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Band of Brothers – Video Gems to Remember

- "We lucky few, we band of brothers, for he today who sheds his blood with me...shall be my brother."

The Greatest Little Coffee Shop You’ll Find

Mooresville, North Carolina…Richard's Coffee Shop, "The most patriotic coffee shop in America". Just around the corner from my house there's a great place to stop in for a cup of Joe. It is a hangout of sorts for Veterans which I have written about this past year, and has become so popular it needed to pick-up roots and relocate up the street to larger quarters.

Give Us Two Hard Boiled Please

Being a hero is extraordinary. Being a hero twice is almost unbelievable.

Valor… The Real Superheroes

Forget "superstars" they are made up by the Hollywood and the press. SUPERHEROES are everyday citizens who rise to the occasion

#*&amp% Happens And Other Causes Of "Tradition"

Tradition isn't planned...it just happens

The Marine Corps…Honor, Tradition, Commitment.

What makes someone volunteer for the Marine Corps?

The Most Patriotic Coffee Shop in American

To honor veterans for our freedom is an everyday occurrence at "Americas Most Patriotic Coffee Shop"

A Marine Discusses the Wall Street Protest and NYPD

Now we have NYPD, a police force I have always admired, where I have more than a few friends, playing the "petty thug" for Wall Street. I am ashamed

Face of Defense: Airman Honors Father With Bronze Star

An Air Force Space Command chief master sergeant used the occasion of her retirement ceremony here to take care of one last troop -- her father, who was presented with the Bronze Star Medal he earned four decades ago.

Blogger Honors Fallen, Their Families

About a year ago, I had the honor of attending a dignified transfer for two soldiers who had been killed just a few days prior in Afghanistan.

Bin Laden Operation Discredits U.S. Armed Forces (Updated)

Nothing could be worse than the story released by the Obama administration. Their claim is that 25 Navy Seals were flown into Pakistan to murder an unarmed and unguarded man whose identity is now in doubt.

Duty – Honor – Country

Many contributors to VT may not have an understanding of members of the Armed Forces – particularly career Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and CoastGuardsmen. (Also derisively referred to as Lifers!) I have a blue retiree I.D. card. Guess I qualify as a Lifer.

In The Midst of All the Chaos can We Please Take...

Though I have traveled the inroads of war and the back alleys of unknown battles, diligently and honorably, I am not with out flaw or fail.