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NEO – Ukraine: All Your Coals ARE Belong to the IMF

- I don't see the breakaway states taking less than a new constitution plus federation. The two nationalist parties came in each at 1%, so they are back to thug work.

Israel and Greece Sign Strategic Agreement

Certain names are pronounced while lowering the voice so that the state-agent sitting at the nearest table won’t hear them. A good example in this category is Aviem Sella, even his website is half-hidden.

Intel Drop: Syria and East

Given the chance, I would take everyone writing on Syria, especially those who play at "anti-imperialism" but invariably support police states with cash back to school.

We Can Stop The Machine, If We Want To

We must take action and become the friction to stop the imperialistic predatory capitalistic machine before it consumes us and our precious liberties ~ that is, if we really want to. So how do we stop it?

Europe: The Liars Club, Who Really Owes the Money

You have been hearing Europe is broke but what you have heard has been filtered through newspapers and TV stations owned by "certain groups" paid to lie to you.

OWS Is Trigger For Major Shift in Global Consciousness

In essence, the "Occupy Wall Street" movement is a form of massive intervention by the American people on a political system that is addicted to deception and not only will not listen to them but is quite literally afraid of the truth. Our point here is that one of the principle demands of the OWS movement is the demand for truth and transparency from our government ~ and that must eventually lead to 9/11 and the governments role in either condoning this tragedy or aiding in its implementation.

OCW Wave Will Become A Tsunami – Wall Street Beware

There is something glorious in the people led Occupy Wall Street movement for it is rooted in the moral imperatives of justice, self-sacrifice and social responsibility.

Phony History: Why There Will Be No Peace in Judea,...

Holy texts were long proven forgeries; invented to justify land theft. They made it all up!

Israel Battles Gaza Flotilla on Two Fronts

The second front where Israel is fighting against the Gaza Flotilla is in its constant struggle to maintain control over the American corporate media.

A July Fourth Shame on the Founders

The tendency is to think of ourselves as "exceptional" Not just "all Americans," mind you, but all people. The Declaration of Independence was meant to be a statement expressing the "self-evident" rights of all mankind. Those principles had a universality that was a beacon to the world. -- Ray McGovern

Europe Travel for First Timers

A SUMMER SURVIVAL GUIDE TRIP 1, LEAVING FRANKFURT By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Traveling to Europe with the exception of often disappointing package tours can be...


Road to Hope (R2H) Convoy Reaches Gaza Despite kidnapping, government obstacles and financial challenges The Road to Hope Convoy reunited in Egypt after having been split...


DRIVING TO GREECE THE EASY WAY By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor When we last checked in, we had left Camp Ederle and the embrace of...

Eurozone leaders back Greek rescue plan

By Tony Barber and Ben Hall in Brussels Leaders of countries in the eurozone on Thursday promised to help Greece if it slashed its budget...