You Will Die From The Nuclear Lie

The Fantasy of Nuclear Lies…the Who, What and   Even the Whys

   … by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor                         editing  Jim W. Dean


Who Is Really Cooking Up the Iran Nuke Intel - and Why ?

The “news,” such as it is anymore, tells us that “war is around the corner.”  According to “the news,” a deceptively reworded report from the IAEA says that Iran is “considering thinking about preparing for a program that may be used to develop nuclear weapons.” 

The report itself is hogwash, misrepresented, unsupported and influenced by the same pattern of bribery and influence that led the US to invade Iraq, a war crime that has led to an American president facing a possible death penalty at the hands of an international court.

Almost nothing said about nuclear power, nuclear weapons, depleted uranium or any related subject is true.  Some of it is classified but the best reason, to keep secrets “secret” is not so much the reason.  I have spoken with a ranking co-worker of the top security advisor for former President George “W” Bush. 

This individual personally witnessed America’s top nuclear weapons secrets passed to an Israeli embassy “spook” at a cocktail party. 

Witnessing this, among others, was the then Secretary of State and the head of the National Security Council.  A high ranking FBI informant, extremely high ranking, was present and it is very very likely that this exchange was recorded on audio and perhaps video.

An audio recording of such a thing might not be valuable if it weren’t for the fact of what was said:

“Here, take this stack of papers, it’s every really good nuclear secret America has.  Isn’t it funny how I can do such thing right here in the open and nobody cares?”

1985 Chevy - FBI Surveillance Van, purchased new in Savannah Georgia. This is a one of a kind time capsule - Custom interior, insulated to the hilt for sound deadening

This isn’t exact, not exactly “word for word” but very close.  Later we found out why he said it. 

He had the full knowledge and cooperation of the Attorney General who ordered the FBI crew, sitting outside in one of those vans, to bury 3 years of evidence. 

We understand that Israel wasn’t the “end user” of the information but only an intermediary. The end user was the government of China.

Some other poor fool was blamed.  Predictable. 

This isn’t all of it. I am just setting the tone here, showing how little real respect and concern the American government has for its nuclear arsenal, its nuclear secrets. 

Trading weapons, prohibited technology and, as we have learned more and more of lately, using “black technologies” has been one of the biggest stories of our time, a story not told, no matter how much evidence is available.  Evidence…so much you could drown in it.

Were the only proof to be Richard Dolan’s presentation, riveting in itself, some could have doubts:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

For there to be lies, there has to also be a “truth” than simply isn’t “true.”  Years ago, historians became “revisionists” when documents started being declassified that said the things in our news or what was taught in our schools was, not just false but outlandishly so.

Telling college professors  that the books they wrote and they classes they had taught for years had been totally wrong didn’t go far.  Politics wins out, lies win out.

Then, at least some of it, came down to TV.  Thousands of hours of shows tell us that their “secret history” is totally different than the old one.  Problem there is that, though often the shows are right, sometimes the “new history” is even crazier than the old one, simply made up.

Simcha Jacobovici

So when the “Nude Archaeologist,” a former member of the Israeli army, shows you a box in a warehouse in Tel Aviv that he says has Christ’s bones in it, is it because it is true or because it is really his job to discredit Christianity or Islam? 

Those stories telling us the early Christians were all liars and thieves or that every famous American was a “Nazi,” meaning Henry Ford, the Bush family, Edison, Lindbergh, the list can go on forever.

Believing them makes us all seem so clever but are the stories true?  One short line here to demonstrate my point:

Books have been written saying the Bush family financed Hitler.  Tons of proof is given, line after line of reference.  Look it up yourself. 

Prescott Bush

Here’s the problem with that.  Prescott Bush, grandfather of our most recent Bush president, did work for a bank.  That bank did lend money to Germany. 

What none of the books say, however, is that bank was a subsidiary of a bank owned by the Rothschild family, the most powerful Jewish banking consortium in history. 

They leave that out by simply saying he worked for “Brown Brother, Harriman/City of London.” 

Why the lie?  How can we hold our version of history together when we learn Jewish money put Hitler in office? 

We can’t even begin to guess what the real truth is. If we did we might find out why people who question history actually are sent to prison in many countries.

How does this apply to nuclear weapons?  What do we think we know?


