Iran Signs Own Death Warrant

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Natanz enrichment plant
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Natanz enrichment plant
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Natanz enrichment plant
Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits Natanz enrichment plant

The Iran Attack is On. Which Weapons Group to Use?


 … by  Bob Nichols


(San Francisco) – For more than 20 years American Presidential campaigns have warned about the exquisitely elaborate fantasy and dire danger of a nuclear armed Iran; nuclear weapons that Iran does not have and does not have the tools to make. So, why the continued big donor Presidential campaign interest?

The huge uranium business in the United States wields enormous power and influence in American military, business and political circles. In stark contrast, the US Navy has possession of two thirds of America’s nuclear weapons.

Since they do not make big campaign contributions the Admirals and Chiefs therefore have no voice in this Doomsday scenario. An interested party must “pay to play.”

However, 104 American reactors and the very profitable associated businesses do make intense campaign contributions and expect real results from temporarily leased or fractionally owned politicians, American Presidents included.

The pro-nukers also fully expect the powerful American military to protect their global nuclear related businesses in addition to the politicians handing out lavish cash subsidies.

Nuclear reactors make heat, high level nuclear waste and plutonium for nuclear weapons. Additionally, “All Reactors Leak Radiation All the Time.” The radiation routinely kills utility company customers and their kids.

The focused logic of nuclear weapons and “facilities” anywhere dictates that a family’s loss of a parent, fetus  or child is always less important than the government’s desire to own thousands of nuclear weapons. This is true even though the nuclear destruction of the entire world requires only about 300 nuclear weapons.

Iran’s building nuclear weapons is not the pro-nuker businesses concern, though. The making and selling of nuclear fuel rods for reactors world wide with Russia backing them is their worst nightmare.

Iran Makes Its First Uranium Fuel Rod

Iran openly held a press conference and announced the manufacture of their first nuclear fuel rod on Jan 2, 2012. On Mar 8, 2008 President Admadinejad announced  Iran’s intention to build 50,000 centrifuges for refining Uranium 235 to fuel rod purity (3% to 5% U235) for power reactors.

By way of contrast, the US produces all the uranium nuclear fuel it needs with only 3,000 centrifuges.

It appears Iran has every intention of entering the world wide nuclear reactor fuel market and competing with American, English, French, Japanese and/or any other nuclear fuel businesses.

With 50,000 centrifuges refining uranium Iran [as the Ruskies client state] can easily supply the uranium fuel needs for all the power and research reactors on the planet at a very competitive price, even a subsidized price if bought with a big reactor from the friendly Russian salesmen and women.

That is a direct threat to the continued Super Power status of the US and will not be tolerated. The US has clearly stated it is grounds for a preemptive nuclear strike.

Iran’s used-to-be-a-Super Power protector, Russia, is likely to look very favorably upon a request from any non-aligned country, existing Russian client state, or even an American client state for power or research reactors to be fueled by Iran.

This will easily amount to orders for hundreds of Russian nuclear reactors from Muslim countries.

That means it is a multi-trillion Ruble series of transactions. These transactions would change the balance of power in the world; thus, the US opposes the transactions.

Russian backing makes killing the Iranian salesmanship of uranium fuel rods for Muslim nuclear reactors built by Russians much more dangerous. The cold, calculating psychopathic officials involved get off on the thrill of staring death in the face, though.

An Iranian official holds container of UF6 Tuscon Citizen l9049-1
An Iranian official holds container of UF6 Tuscon Citizen l9049-1

The whole situation will quickly escalate. It may have already escalated behind the carefully staged “events” we get to see to one of open international economic warfare.

This situation can turn on a dime into real warfare utilizing the oldest to the most advanced weapons available to the US Superpower and its client states.

One of the leading American Presidential candidates has already promised to strategically bomb Iran’s “nuclear sites.” Iran in return promised an “immediate and overwhelming response.”

The currently sitting American President stated, as a matter of fact, that Iran would not be permitted to have “nuclear capabilities.”

