Satan’s Production line – When the Unacceptable becomes acceptable


by Katherine Frisk

William_Casey_CIA_Disinformation_Campaign copy (2)The thing about a pathological liar is that no matter how affable they might be, no matter how good-looking, no matter how successful or wealthy they become, no matter how powerful, there is no compromise with these people. They will deny everything. Only one thing counts with them. I win.

They simply are incapable of understanding that this behaviour is unacceptable. The worst part is, they actually expect you to go along with the lies and play the game and when you don’t they are shocked and horrified that you would even consider contradicting them. Negotiation is not possible.

They even expect you to go along with their lies when doing so is to your disadvantage and at your own expense. They cannot understand why you would challenge them and not play the game to their benefit. Truth, justice or even a fair deal does not and never did count. Only their desired outcome. The unacceptable in their minds is acceptable and they expect you to become a convert.

In the last week we have seen many exposures in the media about the CIA. This is not news to anyone familiar with Independent media. It has been clear to all of us that two different US interests have been at play in Syria. The official one supported by the Pentagon and the covert CIA one, backed by big money; drug, organ and arms dealers; and oil traders. As Tulsi Gabbard pointed out:

The U.S. is waging two wars in Syria…The first is the war against ISIS and other Islamic extremists, which Congress authorized after the terrorist attack on 9/11. The second war is the illegal war to overthrow the Syrian government of Assad.”

And steal oil. Let’s not forget about all that oil. Lies, duplicity and theft. The unacceptable has become acceptable. And the 350,000 Syrians who have died, the 11 million people displaced, are merely collateral damage.


That anyone should either blow the whistle on them or even consider their actions unacceptable is beyond their comprehension. Much less take action against it and put a stop to their covert war.

Muslims in Libya and Syria have suffered greatly in the last four years. Both Sunni and Shiite. Millions of people have had their lives overturned and destroyed. But what I really really want to know is this.

How does the Bible belt and people like Christian/Zionist Hal Lindsey, feel about the CIA training, funding and arming Daesh/ISIL in Jordan who then went on to behead, crucify, rape and enslave Christians? Is this part of the Neocon/Zionist plan? Has it not occurred to him that this is the Anti-Christ in action?

What struck me about General Wesley Clark, and maybe I am reading him wrong here, but the impression I got was that this was not whistle blowing, or attempting to put something so inherently evil and wrong, right.

Rather in both instances it was more a statement of fact. Almost boasting. A case of, so what you going to do about it? These are our plans. In 2007 he said:

“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.”

Later he commented that “they,” I guess this refers to the CIA, Mossad and Daesh/ISIL, had to create something bigger and stronger than Hezbollah after Israel’s failed attempt at invading Lebanon, yet again, in 2006 . The Shabra Shatilla massacre was not enough. And Daesh/ISIL was born.

“It’s the terrorists!”

Really? Did he see nothing wrong with that? In the same way that some people think there is nothing wrong with detention without trial and CIA black sites, where many Jihadist extremists are created through torture, drugs and brainwashing?  Satan’s production line. All in a day’s work.

Following on from this, was a four-year lie about supporting the FSA, the “good terrorists,” not the bad ones. When no such distinction exists. At the bottom of it all we find the trade in illegal, stolen oil flowing from Iraq and Syria and shipped to Turkey by Daesh/ISIL.

Press TV journalist Serena Shim was murdered because of this lot. But as far as they are concerned she was just collateral damage, and she wasn’t playing the game. She was not lying enough. So they took her out. They were shocked and horrified that she would even consider contradicting them and exposing them. In their eyes, the crime was hers not theirs.

Some things stick in your mind forever. Serena is one of them.

Another that has stuck in my mind forever is the three-year old Syrian boy, his broken body beyond repair who before he died said:

“I’m gonna tell God Everything.”

My first thought was, “You do that kid!” And while there is still breathe in my body I am going to do it here as well.

The unacceptable is unacceptable. When the lunatics are in charge of the asylum, all hell breaks loose.

Gospel of Thomas 6

His disciples asked and said to him: “Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray, how shall we give alms, what rules concerning eating shall we follow?”

Jesus says: “Tell no lie, and whatever you hate, do not do: for all these things are manifest to the face of heaven; nothing hidden will fail to be revealed and nothing disguised will fail before long to be made public!

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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Katherine Frisk is or was an enigma. We know that the amazing world-changing book, Jesus Was A Palestinian, was authored by a "Katherine Frisk" but there is NO other information on "Katherine Frisk".  We don't even have an active email for her. Many say that Katherine was Catherine "Kate" Frisk who was born in Malta in 1933 and lived in the USA where she passed away in 2018. But that's NOT confirmed. It may be that "Katherine Frisk" is a nom-de-plume. Considering the subject matter in our book, it would NOT be a stretch to imagine that some would take offense to her truth-telling and so going full anonymous would make survival sense. We simply don't know.  And so we cannot 100% confirm her identity. What we do know is that Katherine submitted over 50 articles to VT and wrote a great book. That all stopped in 2018.  VT periodically does a few re-publishes of her work.