  • Atom bombs are almost impossible to build, they take science that requires years of experiments
  • All nuclear weapons explode with huge mushroom clouds
  • All nuclear weapons give off radiation that lasts for thousands of years
  • There are no “lost” or “misplaced” nukes and the last time someone was killed by a nuclear explosion was at Nagasaki in 1945

Ouch! The big issue today is the potential for war in the Middle East and two countries and their “nuclear arsenals,” Israel and Iran.


Israeli Nuclear Weapon Core Model - Dimona - Mordechai Vanunu Photo

Israel can’t “legally” have nuclear weapons.  If they did, they would have to be subject to UN sanctions and the US would be forced to invade and take them away.

So, the deal is, Israel says they don’t have them, then they “wink” and say they have hundreds of them and say they can blow up anyone they want.

Last week they “announced” that they were now capable of attacking the United States with nuclear weapons.

But you say they are our ally?  Certainly you have heard hundreds of politicians swear their dying loyalty to Israel.  Do they mean it?

Not a chance, they get thousands, even millions in bribe money from key “Israeli elements” and pass on billions in foreign aid to Israel.

The whole thing is actually bribery.  Congress doesn’t care about Israel, hell, they don’t even care about America.  Tell me I am wrong, please.  Anyone?

The key to proving Israel has nuclear weapons is a man name Mordechai Vanunu.  Eileen Fleming of Veterans Today writes about Vanunu.

The Eyes of Mordechai Vanunu - Eighteen Years in Solitary Confinement - We All Owe Him a Lot For His Courage

The other issue is our “friendship” with Israel. At the G20 conference a few days ago, French President Sarkozy “let the cat out of the bag.”

France, America and “others” don’t like Israel all that much, not just the 107 nations that want Israel thrown out of the UN, but her “14” friends.

We suspect, just “suspect,” mind you, that Israel might be a bit angry at President Obama.

There is some evidence that they are angry at him.  He got rid of Gaddafi their secret “best friend” next to Mubarak of Egypt, and he has been saying nasty things about them behind their back that many of us consider “pro-American.”

Besides Looking Into His Eyes - I Wanted You to See His Signature

For this we suspect an incident” was staged.”  We have reason to believe that Israel has threatened to assassinate President Obama, good reason.

The trail of Israel’s illegal nukes and their desire to be the only one in the “neighborhood” with them has raised some questions.  President Kennedy demanded Israel dismantle its nuclear program in 1963 and died, rather conveniently, soon afterward.  Vanunu, as we know, spent nearly 2 decades in solidarity confinement for whistleblowing.

Another “fact” is that, though Israel claims and “unclaims” it has hundreds of nuclear weapons, the only possible source of the fissionable material would have required tons of weapons grade enriched uranium and plutonium to have been stolen from the United States and other nations.

This having a nation whose possession of nuclear weapons is not only very illegal, but subjects it to both sanctions and forcible seizure. Thus, to demand an attack on Iran based on unfounded suspicions, just as Israel had manipulated with Iraq under Bush (the lesser), is insanity in its purest form.


Until 2003, Iran had sought nuclear weapons.  Iran then dismantled its military program and opened for full inspection.  Numerous reports such as the recent National Intelligence Estimate from 2007 that stated, categorically, that Iran had no nuclear weapons program.  From Foreign Policy:

The U.S. intelligence community has completed and is circulating a new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran’s nuclear weapons program that walks back the conclusion of the 2007 NIE, which stated that Iran had halted work on its covert nuclear weapons program.

Intelligence officials briefed executive branch policymakers on the revised NIE last week. The document is being shared with members of Congress and their staff this week, an administration official and several Capitol Hill sources told The Cable. This is in advance of an early March meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Board of Governors, where there may be another resolution on Iran’s nuclear program, the official said.

The 2007 NIE was attacked in public due to its conclusion: “We judge with high confidence that in fall 2003, Tehran halted its nuclear weapons program.” The new estimate might not directly contradict that judgment, Hill sources report, but could say that while the intelligence community has not determined that Iran has made the strategic decision to build a nuclear weapon, it is working on the components of such a device.

Congressman Ron Paul

What is made clear is that there is pressure on the CIA and other agencies to falsify a report based on wishes of the Israel lobby, AIPAC, that will be used to blackmail President Obama into attacking Iran much as President Bush attacked Iraq, an action now generally accepted as a “war crime.”