Only British Member of Parliament George Galloway points out to anyone, including callers on his radio show, that there are “more than 80 Iranian nuclear sites.” Thank you for that much needed voice of sanity, Mr. Galloway. That is called “war” in my book; not just a so-called simple, strategic and clean “surgical” strike.

Coded Phrases

American politicians typically talk in coded phrases about any nation’s nuclear capability since it would be extremely politically incorrect for the nation to clearly interfere in another nation’s business activities.

Economic Warfare is a critical specialty of the so-called Department of Defense, or War Department, in all stark reality. These word games are to fool a huge number of unquestioning American Consumers.

A Bewildering Array of Weapons

Lawrence Livermore Research Labs – Target Arm

The American President and his successors may see fit to utilize a vast array of weapons for the attack on Iran. First off, it is vitally important to get a handle on the idea that Iran is the indirect target of a covert nuclear war and the war has proceeded without a break for the past 20 years.

Hundreds of thousands of tons of vaporized uranium munitions in neighboring Iraq and Afghanistan are brought to Iran throughout the year on the monsoon winds.

As a result of the wind and rain borne fine uranium dust, Iran’s Total Fertility Rate has plummeted in the past two decades. Iran’s people cannot now produce enough babies to continue the nation of Iran.

In this regard, the US Army’s Involuntary Sterilization of the Heathens & Population Control Program is a blazing success. Continued and even increased funding is assured under all the foreseeable American Presidents.

As a result of the success of these secret and hidden wars with Iran, which is a real world power, not an empty shell like Iraq, it is clear that the successive American war-making Presidents usually choose hidden, covert ways to kill and maim lots of people and destabilize whole countries and regions.

In fact, that is the name of the game for the huge American “Chaos Agency,” the CIA.

A leading contender for the weapon to destroy Iran is the War Department’s ability to wage a hidden war utilizing the Earth’s own processes against Iran.

That includes such war making capabilities as turning off or amping up monsoons; guiding typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes; producing huge amounts of precipitation; generating bone numbing cold; droughts; and triggering earthquakes.

But, the simple fact is that Iran’s premier Russian Nuclear Power Reactor at Bushehr isn’t fully turned on yet after more than 35 years of construction.

The Iranians and Russians are afraid to turn it on and run the billion watt reactor at full power. They have every reason to be scared. Bushehr sits obscenely astride the convergence of three geologic fault lines.

I predict that the Bushehr Nuclear Power Reactor will suffer a devastating Earth Quake as soon as the Iranian and Russian Powers-That-Be order the billion watt reactor switched “On” and build up about 200 Tons of high level radioactive poison in the reactor.

The American Strike will be over in minutes and leave behind utterly devastating damage and tons of air-borne radiation from lethally radioactive current and used reactor cores.

The ensuing cascade of deadly radiation in Western and Central Asia will take out many countries that are already weakened by 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia, including Turkey, Israel, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia; for Muslims world wide – this does include Mecca and Medina. About 20 nations and a billion people will pay the price for Iran’s nuclear enterprise folly.

This is but another case of where the psychopathic “smartest guys in the room” at the DOD create a life on Earth ending apocalypse as the air-borne killer radiation spreads throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Bushehr’s soon to be vaporized 200 tons of lethal reactor cores are projected to produce no less than a life choking 26,128.20 hot particles per cubic meter in the Northern Hemisphere up to 3000 meters in the sky (9,842.51 feet.)

Each highly radioactive hot particle is at least 85.78 times the Maximum Allowable Human Dose Permissible Per Year after 300 days in the doomed Bushehr reactor.  The resultant RadPoison takes about a year to go world wide.

The then current American President can generously offer vast amounts of American Aid from CIA Contractors in response to an “Act of God,” … as the now quite quaint saying goes. Isn’t “plausible deniability” Grand for the most lethal armed force on the Planet!

Will the peace loving Normals ever learn? The only God on Earth is the American President and the right hand of God is the Almighty US Military.

Copyright 2012 by Bob Nichols. Re-print only with Notes and Sources included.

Notes and Sources.

All radiation data is IAEA sourced.

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Deutsche Welle: “Fukushima power plant is far from ‘cold’ “, Wednesday, December 21, 2011,  EX-SKF Blogspot.

