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Feds Force Citizens Underground in Black Market Clash

The federal mafia posing as a government of the people attacked again today using an effective strategy to scare the people that do business with those that safely fill the demand for cannabis

Mexico To Give U.S. Drug War Policy the Middle Finger

The Longest War in American History and Global Profiteers Harming Millions upon Millions of People

Putin Versus The American Drug Cartel

Is Vladimir Putin the only man in the World Who Can Break the Global Drug Trade?

Under Fire Arizona Sheriff Fans Flames of Racism Again

Today notorious Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio joined Senator John McCain and announced that the horrific Arizona fires were "likely set by Mexican smugglers" with the operative word be "likely"; just speculation, no evidence whatsoever.

DRUG WAR: Law of Attraction at Work Killing Millions

At this point, with the drug war so old and moldy, it's time we either go all out and get our military industrial complex toys out and invade Mexico - or - maybe it is time with start taking personal responsibility and start buying Guacamole instead of cocaine, meth, heroin and that evil Mary Jane.

The Disastrous War on Drugs Turns 40: 5 Ways to Stop...

Some anniversaries provide an occasion for celebration, others a time for reflection, still others a time for action. This June will mark forty years since President Nixon declared a "war on drugs," identifying drug abuse as "public enemy No. 1."

Why All Americans Should Root for Mexico in the World Cup

Mexico is now the only team in our beloved North America left in the tournament. Over the last decade or so, Mexico, the country and it's peoples have been beaten up by many in the US Media for being a weak burden on the USA. It is time we embrace Mexico and become good neighbors

40 Year $ 1 Trillion U.S. War, the Worst Failure in...

With our economy fighting itself out of a recession, states failing in budgets to educate our kids, and blame artists looking everywhere for a scapegoat, it's time we took a serious look at ourselves to investigate if the problem is actually us and not some far off land.


By Khalil Nouri, STAFF WRITER Last week, president Karzai met with tribal leaders hoping for their support in his rift with Washington. Instead, his meetings...

Don’t Let DEA Ban Recommending Medical Marijuana for Veterans

The Veterans Administration is taking advice from the DEA based on the federal government’s assertion that marijuana has no medicinal value. This especially tragic because of the widespread evidence that marijuana is a safe and effective treatment for post traumatic stress disorder which is all too common among our veterans.

U.S. State Department Employee Assassinated in Mexico

our drug habit is a medical addiction problem that must be taken off the covert streets and out into the light. We can't ignore that we have addicts among us and it's causing harm to us and our neighbors.