In fact, there is increasing evidence that the 1991 attack on Iraq by the Senior President Bush was a war crime as well, as stated before congress by Representative Ron Paul. 

The real surprise came recently when Mike Harris broke the story of Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons from the Ukraine in 2003. This was a real “game changer” in the balance of power in the Middle East.

It makes everything we have been told not only false, but exposes secret protocols between Israel and Iran that make the news we are hearing little more than a fictional backdrop.

Here is a follow-up from Veterans Today last week:

Two weeks ago, while investigating the secret protocols reportedly between Israel and Iran, we were told of Iran’s nuclear weapons.  This information came from dissidents in their own military who told us they bought weapons from the Ukraine.

Russian SS19 - In Transportation

We then went to the Ukraine, top level intelligence officials, who were more than willing to blame the old government, who told us that the Ukraine sold Iran 6 nuclear weapons.

A week later we asked them more and they explained the weapons were part of an SS19, a Soviet ICBM with 6 thermonuclear weapons of 550 kiloton capacity but the missile was unserviced.

We then asked the CIA, or whatever idiot was tasked with lying to Veterans Today, they change that off on a biweekly basis, who confirmed the story about the SS19 missile.

We had confirmed from the Ukraine that the purchase was done in latter 2002 or early 2003. We were told, 2 days ago, that it was authorized by the Russian government, which is, in itself, a big secret.


Why Not Protect the World by Dropping a Few Bunker Busters on Dimona?

So, where do the lies start and how do they apply?

If Iran has had nukes for a decade, bought, perhaps embarrassingly, instead of crated by “science,” the whole thing, as Mike Harris describes, is a charade.

I think this part is a “slam dunk.”

Another “whopper” is the “peek-a-boo” Israel/Nuke issue.  They have them.

They are illegal, so their aid should be stopped and the US should stop vetoing UN sanctions against Israel.

Under the NeoCon Project for a New American Century, partially conceived in Israel, we should use it’s ‘preemptive strike’ rational to attack the Dimona facility as we know for sure that illegal nuclear weapons are made there.

And we should send in troops to seize the rest of them.  This is our legal obligation.

Then there is the trail that Dimitri Khalezov has led us on, the former Russian government nuclear security officer.  Here is an interview done on the Kevin Barrett show:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

Khalezov is the only qualified official government source who can draw on briefings he received regarding, not only highest level intelligence, but treaties between the US and Russia over nuclear weapons.  Khalezov has “views” but they are very separate from issues he can testify to.

These are facts known to the Russian security services that are too classified for the American public to be allowed to know of, too classified or perhaps other reasons:

  • Small nuclear weapons, some with almost no residual radiation, fusion type weapons built using 4th and 5th generation physics that don’t require a fission reaction are commonly used to simulate terrorist acts.  Articles on the development of such advances are listed in the appendix below, information much of which is frightening in nature and, though pubic, utterly contradicts all notions our government tries to make the public believe.
  • The following “terrorist” acts involved nuclear weapons and were planned and executed by Israeli intelligence operatives who openly admitted their involvement:  Oklahoma City, the Marine barracks in Beirut (1984), the Bali bombing (2002) and many others.  Similarly, attacks within Russia (Soviet Union also) were “false flag” attacks involving nuclear devices.
  • 9/11 involved the use of multiple 4th and 5th generation nuclear devices and was openly admitted to by Mossad Operations Chief Mike Harari on September 12, 2001, while he was trying to recruit me (Khalezov) as part of his team for the Bali nuclear operation.
  • The United States has used specialized “low yield” nuclear weapons, most with “minimal residual radiation” (MRR) in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Israel and Mike Harari were responsible for the operational aspects of the Oklahoma City bombing but not necessarily were involved in planning.
  • The 9/11 Pentagon attack involved the use of a specialized “hardened” naval type cruise missile.  Victor Bout, whose character was played by Nicholas Cage in the 2005 film, The Lords of War, was actually extradited from Thailand and recently convicted in the US, not for the offenses described but to silence him his believed involvement in supplying the missile for the Pentagon 9/11 attack.


