Making You an Enemy of the State


Making You an Enemy of The State (2)

… by  Preston James


enemy-of-the-state1This is a follow-up article to “Making You an Agent of the State.”(1)

On 9/11/01 the Secret Shadow Government secretly declared War on America and all Americans. It is known that the Attack on America on 9/11/01 was an Inside-job, False-Flag attack run by a combination Terror Cell inside America comprised of the Mossad, the CIA, and Saudi Intel.

Those who continue to believe the Official USG phony War on Terror Narrative are treated by the State as Friends or Agents of the State, those who can’t or don’t are considered Enemies of the State.

In reality All Americans are being treated as if they were an Enemy of the State even if they have been functioning as an Agent of the State. Sooner or later folks are going to find out about this Secret War being waged against them and all other Americans which is based on huge Psyops deployed through the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and Staged Inside-job False-Flag Terror.

Eventually Agents of the State who have become part of this big DHS/FEMA Police State System will realize that the Police State Mechanism they have helped to build-up will also be turned on them and their families and will be used in a hard core attempt to destroy America forever and steal the futures of all Americans.

The Secret Shadow Government’s first preference is to Mind-Kontrol as many Americans as possible into being Agents of the State (their State), that is, to transform them into willing dupes who will gladly support their high-profit war-making efforts to punish supposed “Mideast Terrorists” that never did what they claim they did on 9/11/01 and never were what they claimed them to be.(2)

Those who are not willing to drink the SSG’s Koolaide and become “True Believers” in their War on Terror Narrative, which is 100% false, will then be provoked into becoming Enemies of the State or just considered such.

The Phony War on Terror Narrative was concocted by the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) and deployed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

The SSG’s War on Terror Narrative is that extremist Islamics from the Middle East have one single Goal in life and that is to attack and murder all Americans and Israel too, and have declared a serious forever “Jihad” to do so. And if they can get to America, they will come and begin their mass-murder of Americans.

And the only reason they have not already mass-murdered all the poor persecuted Israelis is because Israel has a very tough Army and aggressively defends itself. So we (Americans) must deploy our full military to preemptively attack these extremist Islamics on their own territory and destroy all of them before these evil, exceedingly violent Islamic extremists come here.

The hidden, secret plan behind this false War on Terror Narrative was to induce the American Government with the support of the American People into a full scale war in the Mideast for Israel against Islamics.

The problem is that this War on Terror narrative is completely false, a BIG USG Lie concocted to beat the drums of war and keep the war-profits for the big Defense Contractors rolling in. In fact it is a major Psyop that has been deployed against the American People. And sadly many have drunk the SSG Koolaide, blindly accepting this Narrative and the BIG USG Lies behind it that Mideast Islamics attacked America on 9/11/01.

We now have the following facts about the 9/11/01 attack on America:

nuclear_power_101- It was a nuclear attack using reprocessed, recombined W-54 Davy Crockett Pits acquired from Bush1 out the back door at Pantex in Texas.

2- The Mossad ran the operation, with massive help from the American POTUS, VP, JCS, USAF, NORAD, and FAA.

3- Those who planned and directed this Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01 were Dual and Triple Citizens members and principals of PNAC, AIPAC, and various well known top NeoCons.

4- The purpose of the Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01 was to create a phony Narrative to support the War on Terror and create an excuse that would justify many future years of illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, perpetual, un-winnable wars in the Mideast, wars that would produce huge profits for the Illuminati Banksters and the major Defense Contractors, while making progress to “thin out the human herd.”

5- The day after the attack, Mossad Chief Michael Harrari bragged to others and claimed that he was responsible  according to Dmitri Khalezov.

56786- We now know that high ranking Israeli-American Israeli-first Dual/and or triple Citizens blackmailed the USG into allowing them consolidate all American Alphabets, most Intelligence and Law Enforcement into their new Agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). DHS was set up and has been run by Israeli-American Dual/triple Citizen traitors and is strictly an Israeli occupation Police State Army inside America.

This was done to have the Police State, Surveillance mechanism in place to institute a complete coverup and to be able to threaten, harass, intimidate and even murder if necessary any whistle-blowers or inside witnesses who may try to come forth.

The long term goal of DHS is to harass, tyrannize, terrorize, disarm, intern and then progressively mass-murder all Americans while their WZ buddies finish asset stripping America of any of its wealth left.

