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Is Your Boss Pocketing Your State Income Taxes?

According to investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, more than 2,700 companies have secret agreements to keep the state income tax they withhold from your paycheck.

The Real Vampires: An Insider’s View of Banks

According to Quigley, banks have controlled western society by manipulating the money supply since the creation of the Bank of England and the fractional reserve lending system in 1694.

Sexploitation, Capitalism and Usury (Part II)

"A capitalist may wish to sell drinking water, but Mammon wants to poison all water in order to force everybody to buy drinking water."

Veterans on Wall Street Announces Keynote Speakers for Third Annual Conference

Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS), a consortium of major banks including Citi, Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs, is pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the third annual Veteran Employment Symposium and Resource Fair on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at Goldman Sachs’ headquarters in New York City.

America- A Nation of Fools

es, of course I know this description of “us citizen” is offensive to some, may be more than some people however it is true, we are a nation of callous, indifferent stupid fools at best for being so silent all these years.

Carnegie Mellon University Beats the NSA

Carnegie Mellon University researchers claim they have created a smart-phone messaging app with security that not even the National Security Agency can break.

Jewish Psychological and Political Warfare (Part II)

“The first prerequisite for healthier human and sexual relationships is the elimination of those moral concepts which base their demands on allegedly supernatural commands, on arbitrary human regulations, or simply on tradition…”

Detroit vs Nagasaki

Detroit bankruptcy simply disappeared from the media radar screens, more interested in Kim Kardashian and Kayne West and their baby than a city of 700,000.

Ayn Rand, Usury and Capitalism, and Goldman Sachs (Part II)

“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it's everywhere. The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”

At Last, Some Decency on Wall Street

Hail Greg Smith, and thank The New York Times, for his cri de coeur, a rare example that decency is not always for sale.

Goldman Sachs: “We Consider Our Size An Asset That We Try...

To great fanfare, this week Goldman Sachs unveiled the report of its Business Standards Committee, which makes recommendations regarding changes for the internal structure of what is currently the 5th largest bank holding company in the United States.

“Happy as a Hangman” in a Nation of Bystanders

Innocence, as defined by law, makes us complicit with the crimes of the state. To do nothing, to be judged by the state as...

Goldman Sachs Values Facebook at $50-billion

Social-networking giant Facebook could flex its growing might after reportedly raising 500 million dollars from Goldman Sachs and a Russian firm in a deal...

Pres Weekly Address: Give Gov Back to the American People

Weekly Address: Giving Government Back to the American People by Jesse Lee As the President beats back lobbyists seeking to weaken Wall Street Reform, he talks...

Justice probe of Goldman goes beyond deals cited by SEC

The phrase "investors pounded Goldman Sachs" and words like brutal day for Goldman likely bring smiles to most Americans. This type of mirth...

Democrats Unveil Tough Remedy to Radical ‘Corporations Are People Too’ Decision

As mainstream pundits continue the Democrats-are-in-trouble conventional wisdom, I see a perfect political storm developing against Republicans led by the Dem's hitting back on...

Orwellian Obstruction: Republicans on Financial Reform

By Robert L. Borosage at Huffington Post Senate Republicans have perfected the art of saying no. But in blocking a debate on financial reform, they...

Goldman Sachs Emails: Firm Had ‘The Big Short’ As Economy Fell

Caught wind of this from the Huffington Post: As homeowners were falling behind on their subprime mortgages, wreaking havoc for investors that owned slices of...

Goldman’s Blankfein: SEC Fraud Suit Is a Political Hit Job

Finding it difficult to see Goldman's point of view. But the slime deserve due process. By Henry Blodget Yesterday, Lloyd Blankfein attacked the SEC's fraud suit...

Obama’s Defining Finance Reform Speech Thursday

Update: For more information, see White House blog knocking down Wall Street Talking Points and Norm Scheiber's  Head Lock: The inside story of how Goldman and...

Republicans on SEC Vote Against Charging Goldman with Fraud

A SEC Vote will reveal a titanic political fight: Wall Street-GOP v. the Obama administration and perhaps some strange bedfellows who despise Wall Street as the...

Goldman CEO to Perform Community Service as Treasury Secretary

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) - In a settlement of the government's securities fraud case against Goldman Sachs, the bank's CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, has agreed to perform two years of community service as Treasury Secretary of the United States.

Six Banks Have Assets Equal to 60% of GNP; Banking Oligarchy,...

When Senator Mitch McConnell and the GOP oppose financial reform, make no mistake whose interests they are fighting for: The banking oligarchy. What McConnell is...

Crocodile Tears on Wall Street

The original Tea Party, remember, wasn't directed just against the British redcoats. Colonial patriots also took aim at the East India Company. That was the joint-stock enterprise originally chartered by the first Queen Elizabeth. Over the years, the government granted them special rights and privileges, which the owners turned into a monopoly over trade, including tea.

SEC Says Goldman Sachs Defrauded Investors

The government has accused Goldman Sachs & Co. of defrauding investors by failing to disclose conflicts of interest in mortgage investments it sold as the housing market was faltering.

Does Dow 11,000 mean total Victory for Wall Street?

And why? Because our tax dollars bailed out their butts. The biggest banks would have gone under, and derservedly so, without our largess. Dow 11,000 is primarily a function of the trillions (not billions) of taxpayer dollars that poured into the biggest Wall Street firms in the form of loans, asset gurantees, liquidity programs and other subsidies. Wall Street then used our money to pay themselves lavish bonuses and to lobby against any and all meaningful financial reforms. (See Bob Kuttner's excellent new book, A Presidency in Peril, for the blow by blow of how crony capitalism really works.)

The Quants: A New Breed of Math Whizzes Nearly Destroyed Wall...

Looks like a scary and fascinating read, The Quants: How a New Breed of Math Whizzes Conquered Wall Street and Nearly Destroyed It (2010, Crown...

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Are international robber barons like Goldman Sachs ripping off the poorest and most desperate nations with the aid of the very institutions created to help them? William Pfaff examines at Truthdig. You remember KBR the former Halliburton subsidiary alleged to have overcharged, and defrauded the US government was accused of the electrocution of soldiers who thought they were turning on the shower, not the voltage? They've been awarded another giant contract in appreciation of their efforts; from Raw Story. Those and other stories in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

The gang that paid the Dems to turn their collective backs on the harebrained gambling and outright criminal behavior of Wall Street is threatening to stop the money flow from Glen Greenwald at Salon. More on the fat cat lenders getting rich off the backs of college students in a NYT oped. The results of the recent SCOTUS decision to hand over our electoral process to corporations are already unfolding in plutocratic pow wows in a story from Raw Story via AlterNet and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/7/10

Equipped with the same "red meat speech" she uses in every appearance and crib notes on her palms the "lip gloss pit bull" addressed the "Tea Partiers" last night and Salon's Joan Walsh took notice and careful aim. Eliminating the middle men in student loan programs could save mega bucks for taxpayers and students reports Jon Walker at FireDogLake and ominously, Israeli warships are reported to be moving through the Red Sea en route to the Persian Gulf, those stories and more in today's picks.