attacking the Ukraine by air.

So now it appears that there is a situation developing in Iraq where all the former efforts of the US Military are being reversed.

Is it possible to conclude that all this has been staged by the PTB to get the Central Banksters and the Military Industrial Complex back in the Black? Does this support the claim that all these perpetual type illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars are pre-arranged and fought only to put vast fortunes into the Central banks and the large International Defense Contractors.

If true as it seems, this means that our wonderful American Soldiers have been needlessly and thoughtlessly sacrificed as cannon-fodder with absolutely no concern by the PTB for their welfare, health, suffering or the suffering of their millions of families. Is this the greatest crime in history and if so why do the American people allow it to go on? And then add to that the criminal negligence by the top grossly overpaid management of the VA and it seems as if endless damage is continually being done to many thousands, maybe millions of American Soldiers who receive criminal neglect with either delayed medical care, deficient medical care or no medical care at all rather than the treatment they need and deserve. (8)

It is an indisputable fact that Secret Agent Lee Wanta, mandated by President Reagan as his personal Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine to destabilize the Soviet Union, took down the Soviet Union and avoided any Cold War incidents. (9)

This ended the Bolshevik based “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union. It was done by establishing a highly respected win/win solution negotiated by Ambassador Wanta with the new leaders of the New Russian Federation and America. This historical settlement to the Cold War emerged because of the successful negotiation of Ambassador Wanta with the emerging new Russian leaders in an historical General Agreement on Cooperation between both parties that was negotiated.

Central to this pioneering *General Agreement on Cooperation was a commitment by both parties to refrain from interfering in any matters of each others bordering nations. The current U.S. Administration’s covert actions in the Ukraine now appear to be in violation of this Agreement.

The General Agreement on Cooperation between America and the New Russian Federation that ended the Cold War is the type of intelligent, rational and true diplomacy that is much needed now. If Ambassador Wanta had not been blocked by the criminal actions of the BCC, America would have already been completely restored with a high speed railroad, many millions of new good paying job opportunities and no foreign operated criminal Federal Reserve System.

Ambassador Wanta stands ready to activate his plans for a Maglev High Speed Railroad as he was mandated by President Reagan to accomplish, without U.S. Taxpayer Funding. This can be done if the BCC and the IZCS and our Great Nation America decides to take its Constitutional Power back and immediately abolish the Federal Reserve System and move their lawless assets and functions back into the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Certainly Ambassador Wanta’s negotiated win/win settlement to the Cold War was far better than an insane nuclear WW3 which could have easily occurred had the Cold War not been lawfully negotiated to an end so constructively for both Major Parties.

But now this historic agreement with the New Russian Federation and America has been violated by American interference and lawless provocations in the Ukraine, especially East Ukraine.

An official told CNN today that the United States plans to move the aircraft carrier George H.W. Bush into the Persian Gulf in coming hours to provide the Obama Administration with options for possible airstrikes against militants in Iraq, CNN’s Barbara Starr reports.

It is always hard to know if the US Administration has taken lawful action or not because the US Administration has so frequently used mercenaries and Cutouts to do its bidding.

Obviously the current situation is very alarming and potentially quite dangerous. A few careless slip-ups could lead to a nuclear WW3 or the activation of the Samson Option by the IZCS.

Consider the recent VT article by John Kimber and Jim Fetzer, Is June 22, 2014 About to be a Day that Will Live in Infamy? (10)

It’s time for some serious action to to take control and drive out the enemies of America that are within the Gates.

The current US Administration needs to immediately address these serious concerns, especially the twenty-five nukes planted in American Cities. A workable action plan to find these nukes must be immediately commenced, and America must avoid falling into another perpetual war in the Mideast and the Ukraine or even a potential nuclear WW3 situation.

Those inside the highest levels of the American military and Intel know exactly who is responsible for these nukes covertly planted inside twenty-five American Cities and why they are blackmailing the U.S. Administration. America needs to take direct action to hold these parties responsible. High level Intel sources believe that some of these planted nukes are derived from repackaged decommissioned and stolen W-54 Pits, and the rest are derived from much larger Russian nukes acquired clandestinely after the end of the Cold War.











(10) Gordon Duff Interview with Jeff Rense on Rense Radio Network, 6-10-2014

Additional References for those interested who want more information:












*General Agreement on Cooperation between the Soviet Union and the United States of America:




[ AUSTRIA FILING : HRB 41.851 / Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Osterreich ]

** Presidential Authority [circa 1981] – Operation StillPoint / Totten Doctrine ( 92 U.S. 105, 107 [1875 ] ) and Executive Order 12333, United States Intelligence Activities **

General Agreement on Cooperation between The Council of
Ministers of the Russian Socialist Federative Republic [RUSSIA]
New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd. Handelsgesellschaft {AUSTRIA}

Please note : Toronto Customs and Immigration Authorities called Ambassador Wanta, residing at the “SAFEHOUSE” residence of Queens Counsel Anthony Maniaci, then duly authorized by United States Vice President Dan Qualye, stating that “a Soviet Union Official demanded Official Entry to Canada to meet immediately with RUSS Co-Chairman Leo E Wanta to approve certain official cheques, documents, registrations, titles, and other related RUSS documents in his possession for signature.”

Upon legal advice of Q.C. Maniaci to Canadian authorities, all above-mentioned participants met within the Offices of the Canadian Immigration / Customs; RUSS Co-Chairman Ambassador Wanta (SDR) duly executed the required documents, and Canadian Authorities ” politely and expediently returned the Soviet Union C.C.C.P Official to his Moscow Airport Destination without further delay, and NO ENTRY to the Dominion of Canada was granted.”



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