Islamophobia is creating a global police state

This is what Paris looks like.
This is what Paris looks like.
This is what Paris looks like.

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor, reporting from Paris

Hitler built a German police state by demonizing Jews (and Slavs, Gypsies, communists, modern artists, and lots of other folks).

Lenin and Stalin built a Russian police state by demonizing “the class enemy.”

Today, neoconservatives and their allies are even more ambitious. They are building a global police state – a totalitarian New World Order – by demonizing Muslims.

That is the obvious takeaway from yesterday’s Islamophobia and Eroding Civil Society conference, held in Paris, France and sponsored by UC-Berkeley’s Center for Race and Gender Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project.

“Islamophobia is the mechanism for police states today – like anti-Semitism in 1930s Europe,” explained conference co-organizer and UC-Berkeley professor Ramon Grosfoguel in his closing speech.

Ironically, the site of the conference – Paris, the City of Lights, world capital of “freedom, equality, and brotherhood,” whose thinkers brought us the Enlightenment – is leading the way toward the Global Islamophobic Police State (GIPS). Using the recent Friday the 13th massacre as their excuse, in the same way Hitler used the Reichstag Fire and Bush used 9/11, French leaders proposed and passed a bill putting the whole country under a State of Emergency that effectively ends liberty and the rule of law.

Today, Paris is a locked-down gulag city, like East Berlin under Communism. The population is brainwashed to live in fear, citizens are encouraged to spy on their neighbors, and peaceful political protest has been summarily banned.

As the Vice News article Surveillance, Paranoia, and Life Under a State of Emergency in France explains, peaceful activists who have never done anything wrong, much less illegal, are being put under house arrest. Life for them has become a nightmare like something out of Franz Kafka:

Police appear to know when (peaceful activist Joel Domenjoud) is planning to leave his apartment because he could see them waiting on the street outside his apartment. ‘From the moment I put on my jacket, they were waiting. The worst part is thinking about if my apartment is being listened to,'” he said.

So how did the UC-Berkeley group manage to hold its Islamophobia conference in this locked-down gulag city, now the world capital of UnFreedom? By flying way, WAY under the radar.

Most academic conferences will tell you who is speaking, where, and when. They put it right on their website. After all, professors and wannabe-professors want this kind of publicity – conference presentations look good on their resumés.

But the Islamophobia and Eroding Civil Society conference is a rare exception. I wasn’t able to get a confirmation of the location, the time, or who would be participating from the organizers. My repeated email inquiries were ignored. Professor Tony Hall (Globalization Studies, University of Lethbridge) got the same non-response.

Tony and Kevin block your view of the Louvre
Tony and Kevin block your view of the Louvre

As a Ph.D. in Arabic with an Islamic Studies focus, I would normally be welcomed at such an event. So would Tony, whose scholarly background is also relevant to the topic.

And considering that my paper proposal was accepted by the Conference organizers, you would think they would tell me when and where to show up.

But my proposal – which focused on the way Muslims have been gagged and prevented from expressing their analysis that the major terror events since 9/11 have been false flags – was retroactively deemed “too hot to handle” by the organizers in the wake of the November 13th apparent false flag operation.

Here is my correspondence with a conference organizer:

Tue, Nov 3, 2015 at 7:08 AM,  [name deleted] wrote:

Dear Kevin,

On behalf of the organizing committee for the 3rd Paris Islamophobia Conference, I would like to inform that your paper was selected for the conference.  I would like to extend an invite to you to present your paper at the third annual conference to be held December 11th, 2015.  Please prepare for a 20 minute presentation inclusive of any media or visual materials and we look forward to receiving your final paper in the near future.  Another email will be sent details some hotel options and other relevant logistical issues.

All the best,

[name deleted]


But then came the next big false flag – on Friday the 13th. It was an unlucky day for free speech and free thought.


November 14, 2015 at 1:26 a.m.

Dear Kevin,
I wanted to alert you that due to the development in Paris we will not be able to have the conference in its current format and the whole agenda has shifted.  Please don’t purchase a plane ticket as things are totally on hold with the state of emergency.
-[name deleted]


Dear [name deleted]

I already purchased a non-refundable ticket. See below. I do hope the conference will take place, even if the format shifts, and will be happy to address my paper to the revised format.

Wed., Nov 18, 2015, at 10:20 AM

Dear Kevin,
Due to state of emergency in France and the on-going active operations, the organizing committee is not able to accommodate your paper at this point in time.  Our supporters on the ground are under extreme emergency conditions and the whole program is under stress due to it.  I wish it was different but we are taking the direction from the people impacted directly at this time.
[name deleted]


Wed, Nov 18, 2015 at 9:27 AM

Dear [name deleted],
When will you be available for an interview on this? Who else is on the committee?

