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“Counter-Seeding” Conspiracies, Part of Game Theory Warfare


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

During critical times, the media, no longer real news organizations but answerable to special interests much as is American government, in fact, government itself is a “special interest,” is “tasked” with controlling the response of the public. 

One of the newest and most effective ways of doing this is conspiracy theory.  Author Jeff Gates would call this “Game Theory Warfare.” 




What’s Wrong With This Video?

[youtube c3jnFtSElH4]

Long ago, websites were created to parallel questionable news organizations.  Fox News, controlled by Israel’s intelligence services, uses is paralleled by, a conspiracy site.  This is old news.

Similarly, current efforts, timed to the challenge of Israel’s authority over land seized during its wars or the treatment of its Palestinian population tasks its many organizations with stories of Muslim/Christian strife, which have filled the news during the last couple of days.  Israel’s new enemy, Turkey, is countered continually.  Since Turkey has taken an active role in helping the new government of Libya, Israeli organizations have renewed attacks on NATO as plots against their ally Gaddafi, now a “living afterthought” in world politics.  A free Libya or a free Egypt are security threats to Israel, providing you believe that it is in Israel’s security interests to be allowed to continue their holocaust against the Palestinian people.

Wait, I thought the holocaust was against the Jews?  Holocaust is a word and the description applies to Palestinians very well but the truth, if such a word can be used, is “relative.” It depends on who is paying for it. 

A little over a year ago, articles began to come out exposing Wikileaks as an intelligence operation.  What was seen was simple.  No matter what was leaked, in the end, Wikileaks parroted Israeli policy and advocated a war on Pakistan and Iran.

They sounded just like Senator John McCain, “Bomb, bomb, bomb….bomb, bomb Iran…” (sung to the tune of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann”)

First it was found Julian Assange was “sensitive” to the needs of Israel.  Then he announced that investigations of 9/11 were a “distraction.”  Then his “love affair” with Israeli Likudist Rupert Murdoch of Fox News/Newscorp spying fame came to light.

Then it was found he allowed the mainstream papers to censor leaks, aided by Israeli intelligence.  Then a money trail came  to light, book deals, payoffs, rich friends, all pointing at Tel Aviv.  Then it was learned that many of his leaks were no leaks at all but material invented to be leaked, written by the Mossad, a fact exposed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, of the Council on Foreign Relations. 

Then the Lebanon issue came up.  Stories of Gaddafi’s wondrous social reforms didn’t match up with 4 decades of history.  Some of us worked with Libya and knew it to be very much like North Korea.  When it came out that David Welch, top neocon advisor to “W” Bush was working for Gaddafi during the NATO attacks, Welch, now president of Bechtel Corporation, we began tracing down the money that financed activists, journalists and bloggers writing stories, not only favorable to Gaddafi but filled with wild lies about imaginary Al Qaeda cells.  This is one of the responses we received:

Gaddafi’s main stooge in Lebanon is the Arab Islamic Council (AIC) led by Shi’i cleric Muhammad Ali al-Husseini (  This was set up with funding from Israel and Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, to
counter the influence of Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Regarding specific contacts, we’ve seen names (they don’t mean anything to us and won’t mean anything to the average reader). We’ve also seen material showing that the AIC was paid by the Gaddafi regime to arrange for Western “bloggers” and “citizen journalists” to travel to Tripoli when it was under Gaddafi’s control in order to generate sympathy for the Gaddafi family and regime among Western public. These individuals were paid handsomely for their work. What we don’t know is whether they had been encouraged privately by Gaddafi/AIC agents posing as friends or whether they were aware they were being used by the AIC/Israel/Gaddafi. We also don’t know whether these people knew that AIC was a front for Israel and the Gaddafi regime (and perhaps others too).


A few days later, I interviewed Lee Wanta, President Reagan’s White House Intelligence Coordinator.  Wanta worked on projects with Libya while awaiting confirmation as Inspector General of the Department of Defense.  Eventually Wanta took over operations against the Soviet Union and, in the process, became personal contact for Osama bin Laden.

I questioned Wanta on Gaddafi.  I had received reliable information that Gaddafi had worked closely with the US and Israel early on but found the 1986 bombing of Tripoli by the US strangely incongruous.  I had heard that Vice President Bush had suggested Gaddafi had a role in the attempted assassination of Reagan two months after he took office and wondered if that may have contributed to Gaddafi falling out of favor.  There is another question, one harder to answer, how does one fall in and out of favor is the relationship is clandestine as with Gaddafi?  Wanta answered:

Wanta:  Gordie, Gaddafi was the protege of CIA Director Richard Helms.  Libya was an important operational center for the CIA during the Cold War.  Gaddafi had influence throughout the Arab world but, more importantly, he was looked on favorably by Russia.  They saw him as more communist than Muslim, a potential ally.  Thus, he was vital to American interests and it was vital to our interests that the Soviets never learned of our operations there.

Duff:  How about the bombing in 1986, what brought that on?

Wanta:  There had been bombings all over Europe, tied to the P2 Freemasons, part of the original Gladio group.  Though supposedly centered in Italy, they actually worked out of Switzerland.  When I was picked up in Switzerland and held in solitary confinement for 138 days, it was P2 pulling the strings.  While I was locked up, they looted $110 million out of accounts our Vienna operation held in trust for the US Treasury.  The idea, anyway, was to hang some of those bombings on Gaddafi to provide him cover with the Soviets.