By the way, Iran’s first commercial nuclear power plant, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant on the Persian Gulf, uses the VVER reactor, a Russian (Soviet)-designed pressurized water reactor. Dr. Jassem al-Awadi, a geologist at the University of Kuwait, says the plant sits at the junction of three tectonic plates.


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Ruble to US Dollar, 1 Russian ruble = 0.0317 US dollars, Jan 17, 2012 for today’s quote use this url:

“26,128.20 hot particles per cubic meter in the Northern Hemisphere up to 3000 meters in the sky (9,842.51 feet.) After 300 days of decay 1.00 E-12 g of fuel burned to 14 GWD / t 0.0245 Becquerel. In a year that delivers 7.73 E5 Bq particle absorption milliSievert 85.787 / year. Courtesy of Physicist Dr Paolo Scampa’s AIPRI Blog.

“Beyond the fringe of audience comprehension.” – cred Frank Zappa.


  1. Hmm, you are seriously looking into this question of life and death importance to whole countries, not just individuals. That’s great and I’m impressed. I will help you get started and look forward to hearing from you about this endeavor.

    It is most important to find several sources of data that are generational in nature. The data must include 25 or 50 years. There are a few countries that have health statistics that go back 100 or even 150 years, like England and Japan.

    From interviewing experts in the field I have learned that once a country falls below a Total Fertility Rate of 1.3, the country rarely recovers. I have done several articles on a variety of countries that I said were now extinct.

    The one year numbers are just snapshots, really. Once you have a solid understanding of population dynamics world wide you can see trends develop for either increased or a decreased populations.

    Lastly, governments and their militaries are prone to wanting to influence population growth. Genocidal weapons are a deadly long term application that decreases the Total Fertility Rate by outside intervention. You may want to read my articles in VT and especially the Notes and Sources.


    Bob Nichols

  2. Bob,

    The Wiki article listed the CIA Factbook and UN figures for Iran, and that’s the point, I don’t take Wikipedia as gospel, but look at their sources. And according to them, the population is still growing. Perhaps you have Iraq and Iran confused on this? Iraq has most probably declined, partly due also to the huge number of refugees, Iran as yet seems to be still growing, though that may not last much longer, you would be right there.

  3. Hello Steve,

    I’m not much for Wiki, Steve. There are far too many hands in the pot for that source to be other than what governments and or corporations want you to think. For that reason, among others, Wiki is not a reliable source of information.

    There is, of course, the UN and WHO. I’ve done articles for several years on the decline in the Total Fertility Rate in several countries. It is a serious matter of great concern.

    The American Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, also keeps an eye on the overall health of countries, including Iran. Just look in the CIA Factbook under Iran. It is here:

    Happy researching, Steve.


    Bob Nichols

  4. Bob,

    Where are you getting that supposed fact from? “Common knowledge” you say? Not according to the Wiki article on Iranian demographics, nor any other estimate or projection I have heard, which talk of a still increasing population, births over deaths, by a bit under a million a year now, though at a declining rate of growth. According to your theory, Iran’s population should actually be in net shrinkage, as no one just about is emigrating there. How about some sources for that, ‘dude’? Ones that can actually be checked that is.

  5. Hi Steve,

    Hmm, did you have even the slightest twinge or even an inkling of doubt just before you hit the Enter key, dude?

    If not, you’ve got some serious problems or a Loss of Executive Function as the shrinks call it.

    Steve, it is common knowledge that Iran’s Total Fertility Rate has been well below replacement for 10 years now.

    Hmm, that is at least 3,650 days that you could have picked up on this established fact.

    Get with the program, Steve.

    I also said “…the US Army’s Involuntary Sterilization of the Heathens & Population Control Program is a blazing success…”

    Hmm, since you have been so wrong for so long, what is your major problem, Steve?

    All My Bests,

    Bob Nichols

  6. I also thought this statement off the mark, and especially the follow-up – “Iran’s people cannot now produce enough babies to continue the nation of Iran.”