And when will the committee reimburse me for the plane ticket? …

Your complete transparency and honesty in this matter is expected and appreciated.

November 18, 2015 at 7:01 pm

Dear David,
I will reimburse you from our Berkeley side of the conference and if you can send me the actual invoice so I will put it through to be paid.  I will wait regarding this as we might end-up not having the conference at all due to fast moving circumstances.   Part of the work in Paris involved hosting a community wide meeting with local partners in Saint-Denis, which is the heavily populated area of Muslims and immigrants and we are also waiting to see if his happens.  If you watched the news today the raid on the area killed two and arrested 7 and the community meeting was to be held few blocks from it.

[name deleted]

Subject header: Hope to see you in Paris

Nov. 24

Hello [name deleted]

Just letting you know that University of Lethbridge Globalization Studies professor Anthony Hall and I will be hosting an alternative conference in Paris on 12/12:

So don’t worry about refunding my airfare.

Even though we won’t be contributing papers, Tony and I would love to attend the Islamophobia and Eroding Civil Society Conference as audience members. So please do keep me posted on conference plans.

No hard feelings, I appreciate the good work you’re doing within the prescribed limits. Here’s hoping that some day you and others will get fed up and break free from those limits.


As the date approached, I repeatedly asked for details about where and what time the conference would take place. No response.

So I flew in to Paris on Thursday the 11th. Around 9:30 a.m. on Friday the 12th, I “just showed up” at the address listed on the website, hoping the conference hadn’t been moved, locked down by the gendarmes, or blown up by “ISIS” in another false flag operation.

Fortunately none of the above scenarios materialized. I simply strolled into the venue – a pleasant Parisian bookstore – and took my place among the assembled throng of Islamophobia Studies specialists. The organizers favored me with nervous glances of recognition.

The first panel discussion began with “The Muslim minority to justify the end of democracy.” Midway through the second or third presentation, heads turned as Tariq Ramadan – the world’s most famous “Muslim French intellectual” even though he’s Swiss and teaches at Oxford – made his entrance. (Ramadan is living proof that no matter how reasonable and moderate and pro-Western and pro-democracy a Muslim tries to be, they will be hounded and demonized by Zionist defamation specialists. Just look at the poor guy’s Wikipedia page!)

The panel focused on various ways that Western Muslims have been confined to “spaces of exclusion” and rendered non-subjects, deprived of real existence in the collective consciousness, endlessly talked about (as scary, scary threats) but never listened to or acknowledged as citizens and equals. During the Q&A I raised my hand and asked:

“I’d like to hear if any of you in your research have encountered one of the most important ‘spaces of exclusion,’ which is the mainstream Western society’s refusal to listen to what Muslims really think about 9/11 and the other big so-called ‘Islamic terror’ events. Polls show that most Muslims believe 9/11 was an inside job. Likewise with the post-9/11 follow-up events, including the recent ones in Paris. In my own experience, virtually nobody in the Muslim community believes the official story of any of these events. From 2001 through 2003, I the only Muslim in Madison, Wisconsin, as far as I know, who thought there really might have been Muslim hijackers on 9/11. Yet non-Muslims don’t know what Muslims really think. The media censors it. Even the academy censors it. And the evidence suggests the Muslim-majority analysis is right. How have the Muslims you’ve studied dealt with this?”

After some hemming and hawing, as each panelist hoped someone else would answer, the British scholar answered. He said that British Muslims who espouse “conspiracy theories” are put on terror watch lists and threatened with “deradicalization programs.” Yet the millions of non-Muslims who watch Loose Change and exhibit exactly the same behavior as the Muslims are ignored. So this, he said, is yet another example of the way Muslims are treated as third-class citizens.

Following that exchange, Tariq Ramadan delivered his keynote address – and made a point of looking me in they eye and saying that he agreed with me: We need to ask questions, and insist on our right to ask questions. For example: Why didn’t the US accept the Taliban’s offer to turn over Bin Laden? Why wasn’t Bin Laden charged with a crime, put on trial, and questioned? Ramadan suggested that “some with an interest in the Middle East are behind the dirty politics here. We have to have the courage to ask questions.”

After his talk, I gave Prof. Ramadan a copy of We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.

Ramadan also pointed out that France is becoming a model for the Islamophobic police state–itself a transnational phenomenon–in part because it has the biggest Muslim population of any Western country. The police state, he said, is based on the false claim that “integration is failing.” In fact, Muslims are more integrated than ever. The real problem, he suggested, is that Muslims were becoming too integrated into society.

