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The Khazarian Mafia (Part II) Updated

The Khazarian Mafia has a legendary, blood-thirsty lust for revenge against any nation that ever opposes them.

Why Didn’t the Republicans Steal The Election?

Take the survey, win valuable prizes.

LA Times: Romney’s a drug-money launderer

The Los Angeles Times reports: Mitt Romney made his fortune laundering drug money.

US/Argentina Tie Seimens to Organized Crime

An Argentinean man has accused the German powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, Siemens AG, of sending thugs to beat him up when he threatened to uncover a fraudulent deal in the Latin American country.

Press TV: The Romney Conundrum, Loved in Israel and Hated by...

Romney’s has to enormous problems, he is drowning in Jewish money, legal donations from Las Vegas gambling “magnate,” Sheldon Adelson, a man who has spent years ducking criminal charges and the Koch Brothers, suspected of orchestrating fuel and food shortages which, during an election year, he hopes will drive voters to suicide.

Barry Chamish Concedes Israel’s Involvement in 9/11

Likudnik pot calls Labor kettle black, admits 9/11 was Zionist job.

Press TV: Are Israeli-American Mobsters Buying America’s Government?

Yesterday a window opened, one quickly closing. Major newspapers and news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Reuters and others announced and the billionaire gambling “magnate,” some call him “mob boss” who runs gambling from Las Vegas to China where he is fighting bribery charges, is facing a major criminal investigation.

Mobbed-up US “justice” system delivers 9/11 injustice

They've shredded the Constitution. They've endorsed 9/11 treason. If there were any justice in America, they'd all be twisting slowly in the breeze.

Romney-Bain Linked to Organized Crime in UK

Maxwell, the late owner of Mirror Newspapers, invested $2 million in Mr Romney's first private equity fund, which launched the controversial career in finance that the Republican presidential challenger now cites as proof of his ability to lead the US to prosperity.

Mario “Never Say Mafia” Cuomo’s Son Now Enforcing for Silverstein?

When a guy with an Italian name is "leaning on" someone on behalf of a Jewish billionaire...well, I'll spare you the ethnic jokes.

John Le Carré and 9/11 Truth: Skewering the Criminal State

John Le Carré a 9/11 truther? Not just yet. But he's getting there.

WikiLeaks – War on Terror No Problem for Israeli Crime Bosses

As such Israelis who are known to work for or belong to OC families are not automatically ineligible for travel to the United States

TEA PARTY BACKERS: Organized Crime, Oil Theft

Just what is this Koch Industries? Should it be called a "company?" If so we need to re-think the idea of what a company and a business is supposed to be. Even the brother of Koch Industries owners David and Charles Koch called the company an "organized crime" operation.

SUSAN LINDAUER: The Tea Party Crashes

THE MOST UNPATRIOTIC ACT By Susan Lindauer, STAFF WRITER and 9/11 Whistleblower indicted on the Patriot Act I confess that since November I've been holding my...

Gordon Duff: Was America The “Golden Goose?”

AMERICA'S NEW "LOST GENERATION"  By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor The calendar says 2010 but it feels like 1955, not the real 1955, not by a...