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Italy Sending Troops to Protect Mosul Dam/Iraq

Italian Prime Minister “Matteo Renzi” announced on Wednesday, that combat troops from his country are about to head to Iraq to participate in the confrontations with ISIS and the protection of Mosul Dam from failure, while noted that 450 soldiers will leave to Mosul after the Parliament approval.

Sunnis Working With Turkey to Prevent Shias Liberating Mosul of Daesh

, Alexander Mosesov — The Arab population of Iraq's Mosul are cooperating with Turkish forces to ensure that the city will be liberated from Islamic State (ISIL or Daesh in Arabic) by Sunni, and not Shia, militias, a representative of the Peshmerga, Iraqi Kurdish armed forces, told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Breaking: Turkey Sets Up ISIS Airbase Outside Mosul

Updated: Baghdad government debating calling for Russian Aerospace Forces intervention to block construction of this facility if United Nations Security Council fails to act quickly.

The Kurds could free Raqqa and Mosul, but should they?

Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani described the joint US-Kurdish commando operation on a prison in Hawija as a “turning point” in the war against ISIS.

ISIS No. 2 killed in Mosul

The Islamic State group’s (ISIS or ISIL) second-in-command was killed in an airstrike by the US-led coalition in Mosul, the city in northern Iraq that has been in ISIS hands for more than a year, US and Iraqi officials announced Friday.

Maliki – Fall of Mosul Plotted by Barzani and Erdogan

Gordon Duff - Was Barzani's plan to play rope-a-dope with ISIS while they took Ramadi, Fallujah and then Baghdad?

Iraq’s Maliki rejects Mosul file report, blames KRG

Jim W. Dean - The blame game for the loss of Mosul debacle has been long in coming, and the illegitimate child that no one wants is being tossed around like a live hand grenade.

10 ISIS elements killed in aerial bombardment targeted their sites, west...

Shafaq News / The international coalition’s aircrafts have launched Saturday, raids targeted ISIS terrorist organization’s sites west of Mosul city, the center of Nineveh province.

Iraqis to use Tikrit experience for Mosul – Press TV

Jim W. Dean..."The combined operations of the Iraqi Army with Shia and Sunni militia support, Iran and the US led air coalition, are cutting off and destroying ISIL forces.