“The more we settle down in the West, the more they hate us” Ramadan said. But why? Probably because Muslims are becoming normal French citizens and fulfilling their civic duties, such as voting. 1.9 million Muslims voted for Hollande over Sarkozy, Ramadan explained, while Hollande’s margin of victory was 1.6 million. (What Ramadan didn’t say, didn’t need to say, was that – as all who follow French politics know – Sarkozy is an extreme neocon Zionist and it is his people, such as the proven liar and Charlie Hebdo suspect Jeanette Bougrabe, who are stoking Islamophobia.)

Ramadan continued: Another reason that we’re still hearing the lie that “integration is failing,” even though French Muslims are already integrated, is that this discourse is becoming a business.  We keep hearing that “Europe is becoming Eurabia.” Yet the ridiculous urban legends about “London’s Muslim-ruled no-go zones” persist. Why? The real reason, he suggested, is that citizens with Arab/Muslim backgrounds are influencing foreign policy. (Again, the unstated corollary is that the hardcore neocon Zionists are terrified that voting, French-speaking, law-abiding French citizens of Arab/Muslim heritage will undermine French support of Netanyahu and his Greater Israel project.)

So why do so many people hear and believe the ridiculous lies about “Eurabia”?

“We can’t deny or underestimate the role of the media in the whole process.  But we cannot say the media are under control, as in a dictatorship. The question is, who owns the media, who’s going to speak, who’s not going to speak? There is no constructive discourse on islam. It’s a vicious circle. The reality is, Islamophobia makes money.”

It also yields political popularity. “Hollande gained 20 points in the polls from declaring the State of Emergency–just like Bush in the US. The majority of people are happy with it. Public opinion is supporting ‘tough decisions.’”

Ramadan mourned the victims of the recent Paris attacks – as well as other less-celebrated massacres: “I say je suis Paris, but I also say je suis Beirut.” (Subtext: In the West, it seems that the lives of white Parisians are more important than those of brown-skinned Lebanese, judging by the amount of coverage the two terror events drew.)

He also argued against the “dehumanization of young people who want to fight in Syria.” The blanket condemnation of all such people, he said, is a symptom of the “colonial mindset” and its insistence that “some human beings are less human than others.” He added that the recent equation of Salafist Islam with terrorism is unjustified, since the vast majority of Salafists are peaceful; most, including the literalist or so-called fundamentalist ones, are apolitical and law-abiding.

I wish he had discussed where the “ISIS threat” is really coming from. But I suppose if you want to teach at Oxford, you have to tread somewhat delicately in such sensitive areas; mentioning, for example, that the Iraqi government has had to shoot down British planes bringing supplies to ISIS might not sit well with the MI-6 types there.

There were sixteen presenters at the Conference. Given the under-the-radar aspect of the event, I will assume that many of their identities are national security secrets.

The majority of the presentations offered horrific details illustrating how the Global Islamophobic Police State is demeaning and dehumanizing Muslims – a dry run for demeaning and dehumanizing non-Muslims under ever-encroaching Orwellian authoritarianism. Here are some of the interesting facts I learned (or was reminded of):

Zionist psychopathy: The summer 2014 Gaza massacre brought out widespread sadism, voyeurism, exhibitionism and trophyism among Jewish Israelis. They sold wildly popular T-shirts celebrating the sniper murders of Palestinian children, born and unborn, for which the IDF is notorious. Sadistic captors posed for selfies with bound and blindfolded captives a la Abu Ghaib (where Israeli advisors had created the whole pornographic spectacle). Settlers forced Palestinian children to drink gasoline and burned them to death – then claimed that the Palestinian parents had killed their own children that way, due to their allegedly barbaric nature.  Huge numbers of psychopathic Zionists crowded the hilltops overlooking Gaza, ate popcorn-style watermelon seed snacks, and cheered wildly as Palestinian children were blown to bits and burned to death with white phosphorous.

 “Deradicalization” in the UK: More than 400 kids have been “deradicalized” in programs reminiscent of Stalinist or Maoist indoctrination sessions. If you have brown skin and watch Loose Change on the internet, you’re a potential target.

“Islamic terror” is a hoax: Less than 1% of all terrorist attacks in the EU are attributed to Muslims. Yet the media, egged on by the Islamophobia Industry, consistently ignores or downplays terrorism by non-Muslims while wildly hyping the vanishingly few examples of terrorism attributed to Muslims. (Had it been me, I would have added that all of the spectacular events attributed to Muslims appear to be, or have been proven to be, false flags.)

The Islamophobia Industry: 60 foundations are almost entirely responsible for the billions of dollars paid to public relations (i.e. brainwashing) experts to manufacture Islamophobia. Of those  foundations, 75% also support the criminal Israeli settlements in what is universally acknowledged to be stolen, occupied territory–settlements overrun by genocidal child-killing monsters. So the people forcing Palestinian kids to drink gasoline and then burning them to death are being paid by the same people brainwashing you to hate Muslims. Quelle surprise!