Never before in the history of America has any so-called federal/USG Agency been so hated and disrespected by those line workers who staff it nor the public at large.(3)

There are many reasons for this disgust felt towards Homeland Security, but the abject female perversions practiced by the top Managers and a Director caused DHS to be referred to as Homoland Security by many insiders. Moving the offices of the top men managers into the male lavatory was certainly part of this public disgust.

There was a big lawsuit filed against DHS and the person responsible for this abuse and malfeasance of duty. Can this be adequately suppressed, only time will tell.(4)  More and more Americans are finding out who set up and truly runs DHS and how it was created by Nuclear Blackmail by Israel to coerce the USG to allow this abomination and abuse of the We the People.

Want to connect the dots on 9/11/01?

Listen to VT News Radio Broadcast on 9-22-14 which included a major Intel dump about information on the 9/11/01 Nuclear Attack on America. This is an astounding program you may want to share with your family, friends and associates. Make sure you don’t miss the disclosures starting at 33:00 minutes into the recording. This is one of VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff’s best and most revealing interviews ever.

[youtube 9yeSX-PBnAE]

Another disclosure by VT Senior Editor Gordon Duff with Lee Wanta as his guest.

[youtube howxfH3xNM8&feature=player_detailpage]

Lee Wanta, a great American hero with exceptional abilities and an absolute dedication to serve America.

Many Insiders believe that Lee Wanta ended the Cold War by collapsing the economy of the Soviet union while offering them a win/win solution that was accepted by the new Russian Federation. In the process Lee Wanta earned over twenty-seven Trillion USD in his money speculation, an amazing feat that was all done legally. Anyone who examines all the documents which have come forth recently will undoubtedly conclude that Lee Wanta’s story is truthful, backed up by excellent documentation, and that he is one of the greatest American heroes ever.The amount of Lee Wanta’s earning are so great they are hard to comprehend. Those who know him personally are always shocked by his photographic memory and rare, exceptional ability to visualize large numbers and economic systems and to manage them. It is a fact that Lee Wanta is a financial Genius whose actual accomplishments are staggering.

Anybody that knows Lee Wanta personally knows his absolute dedication to use his massive earnings to revitalize, re-industrialize America and pay off all of its legitimate debt. Yes, Lee Wanta is sincere about using his earnings to help all Americans and must be granted access to his funds which he earned honestly and which a Federal Court acknowledged was his personal money.

How the foreign “wars of acquisition” game is played.

fieldfire-4215f8cd6fc367a0e5be39bca17a579a7bc5793d-s2-c85Most Americans drank this SSG Koolaide back in 1990 when Saddam Hussein and Iraq invaded Kuwait, being set up by the US Department of State in a very crafty trap. It has been rumored by Intel insiders that Kuwait was “conned” into using Sante Fe Drilling to use their cross-drilling equipment to drill underground into Saddam’s largest oil Field under the border. Kuwaiti leaders were assured that this could not be detected.

However, when US Ambassador April Glaspie met with Saddam Hussein, she informed him that Kuwait was using cross drilling to access his main, most profitable oil field. When Saddam Hussein asked Glaspie what the USA would do if he did something about it, she replied that it would be considered an inter-arab conflict and America would stay out of it. The rest is history.

It should be noted that Saddam had been hired as a CIA “wetboy” early on as a young man and was propelled upward through the system as the CIA’s own man in Iraq. Like all such CIA puppets including Noriega, the CIA builds them up uses them up and then disposes of them. Saddam Hussein was successfully used to wage war with Iran by the CIA on behalf of the World Zionists (WZs) and Israel.

It is hard work and takes considerable time and funds to start wars needed to generate war profits for the Banksters and the large Defense Contractors.

It is difficult and hard work to start wars that meet the needed specifications of the SSG which is comprised of the elite Defense Contractors, Banksters and Top Members of the Bush Crime Cabal and the International Zionist Crime syndicate (IZCS) who merged together in a strategic partnership after WW2. Who are the folks who run the SSG? There are no official records that have been released to the public but Stew Webb and others, some former deep cover super-spooks and Intel insiders have alleged that the following men are involved. Leonard Millman, former OSS man who worked directly for Meyer Lansky and eventually took over his and Luciano’s syndicate and all of their assets.

