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It Might Be a Conspiracy…BUT it All Went Wrong

Could it have been "the October Surprise" that didn't work? Crazy as it might sound at this late date in December, could there have really been an October Surprise planned to insure the re-election of Obama to the Presidency?

US Foreign Policy Calculated Cul-De-Sac

The siege mentality that successive teams of US policy makers have finessed to perfection in the last decade in Pakistan and Afghanistan was inspired by the famous Bush slogan ‘who is not with us, is against us’.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News April 17, 2012

It's National Volunteer Week, and VA is recognizing the invaluable contribution of volunteers across the country.

VT Exclusive: Panetta Assassination Attempt, Marine Guards Disarmed

- Camp Bastion, Afghanistan (VT) Moments ago, a truck bomb exploded on a British airstrip in Helmand province in Afghanistan, believed to be an unsuccessful attempt to kill US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

Wolves On Prowl for a Few Good Marines

Pay back was called for regardless of how the top brass feels

Nuclear Assassinations: The Unholy Marriage of Spy Agencies

"I saw a motorcycle. They were wearing ski masks -- black ski masks. They were two people.

Panetta, Shinseki Discuss More Transition Support for Vets

Ways to help separating service members and veterans prepare for and launch civilian careers topped the agenda during Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta’s visit yesterday with Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. John Kirby reported.

“Bin Laden” Heroes Probably Murdered to Keep Them Quiet

Navy Seals from the Osama bin Laden operation died in what is reported as a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. The chances of this story being true is almost nil. The chances of this being a staged coverup is over 80%. We believe these people were murdered to silence them. This is why.

Leon Panetta a Defense Secretary With a Long History of Cooperation...

Learn how the new Pentagon chief, Leon Panetta, a Catholic budget wonk, became a friend of Israel and won the trust of American Jews.

“Bin Laden and Raymond Davis” – Gordon Duff on Press TV...

Duff further added that the real bin Laden died years go after having spent years in American hospitals receiving treatments for various ailments. He also dismissed as false the claims that bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. department of justice has never been able to come up with a single shred of evidence that Osama bin Laden had any involvement in 9/11," he noted. "


HOW MERCHANTS OF DEATH RULE THE WORLD By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Both elements of "Al Qaeda" along with its clear history as a CIA...


CIA TRIES TO PREPARE AMERICAN PUBLIC FOR TRUTH ABOUT BUSH/BIN LADEN DECEPTION By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor This week, CIA director Leon Panetta, admitted there...