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United Methodists Face Moment of Occupation Truth

The mainstream media does not know it, and far too many high steeple church folk do not want to know it.

Church Leader Tells Palestinians and Israelis “eat together and listen to...

An appalling shallowness has descended over Mainline Protestantism.

Iranian Scientists Die as Bibi’s War Looms

Has Israel Been Killing Iran’s Nuclear Scientists? The most recent Iranian to die is nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, killed in his automobile in Tehran Thursday.

How Iran Could Be The Next Neocon Target

If Obama fails in his reelection effort, what could follow would not be a fictional horror story. It will be Iran: the Sequel, coming to a military recruitment office near you in January, 2013.

The Day The Bush War on Terror Began

Ed. Note /by Debbie Menon, James Wall identifies the distortion and deception completely...

It Is Time to Listen To King Hussein

This betrayal was the price Hussein paid “to find out that the Israelis preferred land to peace and that the Americans didn’t care which of the two the Israelis chose.”

Israeli and West Bank Women and Girls Violate Israeli Laws In...

Bronner actually evoked Parks’ name in his report. Did his editors think we would not notice? Ethan Bronner reports that this is a Rosa Parks country, folks....

A Walk on the Dark Side of Israel Politics

With his texting bad conduct behind him, Weiner is now free to join the Glenn Beck team. Rod Blogovich let his greed overrule his good judgment. As a result AIPAC has another kept senator at its beck and call.

Palestinians Join Arab Spring and Reach for UN Membership

Five years later, the Arab Spring has dramatically changed the politics of the Middle East.Today, Fatah and Hamas are on a path to a unified Palestinian government, a unity reached without the backing of either the US or Israel — James M. Wall

“If You Build It, the (Palestinian) State Will Come”

In the summer of 2009, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad (at right) released a lengthy document which described plans and a program to build a future Palestinian state alongside Israel, with borders along the 1967 Green Line.


Two lines in the fourth stanza of The Star Spangled Banner provide a clue to one American mindset that supports empire building. By James M. Wall...