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Democrats: I’ll Resume My Donations When You Resume Fighting Republican Trickery?

Then in 1929 Herbert Hoover came to power. During his administration the stock market crashed, starting the great depression. In spite of the fact that by 1933 the unemployment rate was at 33.3% with 16 million people out of work, the Republican, Hoover, just sat, thinking that the economy would eventually rejuvenate itself. During Hoover's administration 15,000 WWI veterans marched on Washington demanding that they be paid what they were owed by the government. Hoover responded by calling in federal troops to throw these ex-servicemen off government property.

New Rule: The Republican Leadership in America Must Produce Their Birth...

For example: to solve our debt crisis, a bunch of Republican senators suggested a bipartisan debt commission, which is the adult thing to do. But when Obama agreed to it, immediately seven of them said no -- now they're against it. Because Obama has cooties.

Pelosi: Bush Admin Barred Officials from Briefing Congress on Impending Financial...

Exclusive from Talking Points Memo: By Brian Beutler Nearly two years after the Wall Street meltdown drove the U.S. economy to the brink of collapse, and...

The old America is fading

It is spring glorious spring (da do ron ron ron da do ron ron) and our gallant president has rallied his fractious forces against wacko demagoguery, the crocuses are up, and birds are returning from the South, preferring to [WhiteHouseTulipsSalon] raise their children here in Minnesota where we pull our pants on one leg at a time and not all at once. Some people in Washington haven't managed to get their pants on in years.

Welcome to Glennbeckistan

What if the Tea Party ruled? Imagine a land, let’s call it Glennbeckistan, where white, patriarchal, religiously zealous, Tea Party-type patriots hold a super-majority in both houses of the legislature, sit in the governor’s mansion, and control most local governments. It’s a place so out of sync with the rest of the nation that states’ rights and even secession are always on the agenda. It’s a place where gun-ownership trumps all other rights, climate change is considered an insidious socialist conspiracy, and a miscarriage can be investigated as a potential crime. Welcome to Utah.

The GOP’s Double Standard on Anger

In the wake of the bitter health-care debate and some ugly incidents of violence against Democratic members of Congress, there have been some belated – and halfhearted – appeals from Republican leaders to tamp down the fiery rhetoric on the Right.

Marty Kaplan: How Dumb Do They Think (Know) We Are

A recent example is a Harris poll that asked whether each of 15 statements about Barack Obama is true or false. In every single case, the less schooling people had, the more likely they were to believe that false things are true.

GOP Crisis: Lack of Decency Sinking Once Great Party

Watching the health care debate, it is clear that, while the the Republican Party has legitimate positions, their argument got lost in the lack of civility strategy they employ to influence. Calling people Niggers, Communists, Socialists, Homos, Faggots, and Baby Killers is simplly not a shrewd or smart strategy as evidenced by the results and negative reactions to it in the land of independents and moderates. By not denouncing this strategy across the board and removing those who, some say, roguely employ it, the leadership of GOP has clearly endorsed its' use thinking that it would work. It has not. In fact, its' a major massive turn-off.

Mr. President: By Refusing to Look Back, You’re Jeopardizing What Lies...

The GOP leadership is a much more serious threat to the American way than Al Qaeda can ever be. While Al Qaeda is undoubtedly a physical threat to the American people, the GOP is attacking America's soul. They're attempting to alter what America is as a nation - and you're failure to address that issue is so counter- intuitive to your political base, who, after all, voted for change, that many are beginning to wonder if you're not part of the problem.

Majority Rules in a Democracy

Only in America is a legislative body voting on a majority-rules basis considered nuclear, something  drastic and unholy. Specifically, the U.S. Senate's commitment to obstruction protected by the...

The Day America Outlawed Democracy

That's what has led to the current disaffection by both liberals and conservatives toward government. The American people can sense their rights slipping away, but they have yet to come to terms with what is actually going on. They have yet to realize that congressional gridlock is a convenient way of denying them their rights. They have also yet to recognize that the majority in the senate is allowing the minority to abuse of the filibuster procedure because both parties are in collusion. The Republican filibuster provides cover for the Democratic majority for failing to enact, or greatly watering down, legislation being demanded by the people, but neither party wants to enact.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/12/10

Happy birthday Charles Darwin, Steven Newton at Huff Post offers some reasons for the importance of Darwin's work. It's also Valentine's Day and AlterNet's Daniela Perdomo suggests that the way to celebrate it this year is to break up with your bank. The hired "experts" so often seen in the media are very often serving their own bank balances as a story from The Nation tells us and those stories and more in today's picks.



Mass Sterilization Plan in the Works for Military, Veterans and Minorities?

Republican Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer: Poor are Destroying America Breeding Like Rats

The Massachusetts Disaster

The reason that we're losing so badly is that the corporate interests in this country are keeping us distracted by deluding us into thinking we're still fighting the last war - race. But the fact is, corporations don't give a damn about race. As I've mentioned before, in this new economy of the new world order, where corporate competitors all over the world have people working for pennies a day, corporations can't afford the luxury of being concerned about race. All they care about is making money - and that means doing whatever they have to do to degrade the living standards of an expensive U.S. middle class.

Keep America Informed – Reinstate The Fairness Doctrine

In short, eight months prior to the invasion of Iraq this official U.K. document indicated that Bush wanted to go after Saddam, but they were going to have to lie to justify it. The memo was leaked by the British press in 2005. But in spite of the senseless deaths of tens of thousands of innocent human beings - including our own American troops - as a direct result of this criminal deception, it's been all but ignored by the American media. They've given more coverage to Tiger Woods' sex life.

Gross Hypocrisy: The Greatest Threat to American Security

As the mainstream media continues to engage in its endless distraction over Senator Harry Reid stating the ridiculously obvious, New York's Black Star News is running an otherwise completely overlooked little story about the firing of Eric Amankwah, a 28-year-old Ghanian, by Delta Airlines for reporting a serious breach of security.

What Exactly is Voter Anger?

ABC News defines voter anger as: Anti-incumbent, anti-establishment sentiment. Voters are down on Washington. They are deeply divided over the health care plan in Congress and a majority thinks the country is on the wrong track. However ABC fails to explain what it means by voters think the country is on the wrong track. For example, ABC along with most of mainstream media and even the Democratic Party don’t want to talk about the costs of the war in Afghanistan, and continued occupation of Iraq or Democrat support for defense budgets competitive with the Bush administration. Could it be that our country going in the wrong directionmeans– the Republican direction - in the same direction as got Democrats elected in the first place