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The Misunderstood War…Vietnam

History revisionists beware...we are on to you!

History 1A…Going Back To Vietnam And Setting The Record Straight

Time to set the record straight on Vietnam

Three Blind Mice…The House, Senate, And The President!

The government's thirst for power is unending

The Lost Era of American Greatness

Will the current generation be the next "Greatest Generation"?

They Really Were “The Greatest Generation”

The "greatest generation" is more than a book title by Tom Brokaw

The National Personnel Record’s Center has “New Digs”

Locating military personnel records should be easier with the new National Personnel Record Center in St. Louis

Life Doesn’t Have To Be Hell For Military Veterans

The challenges the veteran faces re-integrating into society can be far greater than the challenges of war

Veterans Job Preferences… A Can of Worms And Maybe Not

How will a veterans job preference bill play to the vets and the private sector employers?

The road out of PTSD hell

The road out of PTSD hell is worse than combat for most

Setting the record straight with Veterans benefits

Coming to terms with veterans benefits

The budget deficit debate by the “Gang of Twelve” should be...

The budget deficit debate by the “Gang of Twelve” should be comical at best

Agent Orange is NOT the Cause of Veterans Health Problems…prove it

In my last article I used a quote which was so similar to many of those who have shared their stories with me…

Until we force a change…want coverage for Agent Orange, be prepared...

The battle over Agent Orange and those inflicted with illness seems to be never ending. Dealing with veterans has been the issue but what about the civilian USO tour personnel and civilian non-military contractors. Where do they turn to for help?

Getting back to the problem of Agent Orange and other toxins

Let us get back to the Agent Orange problem and the plight of many veterans.

Will Agent Orange Ever Disappear?

It is hard to imagine that the global effect of Agent Orange will ever simply fade away. The ramifications I have been writing about along with thousands of others, makes me think it might well carry-on into the next century.

Agent Orange Comes Home to Roost

The never-ending issue of Agent Orange comes home to roost, intruding on the lives and communities here in the United States.

Agent Orange: New Navy Victims Considered for Help

Fighting for Agent Orange benefits is almost as difficult as fight the Vietnam War for our brown water and blue water Navy personnel.

Why We Need to Protect Veteran’s Benefits

Nobody appreciate the soldier like another soldier. Nobody understands why we expect our veteran's benefits until you've been there.

Adrenaline and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

The rush of adrenaline may be what causes the human body to go into survival mode, but it also causes a euphoric high this is behind PTSD

Creating voting Block of Active-Duty Military and Veterans

Only when the veterans and active military learn to vote as a "block" will we learn to fight as fervently as we did to defend the nation.

How and Why to Change the Status Quo in Washington

Action is needed to preserve military and veterans benefits; not apathy

Military Cutbacks In Crosshairs of Congressional Deficit Reduction Plans

Military budget is in the cross hairs of the Obama Budget Deficit Reduction Committee

Warrior 2 Citizen a unique program for military family counseling

Warrior 2 Citizen - the program to address the family needs of the transitioning warrior

Important Lesser Known Programs for Veterans

Learn all about the important not well-publicized programs are that available for the transitioning Veterans.

DTAP Program for Transitioning Disabled Vets

There are many available programs for transitioning disabled veteran, from both the public and private sectors; they will not be forgotten.

TAP Eases Transition Burden for Military Personnel

TAP program eases the burden for military personnel transitioning to civilian life

The Benefits of Pre-Separation Counseling

Since 1990, with the development of the Total Assistance Program (TAP), which was suppose to meet the needs of military personnel and their families by providing the skills, tools, knowledge, and self-confidence necessary for a successful re-entry to the civilian world, things have moved slowly.

Decision making and the effects of PTSD

We may face the possibility of having to address post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in those who return from war. Even for those who...

Its Nation’s Obligation to Help Troops Adjust to Post War World

Before taking my reader on a brief recollection of the Battle for Outpost Harry in the Korean War this past week, I had been...

The story of PFC Charles Johnson…part one

On Friday I wrote about an eight-day battle along the 38th Parallel in Korea in June 1953, and about Sgt. Ola Mize who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in this, one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the US military.

Issues to contemplate before leaving the military

How’s that military career working out for you? This is a question many of us had to ask ourselves as we neared the end of our enlistment. I’m sure most of the military personnel from past generations also had that same question on their minds.

Military or civilian…making a choice

Many in the military have a difficult time integrating back into society once they leave military service. This was probably not as ...

Taking out the trash!

In my Examiner.com column today I wrote about our getting rid of public enemy number one, Osama Bin Laden. As I was writing for the general public I was a lot gentler than I feel we from the military side of the equation would see the situation.

The challenges of becoming a civilian

For a soldier making the transition from military life to civilian is far different in the era of an all volunteer military. It can be an unbelievable challenge for those who have returned from duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, because unlike previous wars where combat duty entailed a single deployment to the war zone, many of those serving today have been deployed 2, 3, or more times in a period as short as four years, with little R&R in between.