“But mom, I saw the plane crash into the building, I really did, right there on TV”

We all saw things or thought we did.  Some heard explosions, some saw metal melt, months later there were still fires, supposedly started by a fuel truck of kerosene that would have burned out in 20 minutes, or, more truthfully, actually did burn out in 20 minutes.

What didn’t we ask mom?

“But mom, why did hundreds of thousands of tons of structural steel vaporize in that big explosion as each of the towers ‘pancaked?'”

It’s like the eternal questions, “How did that ship get into that bottle” or “How do you get four elephants into a Volkswagen?”  Jeff Prager explains it best:
Jeff Prager – 911 Dust (2011)

Prager’s job, one he does well, is to totally discard mom’s version of Santa and the Easter Bunny, otherwise known as the 9/11 Commission Report.

Once we enter the world of Prager, one where enormous amounts of energy, thousands of times beyond any known plane crashes or burning office chairs, we get close to that “slippery slope” that says something we don’t know must exist. Of course it does.

As of a year ago, 880,000 Americans had top secret security clearances. 

Anyone working for the public who keeps secrets from the public or lies to the public betrays the public.  Anyone who believes we keep secrets for “national security” when nuclear plans are handed out at cocktail parties…


A couple of years ago, when Wikipedia began being edited and re-edited daily, I began to depend less and less on it as a source of reliable information.

It was still a thousand times bigger than any encyclopedia, even any library we know of, but, on specific subjects, particularly where Israel was involved, editing lies into Wikipedia became official national policy for “that certain country” and hundreds were trained and assigned to that task.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

However, nuclear science is a very different story.  Scientists seem to be a pack of “blabbermouths” who enjoy explaining how everything works, even if they manage to put extremely sensitive material on the internet.

One recent news story told of how a Russian scientist, working in Iran, was helping them in the vast project of developing designs for primitive nuclear weapons.

The "Basement Nuke"

The first nuclear weapon dropped on Japan, known as “Little Boy,” was a “gun type” nuke.

To make this you need uranium 235, a piece of pipe, some gun powder, a kitchen timer, a 9 volt battery and the ability to drop it from a plane or run away really fast.

No plutonium is needed, you don’t have to use “implosion” nor do you need any background in math or physics or engineering.

I can advise you of this:  don’t drop it.

For anyone who has a big chunk of uranium 235, the rest of the thing can be built in 2 hours and costs under $300.

What does this mean?

It means people who talk about primitive nuclear weapons, like the one from Hiroshima or the ones that Israel and South Africa built (referenced in the addendum twice) or like North Korea bought from Israel (a big secret, don’t tell anyone) as requiring special scientists are “full of it.”

We don’t use this type of nuke anymore because it is dangerous, it has no safety aspects.  “Nuclear artillery,” a holdover from the Cold War, still works like this and works quite well, thank you very much.

The technology to build this kind of thing existed, not in 1945, that was when we made enough uranium to make it work.

We knew how as early as 1915.

It was that, back then, we had already blown up pretty much everything already and nuclear weapons weren’t needed.  However, even then the Germans had started a program to separate Uranium 235 at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, another big secret you aren’t allowed to tell anyone.


Space Plane Design Has a Triangle Shape

If you watched the Richard Dolan video, watched and believed it, you have reason to think the US government has spent huge amounts of money to make things that are, by the standards of accepted public knowledge, utterly impossible.

I am saying, you saw one of those things on 9/11 when hundreds of thousands of tons of steel and hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete disappeared before your very eyes at the hands of two airplanes that couldn’t have destroyed a small trailer park.

What Have We Already Discovered That They Are Hiding From Us?

To make nuclear “things” that aren’t huge bombs, but “things” that can make rockets go between planets or even stars involves serious science, not “Hiroshima” science.  It involves things like “antimatter” and “anti-hydrogen” and tiny burst of energy that might be tiny, very tiny or might be used to create things that explode.

Dr. Strangelove - Tex Practicing His Bomb Run

There have been, for many years, types of nuclear weapons that are unimaginable in capability, size or performance.

Some can blow up huge areas, some put out massive radiation, enough to kill all life on earth, like in the movies, “On the Beach” and “Dr. Strangelove” or “neutron bombs” that only kill living things but leave everything clean and neat as though nothing, or almost nothing, happened.

This barely touches on it.