Duff:  So they wouldn’t suspect he had been working for the CIA?

Wanta:  The deal was, the whole bombing thing was a hoax.  We landed teams in there to paint the targets.  You know those communications antennas next to his compound?

Duff:  Yes

Wanta:  We got those first, some airfields, other targets agreed upon with Gaddafi.  Our people kept his family safe. (There never was a Gaddafi daughter killed, as most know now.  In fact, hardly a day goes by without some Gaddafi relative dying…..he has gone to the well too many times on this one.  From March 28, 2011 VT)

Duff:  So my idea about Bush and the assassination, wrong?

Wanta:  Totally.

Thus, when we found Gaddafi’s people meeting with Bush former envoy David Welch at the Four Seasons in Cairo, August 11,2012, it was a continuation of history that began in 1969 with CIA Director Richard Helms, acting as Middle East power broker, that and a trail of missing cash, the “Wanta trillions,” the “Rumsfeld trillions” and the Bush flood of debt and collapse.  The 258 page dossier on Leo Wanta from International Currency Review is included at the end of this article.

What About That Fantastic Video, It Sure Convinced Me!

Part of “game theory warfare” is very much like any other “con.”  A con involves cheating a “mark” by giving someone something “too good to be true.”  As with information, it is always good to look at where it comes from.  Films have writers and producers.  The validity of anything is dependent on who paid for it, who wrote it and what their agenda is.

If you watched the video, you saw names, top Bush officials, top corporate executives, lots of science, lots of facts, lots of documents flashing across the screen but not a single name of who did the video.

There are always simple questions in any con.  Game theory warfare is much the same.  Who gains?  Can you follow the money and if the answer is “no,” they we ask “why?”

Are there names and parties left out, are there facts “assumed” but not in evidence?  Since the subject itself is considered a conspiracy theory, is there something about this version that is unique, something that serves some secret purpose or a secret agenda?

Step one is easy.  In game theory, you confuse your opponent, not with secrecy but too much information.  There is more.  You mix facts and lies, placing the names of those really responsible.  The guilty are proven innocent because their accusers mask themselves behind a series of “dead ends” and unprovable conclusions. 

Even still, there are some glaring difficulties with the video.  It has 3 main purposes:

  1. There is no mention of Israeli involvement, to the point of systematically censoring higher quality evidence supporting Israeli involvement for unproven speculation
  2. It supports the theory that “nanothermite” was used, tying corporations headquartered in the World Trade Center to producers of “nanothermite” when there is no reason for this relationship whatsoever.  Nanothermite is a highly “deniable” material, no evidence of its use or existence can be made except in one document which, were it simply only partially discredited, would take down the entire theory like a “house of cards.”
  3. Strong evidence exists that there was no plane involved in the attack on the Pentagon and, moreover, that the accused hijackers themselves may never have been on any plane involved.  The entire “plane/hijacker” theory rests on far less hard evidence than anything else, but is supported by this video.  The script screams out, “Don’t look at the real evidence, look at our garbage instead.”

Then again, timing is always suspect.  At a time when the Israeli lobby attacks any 9/11 materials as “antisemitic,” some groups are favored over others, always the best financed, those who pay their writers, those with the most advertisers, and, learned most recently, those who are most “antizionist” in nature but, when critical issues such as 9/11 arise, seem to be providing “cover and deception” for Israeli operations, even through what seem to be “half hearted” attacks on Israeli spying or the powerful Israeli lobby.

The “lobby” is untouchable.  9/11, were the truth to get out, would send America to war, especially if Americans learned that a nation they believed to be an ally was involved and that America had fought for 10 years against the wrong people.

Timeliness?  Americans are, in fact, very ready to accept that they have done exactly that, fought the wrong people and are increasingly suspicious of Israel, a suspicion once it is tied to 9/11, will cause an explosion heard around the world.

Game theory warfare?  Any pawn can be sacrificed, the Israeli lobby, friendly politicians, “evil Jewish bankers,” it can all be published continually, as long as the dark secrets, the planning and execution of 9/11 by Mossad operations head, Mike Harari and the attack on the Pentagon by a missile are kept secret.

The other problem with the movie is that it ignored the real issues of Building 7.  There are no hidden films, no secret FBI testimony as with Harari.  Building 7 is hard proof.  Even Geraldo Rivera of Fox News went further than this internet conspiracy video:

[youtube kP0Hs-v-uJ0]

A key issue separating quality intelligence from simple news or mythology, Libya 1986 or Libya 2011, from reality is access to real news sources and not to “spin.”  In Libya we can guess that Gaddafi is with his tribesmen or in Algeria.  We know the Turks have moved in and taken on a leadership role.

We know new stories on Libya are written by Israel, desparate attempts to play their “NATO/Al Qaeda” card against Turkey.  We have seen Egypt explode in the last 24 hours, the pro-Israeli elements in the Army and security services at war against their own people, trying to hold onto power and with it, keep the millions in graft flowing, the real heart of the Mubarak government.

9/11, the story is simple.  Nanothermite did it, that and a bunch of corporations.  A plane hit the Pentagon, no wings, no passengers, less than 20 feet long.  Building 7 was “CIA,” not a Mossad screw-up.

The hijackers did it, big business did it, magical chemicals did it, everything but what we all know is staring us in the face.


Leo Wanta Dossier


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.