Sunday Notes – Nuttyahoo Invades Washington, Man Eats Own Head

New Israeli Strategy Revealed
New Israeli Strategy Revealed

Sunday Notes from VT


  by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The week is a minor one.  Netanyahu will be in Washington at the behest of the oil lobby, pretending to scare Iran to death.

The entire thing is an act, Netanyahu pretending he is a world leader, running a patch of sand, a few concentration camps.

Add in to that a population largely made of people suffering from the collective delusion that they had been awarded the land of others by an invisible supernatural being with psychopathic tendencies.


[youtube i-4AheUl6ls]

Janis might have asked for a house but she didn’t want to see a family bulldozed to death.  I doubt she would live on the West Bank anyway, too much like Texas.

Iran, a nation ten times the size of Israel, with more potential suicide bombers than Israel has shoplifters, must be living in terror. They are laughing themselves to death.

The Truth about Wikileaks – Is Not Always Pretty –

Wikileaks,  long proven to be a Mossad operation, has just published memos claimed it stole from STRATFOR,  sort of funny in itself, claiming that Russia gave Israel the “codes” to the Tor 1 air defense system Iran is using.

Those unfamiliar with either Wikileaks or STRATFOR probably should remain that way.  Familiarity with either is akin to learning to prepare a meal you despise made from ingredients both expensive and difficult to obtain.

If the meal were also poisonous, it would be “Wikileaks.”

Netanyahu will be heading to Washington with the backing of wealthy American supporters, some quite respectable but most 2nd generation  members of organized crime families involved in heroin, human trafficking, murder and extortion.


This is a video based on one of those Wikileaks, the real ones, you never see.  The presenter is “David Duke,” like our good friend Gilad Atzmon who speaks “outside the lines written at gunpoint…by organized crime,” he is attacked villified.  It has now become an honor for many to have their own attack pages on the internet done by organized crime front groups like the ADL.  For me, it meant I had become a “listed celeb.”  As we say it in our home to friends and buests, “Enjoy.”

[youtube y3GMDcFOq0g]

Who says the real “Mafia” was Italian?  Take some time and look up the name “Rothstein.”  The Wiki-tale, one of many carefully crafted fairy tales peddled as “stolen secrets” has a purpose, as usual.

That is meant to give the Israeli air force the sound of credibility.  Iran, of course, could drop two dozen high explosive penetrators on the Dimona Nuclear Weapons Lab or the secret germ warfare facility that South Africa moved to the Southern Negev Desert (big secret, sorry about that) and turn Israel into a post-apocalyptic rat hole.

Imagine hundreds of tons of anthrax, smallpox with attached “weaponized” ebola spreading into the wind.  Half the world’s Nobel Prize winners could be hurt or worse were this biological weapons facility to be forcefully “decommissioned.”  Imagine a Nobel Prize in poetry and having to recite E.E. Cummings to workers on an assembly line making poison gas shells.

Would you have a cup of tea with me?

Who says Israeli socialism doesn’t have its benefits?

Then again, their other secret, DNA/racially “specific” bio-toxins, the real product of this facility and its twin in Southern Libya, a continuation of research that began in Rhodesia so long ago, migrated to South Africa and has now only Israel as a sponsor….

When Israel got all those Soviet scientists in trade for the information superspy Jonathan Pollard had stolen so many years ago, did that begin the war over who would get the Russian germ warfare operations?

Reading the script to our recent international “snafu’s” is more like watching Sesame Street if Big Bird took over as both writer and producer.

Our real question is whose DNA is targeted?  Building on the original research, meant to wipe out the African population are some surprises.

The original “black bomb,” a nerve gas weapon developed by Israel in South Africa, tested in Angola in the 80s, was the first step toward depopulating Africa to gain control of oil, gas and mineral wealth.

Sound nutty?  Why do you think they call him “Nuttyahoo?”  Have you noted any provisions for Africa to have a rational population or development plan in the last 40 years?  No?  Hmm.

