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Iraq Alert !

Will we soon see the biggest overnight Reversal of our US Foreign Policy since 9/11 as major cities in Iraq fall under attack by Sunni led Islamists?

Ordered Suppressed: "The Other Cold War"

As usual, the biggest story in America is suppression of news. There has never been a time when the media has taken such an aggressive position, not even after 9/11.

Now is the Time to Enact the Wanta National Recovery Plan...

Yes, it's time to enact the Wanta National Recovery Plan for America.

Is the Era of the “Double Standard” Coming to an End?

- Simply put, Iran would never have come to the table in Geneva unless it had no nuclear weapons program...duhh...confirmed by the CIA.

Russian Asteroid Diamond Find Questioned

Russia announced that an Russian asteroid crater revealed to be filled with over $1 quadrillion of diamonds.

NATO Expansion Held Threat To World Peace

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is undertaking a dangerous and provocative global expansion that threatens the peace of the world, a distinguished Canadian geopolitical analyst Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya writes in a new book.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – August 22, 2012

Mobile apps like the PTSD Coach can identify signs of PTSD, manage symptoms, and connect with resources and help instantly. And according to studies, early intervention may prevent long term damage to mental health.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – August 09, 2012

When her father left home for work he was sworn to secrecy. Now, a half-century later, the declassified national secret allowed a reporter to learn about her father’s Cold War era profession, which involved helping to invent America’s first spy satellite.

Make "May Day" a "Truth Day"

A bit ago, Obama was celebrating the imaginary death of Osama bin Laden. A simple and inexorable fact: bin Laden was US agent for years and died while working for the US, well over a decade ago. I have debriefed his CIA handler, interviewed his ISI associates and now recommend him for a Presidental Medal of Freedom for his work in fighting communism and ending the Cold War. His CIA files have been altered, paragraphs added to make him look like a terrorist, wrong type face, "cut and paste." Shameful.

The Decline of America And The Cause

The decline of America and its global stature probably began with the implementation of our modified capitalistic society, though I choose to discuss the decline from the end of the Second World War when it is far easier for us to view and for us to remember.

The Wars We Fight To Protect Freedom Have Lead Us To...

I began this series of articles on the forty facts you should know about why many see America as being on the decline.

William King Harvey: The CIA’s ´Loosest Cannon’

In the annals of the Cold War, no operative is more misunderstood, and marginalized than the CIA's William King Harvey.

Mainstream Media, the Anti-War Hypocrites

Some question the lack of leftist anti-war activism seeking to end America's perpetual wars. They are right to ask why those activists are MIA now that Obama is leading the war charge. It's simple, really. They are mostly partisan hypocrites.

Assassination of Sweden’s Olof Palme: Most Dangerous Moment of Cold War

During Washington's leadership of the war on socialism, the rollback of the Iron Curtain, and the dismantling of the Soviet Union took center stage, but there were other items on its agenda, both at home and abroad.

Imbedded Crises

Those old enough to remember the promise of a post-Cold War peace dividend also recall how we segued seamlessly from a global Cold War to a global War on Terrorism.

F-8 Crusader Pilot Falls 15,000 feet with failed chute and lives!!

Panic is always a death sentence in these situations, and a little luck appreciated, although there usually is no time to pray for it.

American Awakening, Can it Happen Here?

On the surface it was a classic divide and conquer strategy based on the long history of feuding and fighting tribal factions going back to biblical times.

CIA-ISI cold war and Davis episode

ISI-CIA cooperated with each other throughout the war against Soviet forces in Afghanistan in 1980s. The latter never felt offended on being kept in the backseat concerning planning; coordination, training, equipping and launching of Mujahideen were concerned. The US provided intelligence, funds, arms and fighters from other Muslim countries only. The ISI was eulogised and given due credit for the successful conclusion of the war. Its stature grew so high that it was seen as the most potent and effective spy machine in the region and second to none. After 1990, when the US hastily abandoned Pakistan and consequently Pak-US relations got strained, ISI also came in bad books of the US and ignited CIA-ISI cold war. During the two short tenures of PPP, an effort was made to shorten the long arm of the ISI.

GORDON DUFF: America is Egypt

"FACE VALUE," THEY ARE IN THE STREETS FOR ALL OF US By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Egypt is a lesson for America, teaching us to...