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Portrait of a Modern Revolutionary

- Russell Brand introduces his new book Revolution as an answer to a question. Brand maintains that voting was a waste of time - that there needed to be a revolution.

Corporate Brainwashing and Thought Control

- Carey's book details the 100 year history of the deliberate manipulation of popular consciousness by the corporate elite.

If Herb Caen, I Can Too

"Larry Silverstein, please report to the 64th floor. Your necktie has been found and is waiting for you at the front desk."

Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse

In an interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya, prominent scholar Professor Noam Chomsky gives his take on some of the world’s political hot topics.

AMERICAN RADICAL: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein(Video)

AMERICAN RADICAL The trials of Jewish-American political scientist Norman Finkelstein. A revealing documentary about the scholar and the ardent advocate for Palestinian rights and world justice.

Mideast Turmoil IS a Direct Threat to American Empire, and That’s...

An interview with Noam Chomsky about what the struggle means for the future of imperialist, U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Twenty years after, Bush defends Gulf War as ‘moral;’ Record indicates...

Newly released files confirm Saddam Hussein tried to broker a last-minute peace deal in 1991 , blocked by President Bush who feared negotiations might defuse the...

Checking Israeli Agression: The Fight Against Racism and Militarism

While intensively engaged in illegal settlement expansion, the government of Israel is also seeking to deal with two problems: a global campaign of what it perceives as “delegitimation” – that is, objections to its crimes and withdrawal of participation in them – and a parallel campaign of legitimation of Palestine.

USSR’s Cold War Pravda and Izvestia Were Hard-Science Journals Compared to...

Even mindless U.S. news organs of the past 40 years do not compare to Fox News as rightwing corporate propaganda emulates the 1970s Soviet press In...

Wholesale Treason: Why Israel Bought Congress

AIPAC, the Israel lobby used to, well, we don't exactly know what they are "used to" but every politician in America is terrified of it for some reason, claims to have total control over the new congress.

Afghan War Leaks Expose Costly Folly

-  "(L)iberal intellectuals have lined up in support of the war machine in the familiar style -- discussed, for example, by Randolph Bourne in classic...

Chomsky: Destruction of Iran in the Game

There are a multitude of rational reasons why an Israeli/U.S. strike against Iran ought not happen. Since when does consequential, rational thinking drive American policy in...

Noam Chomsky on Israel and the Gaza Flotilla Attack:”Sheer Criminal Aggression,...

For updates, see Al Jazeera and Witness Gaza. By Noam Chomsky Haymarket Books Press Release, June 2010 Hijacking boats in international waters and killing passengers is, of...

Who’s Who of Banned Israeli Visitors

From The Only Democracy: From Right to Enter: At this point, you could have quite the dinner party with the folks Israel leaves out! How do...

Israel Bars Noam Chomsky from West Bank

Update: Banned by Israel, Chomsky gives W.Bank lecture by video and Israel: Chomsky ban 'big mistake'. Israel is a country committed to employing the machinery of...

Chomsky: A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won’t)

Peace will have to forced on to the region through some combination of divestment, international pressure and who knows what else. But the United States...

Chomsky Makes Liberal Apologists Deeply Uncomfortable

  Chomsky reminds us that genuine intellectual inquiry is always subversive. It challenges cultural and political assumptions. It critiques structures. It is relentlessly self-critical. It implodes...

Chomsky on Tea Party: Dark Clouds of Fascism Gathering

Noam Chomsky is a truly towering intellect who insists what is referred to as the common American man and woman are the driving force behind...

Israeli Militarism and One Intellectual in America

The ongoing human rights crises in illegally occupied Gaza and the West Bank have political and economic consequences that will reverberate for decades. So, it's fair...

Israel Threatens “Sabotage” and “Attack” on Global Peace/Justice Groups

Update: Read MuzzleWatch's Think tank tells Israeli government to declare war on peace groups.—"They’re baaaaack - Israel’s 'most influential' think tank tells Israeli government...

Anti-Militarists Cohn, Hilberg, Finkelstein

Reposting this to rebuke those who would call the slaughter of Gazans a people's simply getting the raw end of the deal. Kill, starve...

You’re an Anti-Semite If You’re Against War

Update:  See also Glenn Greenwald's Ugly and Reckless Anti-Semitism Games. "Even by that magazine's lowly standards, The New Republic yesterday published an amazingly ugly,...

Sarah Palin Smackdown! Elites Run for Cover

Wiccans and Jews reportedly "very scared" after Palin's "rhetorical victory."