What we are told is that the Rwanda killings, as many as half a million, began with a test of a racially specific neurotoxin.  Then one side was told the other had released the toxin and the slaughter began, later blamed on the Chinese.  But, I am making this up, otherwise, I would be releasing highly classified information, which would be wrong.

Of course I mean none of this, all conjecture, otherwise, this would be information of the highest classification possible which might reveal the long term plans which would put certain economic manipulations and the restructuring of commodity markets in perspective.

After all, what kind of person would arrange the systematic murder of over 4 billion people?  It would be like agreeing to kill your own son or sending your long awaited messiah to a tortuous death.

The kind of people who would do this might run gasoline from unsaleable oil to $4 bucks a gallon, fight a ten year war to build an heroin empire run by American intelligence services or wire transfer more money than most Americans ever knew existed, sent to the Bank of Scotland for the Rothschild family to play with.

Take a moment or two to watch General Hamid Gul, attempt to tell the truth on American television.  Gul, co-editor of VT, former head of one of the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies, puts responsbility for 9/11 on Israel and their neocon allies.

His explanation is as close to truth as any American will every receive from someone of his stature.  Gul, though decorated for helping the US in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan gives us the facts below:

[youtube mSLgC4cTKcs]

Then I remember the story I saw on TV on 9/11, planes hitting buildings and NORAD nowhere in sight, no American fighter jets, all on “stand down” just as General Hamid Gul had warned, as we now know so many had warned, so many, so many who had been gagged, silenced, drugged, killed or put in military psychiatric hospitals though civilians.

Read Susan Lindauer’s book describing what happened to her when she tried to warn those who knew already. Ah, but then, those are all mythology.

Nobody is doing anything, it is all for show, another “pump and dump” on the people of the world, same as with the phony Keystone project from Canada and the Koch Brothers oil and gas futures manipulation.

To think Netanyahu, at one time, was a fairly successful furniture salesman.  Problem is, that is the job he had much more recently than many realize.  His skills learned from peddling night stands don’t translate well to international relations. He needs advice from Abe Foxman of the ADL. 

I will make a call about that. Remind me.  I tend to forget when it is time to talk with people who are a useless waste of time.

Iran is having an election.  The Israeli/American press claims we can expect big changes there.  I wonder if the Shah is running again.  Isn’t he living in Saudi Arabia with Gaddafi?

On a genuine note, our condolences for the families of the dead in Indiana from the storms this week and to the families of the dead coeds from BGSU who were killed on I 75.

Below is one of the surviving videos of a South Park episode that addresses concerns about Mormonism and how utterly insane a belief it is.  Excuse the video quality but we feel it is necessary that, if the religious beliefs of presidential candidates can be considered none other than clear evidence of mental illness so severe as to make them a threat to themselves or others, the truth must be revealed.  Romney is “bishop” in this church, loosely related to other religions of “the book” but more science fiction.  To me, it more closely resembles the life of Superman from early DC Comics with lots of sex added, an almost insane about of sex.  This is a short cartoon revealing this cult as strangest of all:

[youtube 2Gm6JYFdnD8]

Romney has avoided discussing any of this on the campaign trail

I could list a thousand other real tragedies we wish could have been averted instead of having to report the useless drivel of Republican political candidates and their wars over whether humans rode on dinosaurs or not.

With Mitt Romney the deal is whether we should spend the next decade building a space ship to get to the private Mormon god’s planet where he spends his days having illicit unprotected sex with dozens of unwilling virgins.

I do so love religion, yes; this is exactly what Mitt Romney believes and an official tenet of the Mormon Church.  Yes, I believe they are insane and a danger to themselves and others.  Why do you think Romney’s father was born in Mexico?

Answer:  Chased out of the country by the US Army.  Clear enough?  Wish we had been able to chase them to Kenya.

Watching the GOP on stage bragging about their religion is quite humorous.  Nobody asks the real questions:  “How many of you onstage have sex with animals or believe in eating small children, cooked or raw?” How many hands would we see?  Half, most of them?