It has been alleged that Millman is a triple citizen (Russia, Israeli and American) and now resides in Cuba and has been running the ISIS which is actually “Al CIA Duh” – Version 2 (aka the new Al Qae Da). Both Bush1 and Millman are reputed to be Skull and Bones from the same class at Yale. Some of the other top Policy-Makers in the SSG are alleged to be David Rockefeller, Heinz Kissinger, and Bush1 (Sherf).(5) It has also been alleged that traditionally a lot of the American Policy-Making has been done in the various Defense Policy Think-Tanks and “non-profit” Foundations, AIPAC, top NeoCons and PNACers, and many of these folks are Dual and Triple Citizens. Many of these folks are considered members of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Some of these Top Policy-Makers are alleged to be part of the Denver “Circle of Twelve” Bloodthirsty Ones and part of the group that planned and deployed the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America. Others have been alleged by Intel Insiders to be the Mayor of NYC, A man who runs a large liquor related corporation from Canada, a US Attorney, the NYC Police Commissioner, a Prime Minister of South Africa, and the Prime Minister of Israel.

It is now known that Roland Carnaby, a high level US Intel  Agent and a serious Patriot, had discovered an Israeli nuclear pipeline using Houston, Texas and was been on the way to report it to Bush1 when he was assassinated by a Mossad Agent working as a Houston Police Officer. Too bad he didn’t know that Bush1 was deeply involved in this the acquisition and transport of nuclear weapons.

Able Danger.

On 9/11/01 a special Golf outing was planned by a well known American financial Guru for the top Dual Citizen CEOs working in the World Trade center. Were they taken to a golf course near Offhut AFB in Nebraska? This pipeline involved trucking the nukes to a warehouse in Texas which was later destroyed by fire after being identified to a special team of Federal Investigators. The Top Secret Able Danger investigation was tracking this nuclear pipeline of American Nuclear Pits acquired from Bush1 out the back door at Pantex. There is still a federal grand Jury seated in Houston investigating this and many witnesses have been placed in Witness protection programs.

Able Danger has most of the names involved of the true perps involved in the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America. A special meeting was called at the Pentagon for 9/11/01 in order to gather those working on this investigation so that they could be mass-murdered. Thirty-five of the Fifty in Able Danger were murdered on 9-11-01 in the Pentagon. Able Danger has identified the Israeli agent placed at the highest level of the Department of Energy as arranging the acquisition of the nuclear Pits out the back door at Pantex, given to the Israelis.

Big Payoffs are being made to keep the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America covered up.

It has been alleged that the Role of the JCS, USAF, NORAD, FAA, select Members of Congress, AIPAC, PNACers, AIPAC in 9/11/01 is being covered up through a vast system of payoffs being distributed by Bain Capital through Cuba (Mitt Romney?), where the once already dead Leonard Millman is alleged to reside and run this system. While collecting their take, paid out periodically, it is alleged that these folks take a trip to Cuba and while there spend some time in “wild partying.”

Many USG and Congressional individuals are being been paid 20 Million USD (the accepted necessary fee) for their willingness to betray America and keep the Truth About who really did the 9/11/01 attack on America. The money has been kept in banks in the Cayman Islands. Good News, just recently these payment have been completely blocked by the Obama Administration and now ISIS is being attacked at its supply bases in Syria (Assad agreed to turn off his anti-aircraft radar systems). It is high time for folks to realize that all secrecy is ending and every major crime like this will be completely dissected and revealed for the whole world to know and understand in the months to come. Snowden’s disclosures have been a small down-payment on what will come out into the public domain.

The very interesting and shocking phone call left on Lee Wanta’s DC Embassy voice mail.

Listen very carefully to the following phone message left on Ambassador Wanta’s Washington DC Embassy which was between former Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist and former State Senator Sheldon Songstad:

Listen Here

Is this big payoff system being run out of Cuba being used to keep 9/11/01 covered up, now being choked off by the Obama Administration?

What Lee Wanta has been claiming for years has now been fully substantiated that much of the DC Politicians are being manipulated by large sums of money paid to them. And we are now getting reports that the Obama Administration has now blocked off these 9/11/01 coverup payments from the Cayman Island Banks. And if criminal indictments come down from the recent Wanta Answering machine recording, this could easily blow this whole USG payoff/9/11/01 coverup affair wide open. It seems that this coverup is all being driven by extreme greed by these crooked American Politicians, greed that surpasses the comprehension of most. And it seems to all be unraveling now and coming to a screeching halt. Stay tuned because this whole matter is going to become very interesting in days and months to follow.

It is important to understand Lee Wanta’s level of integrity, it’s not typical among today’s politicians and top USG Officials.