The information below is public, otherwise I would never include it.  I think it is dangerous but I also think lying is dangerous too, perhaps even worse.

What we used to call “nuclear weapons” were big things, powered by fission, old fashioned nuclear bombs that set off fusion reactions which could make really big bombs, almost without limit.

Then we found evidence that really tiny nuclear bombs, too small to make sense, were being used, bombs that had to use “fusion/fusion” technology, not “fission/fusion” technology.  We found them several places, New York, ground zero but it was in Iraq where we proved they were used, slam dunk:

YouTube - Veterans Today -

When fully enriched, weapons grade uranium 235 was found in human samples from Iraq, in areas where “large conventional weapons” were supposedly used, we had proof that 4th and 5th generation “fusion/fusion” weapons weren’t just capable, they existed.

Fusion Target Chamber - A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Moreover, we also proved that the US government was willing to use them on people and lie about their use.

If they used them in Iraq in 2003, then using them in New York in 2001 wasn’t just a conspiracy theory, it became a logical conclusion.  It wasn’t the only possible answer but it became the most likely answer.

We knew it wasn’t planes or hijackers with magic flying ability or special steel that turned to dust when someone snapped their fingers.

We had an answer because we had proof, we had history and all we had to do is “backtrack.”

What we can prove is true for 2003 we can reasonably assume is true for 2001.

It wasn’t just that you could hide a nuclear explosion with no mushroom cloud but that there was no limit to how small it could be.  Could nukes be used for removing tree stumps some day?

Then, as we followed the science, what people were willing to tell us, nuclear propulsion, bombs with almost no radiation, bombs that could be used to blow up a single house.

We reasonably assume that there is much more we are not being told, so very much more, so much science fiction and conspiracy theory, not just “false flag” terrorism, but so many other things we won’t speak of here become so very possible.

The target positioner and target alignment system locate a target in the NIF target chamber, with the accuracy of less than the thickness of a human hair


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  1. xx  November 23, 2011 at 11:37 am

    If you wish to learn more about microwave technology, maybe start here.

  2. xx  November 23, 2011 at 9:30 am

    Here’s one last link, because won’t write about. It’s has “fair” basic explanation of DHE. Then maybe you can piece all together. Good luck and be safe.

  3. xx  November 23, 2011 at 9:09 am


    Without getting to complex right now, we discussed this before. So I have placed a simple link to experiment below, then maybe you will understand. All the links and topic are related, think about this simple experiment. We won’t talk again after this…

  4. xx  November 22, 2011 at 5:17 pm

  5. xx  November 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm


    Maybe the towers needs revisited, especially high tech weapons. Need to research more for the potential delivery systems…

    Maybe explore again, through possible scenarios, like back tracking a crime and the possible ways it could have been implemented. Write the story different.

  6. dirtus napus  November 21, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    All comes down to the radioactive signature. We, they, anyone can blame anyone of where it was built, whether guilty or not, atomically speaking. Everyone owns a weapon built from somewhere else. It’s the media’s job to convince you Iran did it even though Israel bought it from the Ukranians and the bomb has the atomic signature from a S. African uranium mine. That’s why the people must get rid of governments before it happens. Screw OWS, how about prosecution for war crimes for starters?

  7. dirtus napus  November 21, 2011 at 3:31 pm

    It would be wiser to tell people to “make sure” they don’t buy products from Japan and ingest them. I wouldn’t buy any Miso people, nor rice, and about 30 other products that Japan produces unless I knew where they came from first.

  8. JC  November 20, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    For Latney and Debbie,

    Here is a link to what Miso may do.

  9. Jim W. Dean  November 20, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    Mr. Clydestagner, Sources? Did you read the whole piece? The article is loaded with them.

    And as for the classified stuff, what you you like…personal names of folks and their home phone numbers?

    And they would expose themselves to you…take that risk…for what??? What would you do?? You would do nothing. So nobody is going to stick their neck out for you. What you see here is all you are probably going to ever get.

    Here are just a few, with hotlinks right from the end of the article above…and with more than a little classified material (once upon a time).

    Russian Scientist Denies Helping Iran’s Nuclear Program
    Gun-type fission weapon
    Elements of Fission Weapon Design
    Engineering and Design of Nuclear Weapons
    Alarm Clock/Sloika
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  10. Violeta Elefan Bahr  November 19, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    I would like to thank Gordon and his VT team for your gifts/talents to ALL of us and humanity, as a brave soul spirit warrior out there.