Other minor story of the week, Rush Limbaugh, now a G list celeb (I am even E list), called a woman a “slut” over the issue of birth control as part of a last ditch attempt to make people remember he is not dead.

Is it bad being called a “slut” by a drug addict?  I want to know?  Comments?

Rush, you are deader than Andy Breitbart but a lot better looking.  If you could, can you give us the names of a few doctors who write illegal “oxy” scripts?  It isn’t that we plan anything but let’s admit it; you are a well-known contact for buying illegal drugs.

Some of the Middle East nuttiness of the week, which even confuses me:

Israel secretly loves Syria.  Syria and Israel secretly love Russia. Iran secretly loves Turkey.  Turkey secretly loves Pakistan but it may be a “crush” over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

News versions of this, which seem to come directly from the secret meetings of Israel’s security bureaus, they have several, to the front pages of our papers, out TV sets and all the “neocon” online website and thousands of nameless “robo-bloggers” seems like more than a coincidence.

Is this a new form of warfare, continual lying and calling it news?  Comments?

Will the tail wag the dog?

The breakup between Obama and Netanyahu will not be settled Tuesday.  The failed furniture salesman from Philly (great town!) trying to handle a Chicago lawyer who can kick his ass one handed isn’t going to work out well for Netanyahu.

I suggest “one on one” basketball to settle it.  Others have suggest both jump off a tall building and see who g-d picks to survive.  That’s nasty.  Comments?

Can Netanyahu dribble?  He certainly drools, but that’s not the same.

Even in Israel, from highly reliable sources, those who make such decisions don’t think Netanyahu is even worth killing although the damage he has done, particularly to, not only the United States, but alienating so many American Jews by siding with the “neocon/commie apparatchiks,” too long after their 15 minutes is up…….

What are we saying?  Netanyahu still thinks the Tea Party exists and is going to be the muscle behind his “bitch slapping” of Obama.

Has anyone seen the Tea Party?  You know, the idiots who rode around in the Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin buses paid for by the Koch Brothers begging for higher taxes for the poor and a draft so our kids could all die in Iran while we starved to death at home?

You remember them, that’s the “Tea Party?”  “Gone,” you say?  Anyone seen Palin or Beck or Bachmann?  Gone too?  They were funny, psychopaths, yes, but funny too. As for our Israeli friend, he has to be off his meds.

A Mad Bibi
Nuttyyahoo, your 15 minutes is up,the Tea Party died when the Koch Brothers took it over, the GOP lineup of butt-kissers and morons are a laughing stock and even control and manipulation of the press isn’t going to work anymore.

It isn’t that the American people have suddenly become brilliant overnight, not like they are all Knesset members, but the same scary stories from 2001 don’t sell so well anymore.

Hey, do this:  Get a real poll going on how many Americans think 9/11 has a bad smell about it.  My take is fewer than 20% blame Israel as of now.  Before you are done, you will have doubled that number.

I am reliably told that current members of the US military at the highest levels have, minimally, reassessed you.  They don’t hate Israel and certainly don’t wish it any unpleasantness but would be happier if you resigned, if Dimona were destroyed and Gaza and the West bank were withdrawn from.

These opinions are highly representative of the majority “in authority” and are now being voiced openly, so openly that your own military chiefs have issued you a personal rebuke regarding this.

Conveniently, Israel has the weakest military in the last 30 years.  Hey, an invasion of Iran will toughen your girls and guys up, take some weight off them, give them purpose. We wish you good luck with that.  We will enjoy watching it all on Al Jazeera.

Our own are clear.  Not one single veteran has mentioned a desire to fight in Iran or a willingness to accept orders to do so.  Then again, our Commander in Chief and Chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff seem to share their beliefs.

A few minor notes to end up.  With the deterioration in the quality of news in the west, let’s admit it, we have a controlled press, propaganda, lies and fabrications that even include sports news and weather now, pretty much everyone is aware.