One tense moment came when Professor Tony Hall raised his hand during the Q & A:

This is all very interesting, but I’m not hearing any of you get to the root of why there is all this Islamophobia. There is now a huge literature on the fact that these big terror attacks are contrived. It was 9/11 and all of the subsequent events that have created the wave of Islamophobia. I know it’s not a good career move, but: Why can’t we talk about this? Why can’t we –”

The woman who had been discussing Islamophobia Industry funding cut him off with evident hostility: “That’s not a question. The subject was already discussed.” Another panelist chimed in, saying that people who commit political violence do so for all sorts of reasons, and that it’s demeaning to them to say they are just patsies of intelligence services in false flag plots.

So apparently, at least in some quarters, it’s “Islamophobic” to reveal the truth about the Deep State denizens who orchestrate huge, professionally-executed false flag attacks designed to blame Muslims and incite Islamophobia. As Jim Dean says, you just can’t make this stuff up.

At the end of the conference, Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian pointed out that the global Islamophobic police state operates worldwide, not just in the West. In fact, he said, it is even worse in many Muslim countries, where the government intelligence services write the sermon for Friday services in mosques – and arrest anyone who delivers a non-police-state-written sermon! Brutal dictatorships in Muslim-majority countries, just like Western countries, are inventing a phantom “Islamic threat” in order to justify their demolitions of liberty.

Such blatant “Middle Eastern” police state measures, Bazian suggested, are appearing in the West as well. Today, he said, France is sending Muslim religious leaders to Morocco to receive mandatory “tolerance training.” (Morocco is a recovering police state that may have discontinued operations at its CIA-built-funded-and-trained torture center in the Sahara–though the way things are going, the French may force them to re-open it so they can torture French Muslim leaders who question this kind of Orwellian “tolerance.”)

Professor Bazian said Muslims in the West generally react to the horrific wave of abuse by trying too hard to put on a compliant, acceptable face: “Like getting plastic surgery when you’ve been hit in the face, maybe even apologizing, ‘I’m so sorry that my face got in the way of your fist.'” He ended by suggesting that it was today’s war-mongering, freedom-shredding West–not Muslims–that needs to be “de-radicalized.”

I agree. And I would add that the way to de-radicalize the West is by naming and shaming the neoconservative radicals. We need to expose what they have done – 9/11 and the subsequent false flag atrocities – and why they have done it: Not only in service to wars whose primary beneficiary is Israel, but also as a natural and inevitable outgrowth of their ultra-Machievellian, Straussian philosophy.

The Straussian neoconservatives believe that the natural elite – themselves – has the “natural right” to rule through mass murder and big lies. For them, this is the only right that exists. All others are imaginary.

Strauss came to the US in 1937 and declared war on liberal democracy. In the 1960s, Strauss and his handpicked “best students” (mostly Jewish Zionists) stayed up late in extracurricular sessions aimed at devising a way to overthrow liberal democracy in the USA through a 9/11 style event, the American equivalent of Hitler’s Reichstag Fire. This is not a “conspiracy theory”; it is direct testimony from two then-University of Chicago students who were there, saw it happen, and were, even then, horrified. The two witnesses are Stanley Hilton and Professor Francis Boyle.

Likudnik Israeli geopolitics, like neoconservative philosophy, leads directly to 9/11. Netanyahu and his friends have signed a blood oath to never withdraw from the West Bank’s Occupied Territories, according to Alan Hart, who heard about it first hand.

Bibi and his friends are committed to the Greater Israel project and intend to keep killing people and stealing more and more land. They have no interest in any viable two-state solution, no interest in peace. They are planning for a permanent war on the entire Muslim world, which is the only way their Greater Israel can exist. And that permanent war must be waged by the whole West – not just Israel.

Some might say: If 9/11 didn’t exist, the neocon Zionists would have had to invent it.

Well, I’m sorry to tell you: THEY DID INVENT IT.

That’s right.


See: Dr. Alan Sabrosky says “Israel Did 9/11”

And the whole series of follow-ups as well.

That’s why there can be no legitimate discussion of Islamophobia that doesn’t consider the issue of false flags – proven and suspected – and then “connect the dots.”

So a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to my GoFundMe campaign that brought me to Paris to attend the Islamophobia and Eroding Civil Society conference.

This evening, I will be hosting an alternative conference that focuses on the false flag issue.

To watch the conference live noon to 4 pm Eastern (or archived) just visit this link:

Visit this link to learn about the conference - the same link that will be used for the live broadcast
Visit this link to learn about the conference – the same link that will be used for the live broadcast



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