    This comment regarding Youtube ” Israel is paying internet worker to manipulate online content. ” / Internet Defense Force. And this is like heaven sent blessing for me. Some of my friends they think I am crazy, because they NEVER believe I told them before ( 3 years ago ) that when I post/reply in the blog my posting ( maybe unsecured site ) is gone is it not there anymore or they alter the message content so that I will look stupid/idiot. Or the email they intercept because I don’t recieve email from some of my friends. They own everything temporarily. So what I did is that, maybe 9 years ago I learned basic Photoshop. So when I share my message I write it in JPEG format or Photo file. This way they cannot alter the message content because it is pictures file. I don’t have a website because I know they will give me a headache from attacking/hacking my website. They even ruin by hacking my laptop computer keyboard and you disconnect the keyboard and buy usb keyboard instead, my spirit guides always have an answer for thier mis-deed behind the scene. When you look at MY PAGE latest share message, I NEVER allow member to comments, I’m the only ONE because of the same reason mention in Youtube. this is the TRUTH, it is happen to me.

    This is my observation, while the rest of the world is collapsing financially here in ” Bonifacio Global Community ” real estate is booming, and they building a lot of condominuim, also the same in Mckinley Village and Call Centre, near the American World War 2 Cemetery in Taguig City, Philippines. And I wonder who will buy all this real estate….? When everybody is broke the 99%…..?

    And I read somewhere in the other site that some bankers family in the United States Corporation they packing and leaving the place/state the neighbours reported. Maybe they are SCARE that American peoples are AWAKEN from thier SLEEP, this is the 99% Occupy WallStreet/Together/Everywhere or they call it now OCCUPY Join Together around the world. Here in the Philippines some people never heard about OWS…, it is very sad. And I’m hoping one day they will ” JOIN US “.

    Send my love, light, joy, harmony, abundance, equality, justice, peace and blessing to us ALL.

    Indigo Soul Group Family = Solar Fire Energies Warrior

  11. clydestagner  November 19, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    This respondant is a retired Instructor,Nuclear Effects,Mos 8 7330. Unfortunately,unless the author validates his “truthful” statements with verifiable references,doubtful truth and inaccuracies exist concerning his statements of authority concerning nuclear weapons

  12. PAUL LEO FASO  November 19, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    The nuclear packages would all emit some signatures and detection a probable solution with counter measures already employed if that was a reality.

    I would be inclined to check the Federal Reserve Bank for blackmail activities, that would explain most everything wrong in this nation. By removing the Fed, you could not only get the country back, but get your wallet back too. They ring the neck of free enterprise daily and call it monetary policy while most Americans live like refugees in their own land as a result of their massive fraud.

  13. Allesandro  November 19, 2011 at 12:44 pm

    There have been rumors for years that Israel has planted hundreds of nukes in the US and uses them for blackmail against the US, so what you are saying may have already been developed into an art form.

    If true it would explain a lot.

  14. Eileen Fleming  November 19, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Gordon,
    For more RE: Zionists @ WIKI please see “WIKIPEDIA Censors Mordechai Vanunu: Again!”

  15. matt  November 19, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Not sure if there is a place beyond Dodge, another country perhaps, a small island with no inhabitants.

  16. PAUL LEO FASO  November 19, 2011 at 7:35 am

    Assuming there are multiple variations of nuclear weapons in unimagined power yields, would it be the last stage of this madness to soft land them, on remote, into enemy camps and start issuing orders?

    The delivery equation trumps possession and will define the top dog. For in this new game, one does not have to drop bombs, but merely insert them, live and ticking, then make “SPOT JUMP THROUGH THE HOOP”.

    We should have that concept defined and demonstrated to a few of our so called allies before they are up to speed. Our enemies then will get the real picture of who runs who, when they also find these units in their city parks making humming sounds.

  17. Latney Davis  November 19, 2011 at 7:27 am

    @ Debbie, It is good that this is available as juice, because having tried to eat the actual fruit, lets just say it would have made a good comedy skit. I had a conversation with her last night. Of course, at 27, she is still one of the “immortals” and thinks “I might be over reacting.” She actually knew what miso is, I had to look it up.