Even our history is not history.  I had the occasion to review a college history text this week.  Errors are one thing.  When “history” disagrees with intelligence assessments which aren’t in the public sector it is one thing.

Brzezinski with CIA’s ‘Tim Osmon’ – Osama bin Laden

I know bin Laden wasn’t a terrorist and died in 2001.  A history text could say that bin Laden was suspected to have been responsible for 9/11 but had worked for the CIA for years before that.

It isn’t “quality truth” nor would an education based on such oversimplification suffice someone with more than a passing need for a history class to enhance a degree in sewing or television repair, but things don’t stop there.

Many popular lower level university text books are being written by people whose background is academic only, very “light weight” and tied to “agenda oriented” institutions of religious base or thought of as “diploma mills.”

When our real “geniuses,” turn out to be wrong about 90% of the time, having half-baked morons supplying materials which aren’t even well organized enough to be considered legitimate lies and distortions is embarrassing.

My suggestion? Get your education from TV.  Watch Band of Brothers about WW2 or Platoon about Vietnam, maybe Full Metal Jacket. Scorsese’s efforts, Gangs of New York and Boardwalk Empire are superb. Watch Burn Notice.

More curiously, watch changes in NYPD Blue that are slowly reflecting reassessment of 9/11, its exploitation, or “holocausting” and the inconsistencies.

TV is become increasingly duplex.  Some shows are clearly controlled by elements whose purpose is racist, Islamophobic and dishonest. These shows should probably be considered “hate speech” and outlawed.

Having said that, the reason being is that they are supported by the wealthy and powerful intended upon victimization of, not just the Muslims of the world but I have got 500,000 recently disabled veterans whose lives have been negatively impacted by these violations of existing laws which are not protected.

Here is a recommendation for all.  Travel in Israel, eat the food, try walking through “fundamentalist” neighborhoods.  Travel in Turkey.  Do the same.

Which is safer?  Whose food is better?  Even my Greek friends vacation in Turkey now.  I never thought I would live that long.  My Israeli friends do only one thing.  They call and ask which country they can move to.  I am suggesting Ecuador, no extradition.

Federal licenses intended for communicating news and entertainment have been, for many years, illegally used to prestage public opinion toward racism, war mongering, class hatred, fear and general mistrust of government.

The last part I would agree with were it not shown to undermine a desire by our best and brightest to be involved in our governmental processes.

Ex-Governor Blagojevich – A Perfect Example

Thus, we have mob rule in the US, controlled by a criminal oligarchy.  Any doubts about that?  Check the full biographies of all members of our federal and state governments.

Sixty percent are unqualified to mow lawns. Many of the rest belong in prison. Over half of the 15 million now in prison in the US might better serve us in government.  I am willing to take that chance; after all, what do we have to lose?

As a post script, I had a strange dream.  I dreamed of the wild story of the death of Osama bin Laden.

Hamid Gul said it never happened as we claim, most of my friends in military and intelligence, including top US officials said bin Laden died over a decade ago.

Then I wondered where the others killed in the 45 minute “gun battle” with Navy SEALS had gone?  No shell casings or blood was found anywhere.  Doesn’t anyone watch CSI?

There were two killed next door, lots of “unsuppressed firing” of weapons in a highly populated area where everyone is armed and quite unlikely to be cowering in their homes.

Then I think of the tiny helicopter that crashed into the wall and the news story from witnesses that American dead were strewn across the ground and citizens were told to return to their homes.

A few days later, the dead that never died managed to die again, not in a SEAL helicopter specially designed for their high risk insertions but in a National Guard helicopter carrying 3 times its maximum load on a mission that SEALS would never be used on.

Maybe a hijacked airliner crashed into the SEALS, killing them, airliners so convenient when needed for tasks such as this. Ah, the disease of cynicism, believing so many lie so often.  Perhaps I should rejoin the cartoon world and wait for the rapture.                                                                                                             Editing: Jim W. Dean


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