    That’s just wrong. The population has been and is still increasing, albeit at a lessening rate, a normal enough thing for a developing nation. Which is not to say DU has not had some effect. But some fact checking would help before posting.

  7. Wall Street is betting that a war with Iran will result in higher petroleum crude oil prices so that they are buying into today’s lower prices in order to sell at higher prices tomorrow. They are speculating that the price of crude oil will rise up so high that it will destroy most economies in the world that are dependent on high oil prices. They are also gambling that the US economy and government as we know it will also get destroyed by not only the high price of crude oil but also by the monstrous destruction (collateral damage) that such a war will have with a huge increase in military expenditures by the U.S. that will totally bankrupt the country economically. Never mind that Canada has enough crude oil resources to counter this effect in the U.S. since an important pipeline planned to bring more such crude oil into the U.S. was stopped.

  8. Do you know each of you are supplying each other for the big one? you should have figured this out by now, that’s all people….no more ever.

  9. How do you take over the world?

    By destabilizing the remaining major powers located throughout the world, this will be accomplished by starting the major war. None will be the victor; the real victor who can care less about your countries will have to bail you out. They are busy bees now….instigating to all sides. Yes, playing all sides.

    Please take the time and get caught up, and stop being led around like sheep. I hate repeating myself for the last several years. The remaining major powers must be destabilized, for this take over, or haven’t you figured this out yet?

    When certain peoples start departing their respective countries, you should understand the next step. Or just wait and observe….

    How strange do events have to appear, before you wake-up?

    Good luck people and stop pretending nothing is taking place, because it is…

  10. A large military corporation from another country has been working here for a number of years, I doubt any earthquake would do any real damage. They specialize in underground construction.

  11. Hi JCD,

    Good to see you, as always.

    Yup, you boys are Zooming off into the mechanics of centrifuges, not on point for this article.

    The coming destruction of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant by an “EarthQuake” as an extinction level event is the idea behind this article.

    I’ll do an article on uranium centrifuges and we can all get after it then.


    Bob Nichols

  12. From Facebook.

    Meriem Kheira Peillet · Ecole des beaux arts
    Do you think the will provoke an earthquake using their HAARP facilities and technology, as per Haiti and Fukushima?
    Reply · · 16 hours ago

    Meriem Kheira Peillet · Ecole des beaux arts
    I ment the US…sorry, just forget it..


    Dear Ms Meriem Kheira Peillet,

    On “Whats On Bali” you said “”To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.” – Conficius

    Quite true.

    Did you want to ask a question about types of known weapons available to the American President and related to this article?

    Please continue.


    Bob Nichols

  13. “As a result, Iran is attacking the US dominance in the nuclear fuels market. That is their big No-No. For that error, they will all die.


    Non-chalant: “they will all die. [Signed,] Bob” LOL

  14. Jerry Mazza is a long time NYC resident, an accomplished author and editor of
    Mr. Mazza gave his permission to copy his Facebook comment above to the VeteransToday Comments.

    Bob Nichols


    Jerry Mazza

    Dear Bob, You write in your 22nd and 23 paragraphs: “The ensuing cascade of deadly radiation in Western and Central Asia will take out many countries that are already weakened by 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia, including Turkey, Israel, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia; for Muslims world wide – this does include Mecca and Medina. About 20 nations and a billion people will pay the price for Iran’s nuclear enterprise folly.

    “This is but another case of where the psychopathic ‘smartest guys in the room’ at the DOD create a life on Earth ending apocalypse as the air-borne killer radiation spreads throughout the Northern Hemisphere.”

    I’m concerned most about the sentence “About 20 nations and a billion people will pay the price for Iran’s nuclear enterprise folly.”

    If it is iran’a ‘nuclear enterprise folly’, certainly we must remember the West has been harassing Iran back to the 1950’s when Kermit Roosevelt and the CIA unseated the duly and elected democratic president, Mohamed Mossadegh and kept him in jail for the rest of the life, returning the various Shahs back to power, which included ownership of most of the land, the money, and other assets, sort of like our 1% versus the 99%. This was mainly because Mossadegh wanted to nationalize Irananian oil and destribute the land and its wealth more equitably.

