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Benghazi's Dirty Little Secret

Americans (at least the ones who know where Libya is) are understandably confused and angry about the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that killed US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi.

Benghazi’s Dirty Little Secret

Americans (at least the ones who know where Libya is) are understandably confused and angry about the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack that killed US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi.

Can Libya Reap the Fruits of the Arab Spring?

Just as Saddam Hussain portrayed himself as the new Salahuddin Ayyubi of the Arab world, Muammar Gaddafi projected himself as the new Omar Mukhtar of Libya. Salahuddin Ayyubi fought the marauding crusaders, and Omar Mukhtar fought the Italian invaders, whilst the Arab dictators spent their life oppressing their citizens and empowering their family and tribes.

Not So Fast, Mr. President

In the U.S. battle with Libya, Americans are witnessing the consequence of gutting U.S. Intelligence during the Iraqi War, when President Bush drove out CIA officers and Assets who criticized his War policy.

“After you Brother!” Qadaffi stays and Obama leaves?

The White House is reportedly becoming reconciled to the fact that Qaddafi may remain in the Libyan leadership.

Tragedy of Empire Collapse, Operating “Ship of Fools” Dismissing Three Systemic...

Self admitted statement by gross documented incompetent fools here and here. Rumsfeld/Cheney/Bush/Obama/ZPC saga here. Deranged human inhabitants steering their rudderless ship of state populated from stern to bow with frivolous citizenry ignorant of their direction and demise. An objective metaphor for flawed domestic and foreign ideology that transposes directly to a "Ship of Fools" results in igniting its very own self destruction and deep Titanic sinking demise."Truth hurts, Lies kills. Real truth behind the phony wars" Video by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Libya – Is Regime Change the End Game?

The diplomatic process of bringing everyone on board the UN resolution dragged the process out to where France had to jump the gun on the initial airstrikes because Gaddafi had launched an armored attack on Bengahzi last Saturday morning.

Libya: Brimestone Missiles Visit Gaddafi Tanks (four videos)

British Brimestone anti-armor missiles well suited for task of destroying Gaddafi armor with minimal civilian risk. This is a...

Jim W. Dean: Where is the Benghazi Brigade?

It's March 22nd. The Benghazi Brigade defected a month ago. Initial reports were of 8000 troops, of whom 3000 were Special Forces. In the ensuing weeks there were a few reports about 'training', which one would assume to mean the volunteer rebels. We have also seen a few video clips of young troops doing a bit of drilling and weapons training.


Noteworthy on the video is the unidentified armoured vehicle with 120mm smooth bore gun. This vehicle has been misidentified as a Soviet APC with a 155 howitzer.

Tripoli – Part II

America is at war on three front’s folks. Stated goal for this second American war with the folks in Libya is to protect civilians from Brother Gadhafi and his boys. * Lots of naval vessels, airplanes, fuel of all types, armaments and munitions, other logistics items and highly trained young folks are waging war against the Libyan horde.

Sons and Daughters

Sons are treasured. Moms and Dads heap love, affection, money, devotion, property, the perfect girl for them, new cars, education and any conceivable advantage they can provide their sons with. Mom and Dad do not want their sons at war. Most American Moms and Dads however understand the world is not a nice place, that real peace is not attainable and that men must be prepared to defend their loved ones and country. Many Moms have a special mother – son relationship, time honored and very special. I know tough Soldiers - real men that proudly proclaim “Yeah, I’m a moma’s boy, I love my moma!”

BREAKING NEWS: UN Vote on Full Libya Intervention – VT...

Dear Folks, This additional 'we told you so' piece is not about stroking our egos, but about saving the Libyan revolution and the momentum of ridding Libya of its Neanderthal dictator and his corrupt regime. This be no means guarantees that democratic reform will keep them free, as elite corruption has rendered that institution a sock puppet for international mobsters, loyal to no country, or people...only to themselves.

Stay Out of Libya

Moammar Gadhafi seized power in Libya in 1969, only five years before a Hungarian sculptor invented a frustrating yet obsessively fascinating toy that came to be known as Rubik’s cube. The United States should resist the calls for military intervention in a tinderbox that outside force might cause to explode.

Rebels fear other regimes are throwing support behind Gadhafi’s forces

GRAEME SMITH BENGHAZI, LIBYA— From Monday's Globe and Mail Omar Hariri, military head of the Libyan Provisional Transitional National Council, said he’s concerned about reports that Col. Gadhafi hired Algerian pilots for bombing raids on Libyan targets. The council also fears that a Syrian ship loaded with weapons has sailed for Tripoli, he said.

Gaddafi’s Buying Time: But The Times Have A’Changed

[Orlando, Fl.]--The crowd converged at Lake Eola on 12 March 2011 after the word was spread on Facebook and Twitter to take it to the street in support of the people of Libya and demand a No Fly Zone, which they all began to call for on February 17, 2011 when Gaddafi started using air-strikes to bomb civilians.


Libya isn't the world's first all corporate war. Nobody expected a move against Libya, certainly not as a part of the drive for democracy that is sweeping the Islamic world. Moving against an oil giant with a military under tight controls based on tribal loyalties made Libya a poor target.