It seems obvious that those trying to shake down Lee Wanta for 30 Billion dollars are confused why Lee won’t go for it like all their political hack buddies usually do. The answer is very simple and anyone who knows Lee Wanta personally can answer it. Lee Wanta takes his oath to the US Constitution very seriously. He is a man of impeccable integrity and character and would never do anything illegal or in any way violate the Rule of Law, no matter what. He is a very devout man of principal and could never be bought or manipulated to do anything illegal or even marginally legal. But most of all he is an American strongly committed to America and would never do anything to hurt America, in fact his career as a Secret Agent for President Reagan (under the Totten Doctrine) was based on this strong commitment to America and doing his part to keep it strong into the future as a Constitutional Republic.

And, Lee Wanta’s commitment is still as strong today as it ever was because he is still working hard to enact the original plan developed between President Reagan and himself to use his vast earnings to completely revitalize and re-industrialize America and pay off its national debt and set up a new honest Federalized Banking System based on real value instead of a private one based on debt. As soon as lee Wanta regains his rightful, lawful access to his funds, already ordered by a Federal Court, he will put this awesome plan into place and construction on this long needed High Speed Maglev Railroad will commence with two million good paying job opportunities and a lot of benefits for many American Soldiers, Vets and their families.

Building a “Terrorist” Army is very hard work and takes a lot of money.

In order to start a war, years must be spent pre-staging the events necessary to bring it about later on. Young homeless children in poor Mideastern nations must be “rescued” and placed into camps where they can be radicalized and sufficiently mind-kontrolled to be willing to wage numerous “jihads” on command for the Israeli’s and the SSG, jihads necessary to support this false War on Terror Narrative and keep the American people believing this War on Terror Narrative.

What is Al QueDa?

Able Danger showed that Al Qaeda was really comprised of Intel Units from the CIA, Mossad, and Saudi Arabia which had been operating inside America and controlling private armies in the Mideast. This group has been filled with Dual and triple Citizens and especially Mossad Agents who planted the Nukes in the twin Towers.

The Ukrainian War has already gone Nuclear.

According to inside sources at least one W-54 nuke was reprocessed and deployed inside the Ukraine against the pro-Russian citizens by the WZ/Israeli puppet regime in Kiev. Will more be used and are some going to be deployed inside some large American Cities in the near future? We know that all Israeli diplomatic pouches and trunks i or anything else being imported into America from Israel or its Cutouts is being inspected for nuclear materials. The biggest problem we as Americans all face now is the alleged reports that the Mossad already planted nukes in twenty-five large American Cities and has threatened to set some off (Samson Option) if the US stops supporting Israel.

What this all means.

If you are a Mind-Kontrolled Police Officer, Federal Agent of any kind or work for the criminal DHS and have drunk the Phony War on Terror Koolaide, you will not be harassed, will be considered an Agent of the State and continue to have favored status, for now that is. However, you will not be trusted by the SSG. You will be surveilled very closely. But the worst part is you are functioning as a lemming and supporting a system that unless stopped will destroy the future for your yourself, your family, America and all Americans.

And those Americans who have expressed their disbelief in the Phony War on Terror Narrative, show indications that they know the CMMM is filled with lies or are generally recognized as a political dissident or whistle-blower, will be labeled as an “Enemy of the State”.

What this all means is that like it or not America and all Americans are now under siege by a collection of foreign based criminals, a working arrangement between the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC).


Those WZ Dual and Triple Citizens that control DHS are gearing up for what looks to be a major war waged against the American People. As folks resist and start to fight back they will be labeled Terrorists. Don’t be fooled by this, the Real Terrorists are the Top Policy-Makers (Traitors and Infil-Traitors) that planned and executed the 9/11/01 Nuclear Attack on America and created DHS through the use of Nuclear Blackmail. They needed to create DHS to serve as their main mechanism of covering up by stopping and taking responsibility for all investigations.And they needed a big stockpile of cash to pay off approximately 100 Members of Congress, a number of top Federal Judges including five Supreme Court Judges, and numerous USG Officials. The modal payoff for top Officials has been reported to be 20 million USD, the current price for selling your soul and becoming a Traitor to America.

The current Military High Command is the big unexpected new problem for the actual Planners and Perps. The US Military High Command is the entity that is in the process now of taking their coverup/payoff scheme apart at the seams. Stay tuned, this is going to get quite interesting and exciting in months to come, especially since the coverup payments have reportedly been stopped.

This subject can be quite negative and discouraging. It is important to realize that there is hope for serious change, which is actually right on the way now. For those who have time and interest here is a great ballad called “A Change is Gonna Come”, by Beth Hart.

[youtube QnIL8AKWRNQ]








Additional References on Ambassador Lee Wanta:



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