    Pre-dating Mossadegh was FDR’s takeover of Iran’s oil to fill the gas tanks of the allied armies in World War II. It was not a “may I”. It was a “move over we’re coming in.” In the pre-and-post revolutionary days of Khoumeni, we had the standing president of America, Jimmy Carter, having deals made behind his back by the Reagan administration to hold the American Embassy hostages until election day. Once Reagan would be elected, they were released. This was in exchange for guns and money. It is better known as “The Iran-Contra” scandal. What Reagon did was treason. And all of his players deserved prison if not to be shot. What must the Iranian people have thought of us, even then, betraying our own president?

    Till this day, they have been harassed by the banshees of Israel aligned with the various US Presidents, Obama, Bush, Clinton, et al, about their nuclear ambitions while the Israeli’s sat on three to four hundred nuclear warheads produced at the leaky creaky facility of Dimona in the Negev desert, with the help of the French, and with even the knowledge at first of the U.S. President JFK and later Johnson. So, and your readers will excuse me when I raise that ever-popular phrase of the 60’s, “what goes around comes around.” This is not to condone violence or the situation being set up with Russia. This is only to remind all of us how much crap these people have swallowed from us for at least 75 years.

    The net-net is the “the smartest guys in the room” have never been the smartest but the most greedy, hegemonic, and aggressive people on earth, Republicans or Democrats. And whatever apocalypses (if any) face us, we have only ourselves to blame and not “Iran’s nuclear enterprise folly.” Enuf is e-fu-g-g-i-n-g enuf” as they say in my native NYC, though it’s progressives and decent people are enduring Third World Treatment in a quasi-paramilitary police state constructed by our lovely Mayor Bloomberg and as hand-puppet Ray Kelly, once a good cop. In any case, keep up the great work. I was still recovering from your story on Fukushima and how the blasts were more powerful, with more radiation than the two atom bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. I can only hope there was no temptation there to exaggerate. I know you to be an honest man and superior journalist. But all of us are tempted au temps au temps to put a little more whipped cream on the cake than needs be.

    Jerry Mazza, Associate Editor,

    Jerry Mazza

    Dear Jerry,
    The calculations are Spot-on, as they say across the pond. They are based on the weight of a Uranium molecule and the number of molecules in a gram.

    From there, it just scales up, adjusted for Burn-up and length of time. Exponential numbers are required, they are so big, otherwise there are just too many Zeros to deal with.

    I never told you or anyone else that nuclear weapons and reactor calculations are based on the number of molecules involved. Except, of course, the multiplier in this case is 200 tons.

    Prepare yourself, Jerry, Fukushima Daiichi’s numbers are more and it has already happened. Bushehr Nuclear Reactor is speculation about an iffy future event. Fuku, however, is a done deal that started Mar 11, 2011. The numbers below 3000 meters are much bigger.

    I appreciate your comment and what all this means to Humanity.


    Bob Nichols

  15. The Iranian have said that their nuclear energy plant is safe. Given that the Russians suffered from the chernobyl disaster I doubt they would build a faulty nuclear energy plant anywhere.

  16. “As a result of the wind and rain borne fine uranium dust, Iran’s Total Fertility Rate has plummeted in the past two decades.”

    You are not taking into factor other conditions. Like a mass exodus following a revolution in 1979. A war with Iraq that went on for 8 years, taking on many men’s time (and lives), and then a short baby boom thereafter. Now that generation has to come of age to have kids. If you look at the population statistics over 20 year spans 1970-1990 and 1990-2010, you will see the disparity is about 6 million in growth. Now, that is less than 2 decades earlier, which should puzzle you since population growth is somewhat exponential in thriving circumstances. As mentioned, there was a revolution and then war. Many Iranians who were overseas during the Shah’s reign stayed overseas when the revolution occurred as well.

    If what you say about the dust is true, wouldn’t there also be a higher rate of lung cancer incidents, etc.?

  17. How can we breathe, live and survive with “… 26,128.20 hot particles per cubic meter in the Northern Hemisphere up to 3000 meters… ” in the air?

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