    She says, “I live in a state that produces many nuts (I assmume she meant the tree kind), fruits and vegetables. Where am I suppossed to get nonCalifornia produce?”

    Guess I will have to start shipping Texas valley citrus and paper shell pecans.

  18. Latney Davis  November 19, 2011 at 7:18 am

    If I could afford a gold suit, I would just gather up the herd and get the hell-outta-dodge. Question is, are there any places “beyond dodge” that represent a better option. Either of the “polar regions” probably don’t work for this South Central Texas boy.

  19. Debbie Menon  November 19, 2011 at 5:37 am

    Pomegranate juice is high in vitamins C, E, and A, and is full of antioxidants.

  20. matt  November 18, 2011 at 5:32 pm

    Good read GD. Oh and Latney if you could afford it; gold is the best when it comes to protection from radiation…of course anyone walking around in a suit made of gold would have problems before the radiation ever got to them.

  21. Latney Davis  November 18, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    xx, I understand that only so much can be discussed on a “public, monitored forum. Especially one that breaks as much ground as this one does. I am reasonably sure a “secure” format for such a discussion no longer exists. With the surveillance technology that I am aware of, much less that I don’t have a clue about, even a face-to-face is potentially less than private. More of a rehtorical “wishing out loud”.

    The important issue is, YOU GUYS need to stay up THEIR ass every chance you get.

  22. xx  November 18, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Latney, I am former military special operations, and why still around to even write that comment. Have known Gordon for few years….we started with whistle blow project. He also followed to top, and was stopped as well.

  23. Latney Davis  November 18, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks for the input JC, I will pass this along to my girls.

  24. xx  November 18, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Latney, speak with Gordon….he knows what am talking about. Nothing new to him either.

  25. Gordon Duff  November 18, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    no surprises at all
    whistleblowing is always hated

  26. JC  November 18, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Eat/drink a lot of non-california grown anti-oxidants, coffee/tea, blueberries, cranberries, bright green vegetables. Miso helps I understand. Anything to flush out as much of the low level radiation as you can – The West Coast of North America was hit hard, and radiation levels in Europe have been rising dramatically as well. Washingtons Blog had a decent article on the types of food that will help.

  27. Latney Davis  November 18, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    That is great news for my daughter and grandaughter in San Diego. The FACT that this isn’t news raises my “pissed-off” meter well above any geiger counter readings. I am passing the “nothin left to lose” phase of indignation and lets just start the REVOLUTION!

    The better part of my life is over my shoulder, but I cannot stand the thought of leaving my kids and grandkids with the potential future I’m seeing. I need a drink. Hell, I need a bottle.

  28. Latney Davis  November 18, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Dos Equis, your comments directed to Gordon have me “salivating” for additional intel. Any possibility of expanding , maybe just a little bit? How about a PM at my Email. I don’t have any shadow government or “shallow” government affiliations. Just hungry for the truth in all its forms?

    And if it qualifies under the heading of “I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you”, I’m still interested. The way “things” are developing, at least I’ll go with brief understanding. LOL, sorta!

  29. Gordon Duff  November 18, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    as for radiation

    get a geiger counter

    staff here who do that stuff is where i got the figure from

  30. Gordon Duff  November 18, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    reveiw the wiki sites i included

  31. xx  November 18, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Yes, Gordon….I sat in FBI secret meeting room, for about an hour explaining to them how to identify and track this technology and the potential applications.

  32. xx  November 18, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    What didn’t the last administration do for contracts?

  33. xx  November 18, 2011 at 2:17 pm


    We discussed the distribution of weapons technology in the past, I was in middle of one mess and reporting the activity. And after reading some of your stories for the past several years, the “link”, the company (now dismantled) was passing technology in Brazil, South Africa, Hungary, and China. Not much business in United States at all. Other deals followed thereafter…

    And one of their associate companies, one project manager just happen to be the son of nuclear weapons scientist. Now that’s strange….and dangerous as well. That’s when you know somethings wrong, yes, one that worked on Pakistan program.

    It’s a waste of time……I tried over and over to expose this group.

    Have this performed right in front of you, and then report, thereafter the entire process of investigation is closed.

    You probably would not be surprised the traitors providing this technology for the signing of large contracts. A problem is coming……

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