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Press TV: US Used Micro-Nukes in Afghanistan and Iraq Wars

There is evidence that those weapons have been used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Studies have found uranium 235 to be in the bodies of the population there

Where is Conyers With Impeachment Threats Against President for Iran Attack...

At one point Conyers closed to the committee room to any further audience members, prompting calls of "shame! shame! shame!"

The Actual Victims Toll of 9/11

“Saddam never had any weapons of mass destruction but nevertheless, with the American invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis were destined to experience what it really meant to be bombarded with such weapons.”

“Depleted” Uranium & Induced Radioactivity

Lest anyone jump to the conclusion that this article is about my opinion, let's start out with the military definition:

DU – You Don’t Have To Inhale Or Ingest It For...

From Multiple Horses’ Mouths: More, Much More on Ignored and Suppressed US Government and Military Data that Show the Threat of Harmful Effects of “Consolidated Quantities” of Concentrated “Depleted” Uranium (DU) Munitions


THE EXTREME RIGHT MAKES A HARD "LEFT" TURN INTO UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor There are at least two ways to look at...

Libya: The Zionist Dragon And The Drums Of War

"... When the Zionist entity’s tactics of subversion via a decade worth of false flag terrorism and sanctions didn’t achieve the goal of crippling...

Consequences of Israeli weapons testing on Gaza

Richard Lightbown argues that Israel’s use of depleted uranium, white phosphorus and other toxic metals in its war on the people of the Gaza Strip has put the whole of the Strip’s population and its environment – air, soil, groundwater and possibly seawater – at risk of serious long-term injury and contamination.

Fighter Pilot Len Dietz Sets the Killing Rad Number

While Dietz flew guard duty for B-29s, John Gofman helped build “the Gadgets” as one of a couple of hundred thousand Americans working on the Manhattan Project. “The Gadgets,” were the atomic bombs.

The Crisis Point For Gulf War Illness

It is 20 years since the Gulf War 1990-91, Operation Desert Storm(US), and our British Coalition Forces that are suffering with Gulf War Illness/es stood tall in London and welcomed the other coalition members that served and are also part of the unfolding health crisis of Post Gulf War Service. This crisis involved the largest ever number of veterans that have been affected by their service in the most Hazardous Toxic Soup of Environmental Exposures in any war.

Desert Storm Veterans, the Lead Element in the Poison War

The aim to tie the story of environmental hazards to all that have been concerned from the patient sufferers be it civilian or military, to the lead Senator that exposed the Plight of the Gulf War Veterans in 1994(Senator Reigle), to the doctors that cared to try to answer the needs despite government interference, to the researchers that are finally now being funded thanks to the Gulf War Veterans efforts, and to the government agencies that were to have our backs but that have interfered and delayed help to those that need it the most. This not a story about whiners, this is the investigative report that covers the science and the research that has taken over 20 years to finally have an awakening that millions are truly sufferring.

Depleted Uranium Bill Needs Cosponsors Now

Depleted Uranium focus on the hill yet again. Below is the only bill right now on the hill in DC that has been introduced. Our job now is to communicate with our elected representatives in DC to ask them to get on board and join as cosponsors!

UK GULF WAR ILLNESS: DU Situation Report

So much is going on behind the scenes and time to update all American Citizens and especially the Gulf War/Desert Storm Veterans. It has been 20 years and there are battle lines on the isue of Gulf War illness not just in the US but with each coalition force that were part of the Coalition that went to Saudi/Iraq 1990-91. But with the US government being the main Log Jam to getting information out.

First 40 Bills Introduced for Veterans Current Session of Congress

First 40 bills for veterans submitted in House of Representatives. Depleted uranium testing for troops again advanced as bill, it is about time to assure that this is done.

Jonathan Azaziah: The Zionist Murderers of Iraq

"...retired Israel intelligence offier, Shmoel Avivi has been the primary weapons dealer for ‘terrorist groups’ in Iraq since 2005 ...as of November 2009, 950...

The Crime Against Veterans of the Gulf War 1990-91 Plays Forward

Update on Depleted Uranium Internationally. There has been work being done internationally while the media ignores the issue. Here is the news contained below that doesn't appear in mainstream media coverage. There is concern but medical research and peer reviewed journal articles seem to take decades, while veterans die without help, denial of compensation, denial of a proactive medical system to perform diagnostic tests in a full screening in a timely manner to catch health problems and to diagnose cancers at the earliest date possible and to monitor health status for other diseases related to respiratory and cardiac and neuroimmune problems.

The Cover Up continues on DU- Canada and US Connections

So many questions and no answers! Why are the experts on DU not allowed to testify themselves? Why no hearings focusing on this continuing health problem? Where is COL, Dr Durakovic and why has he not been allowed to testify on the hill in DC? Why does every piece of legislation that has DU in it ignored on the hill in DC?

Depleted Uranium (DU) Danger to Troops and other Living Things as...

- Two articles from the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons (ICBUW) illuminate the conversation on a proposed moratorium on the military use of depleted uranium weapons, even...

The Other Side of the DU Issue

It is with the purpose of freedom- of being able to read all sides of the issue- that I share this resource I found...

Depleted Uranium continues in the News

The news out of the Hearing on Dissatisfied Gulf War Veterans occurred on July 27th in The House committee on Veterans Affairs Subcommittee Oversight...

The Suffering of Fallujah

- Depleted Uranium (DU) - Uranium (U) is a naturally occurring heavy metal that has both radioactive properties caused by the decay of the uranium atom’s...

DoD Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About Gulf War Vets’ Exposure...

- "The VA does not listen to expert scientists. The VA does not even listen to Congress," said Paul Sullivan of Veterans for Common Sense...

US War Plan: Talk about Thermonuclear Bombs But Use...

Do the leaders of all these countries know they are in a Nuclear War?

Attention All Medical Researchers World Wide: Help Gulf War Veterans...

Calling all medical researchers the DOD CDMRP GWIR(Department of Defense- Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program on Gulf War Illness) has announced a short response...

Depleted Uranium Research-DU affects DNA

Depleted Uranium -More Research Indicated To Assess Health Risk The research on depleted uranium comes out of French researchers that examined the manner DNA is...

UK Guardian DU and Dioxin Contamination in Iraq

Areas in and near Iraq's largest towns and cities, including Najaf, Basra and ­Falluja, account for around 25% of the contaminated sites, which appear to coincide with communities that have seen increased rates of cancer and birth defects over the past five years. The joint study by the environment, health and science ministries found that scrap metal yards in and around Baghdad and Basra contain high levels of ionising radiation, which is thought to be a legacy of depleted uranium used in munitions during the first Gulf war and since the 2003 invasion.

Gulf War Illness Research Findings

This in from a Research medical meeting, CNS2010 in Canada:Pre-frontal Cortex Dysfunction in Gulf War IllnessG. Andrew J. Hillis1, Traci I. Sandoval1, Michael A....