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BP Goes Terrorist in Gulf Spill Coverup

BP is accused of hiring Internet trolls to attack and threaten people who are discontent with the way the company has handled the spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

BP Tries to Overturn Gulf Oil Spill Settlement

  Is Anyone Surprised?   By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall   BP’s massive 2010 Gulf oil spill virtually destroyed the Gulf of Mexico economy. Fisheries, tourist-related enterprises, and the...

Is Ron Paul a “False Flag” Pied Piper?

For years my colleagues and I have been asking Ron Paul about a slew of petrochemical disasters in and around his Houston-area congressional district.

Is Ron Paul part of a US-BP Iran War plan?

Captain Eric H. May, a former NBC editorial writer, issued a series of warnings through alternative media interviews and articles. The mainstream media at first ignored them, but were compelled to report them when a day-after nuclear response team arrived and set up operations in Ron Paul's district on February 1, 2006 -- the day after Captain May's predicted attack date of January 31.

Horizon Holocaust Turns Two

My background in military intelligence has enabled me to look at the BP Horizon Holocaust (HH) as a code-breaker. Here are some highlights of my analysis.

Jewish Jihad and World War

Before I am assailed by the usual screams from the usual suspects, let me point out that the fear of Jewish jihadists starting a world war is not uniquely mine. There was an op-ed by Jewish dissident Sefi Rachlevsky in Haaretz Wednesday that said the same thing: Netanyahu must be stopped from attacking Iran


The "Conspiratorial Veil" of Western Racism In the last 24 hours, we learned that Gaddafi's claimed victims of the UN bombing campaign included victims...

Light Sweet Crude… and Cookies

I turned on the news this morning and instantly received my first commercial message of the day. You've probably seen it, it's a pitch from Time Warner which offers up well scrubbed "employees" who spend thirty seconds or so reading a script designed to convince us that they are "Moms," "Dads," and regular working schleps, just like us... pardon that - just like me. The ad is an attempt to put a face on the faceless, to create the illusion that the giant soulless organization is really warm and fuzzy with a friendly beating heart and smells like fresh baked cookies.

Disappearing Oil and Gulf Seafood: Passing the Sniff Test

Since the Deepwater Horizon exploded and sank on April 20 killing 11 workers the NOAA estimates that 206 million gallons of "light sweet crude" spewed from BP's Macondo well field, fouling the waters of the Gulf, shutting down much of the commerce of the surrounding region and creating a giant toxic bouillabaisse in which now swim whatever critters managed to survive poisoning, suffocation, or being roasted alive.

Wisconsin U.S. Senate Candidate Ron Johnson Is For-Against-Doesn’t-Hear-Question on Great Lakes...

- Multi-millionaire GOP Candidate Trying to Buy Wisconsin Senate Seat, $100,000s invested in Big Oil, Runs from Pro-Great Lakes Drilling Stance - Ron Johnson: On Great Lakes...

BP Associations Could Cost GOP in Great Lakes States

Madison, Wisconsin—This writer has taken Sen. Russ Feingold to task in the past, but now it appears that Feingold's likely general election opponent, U.S. Senate...

Rats! “il Vinaio” No Longer Serves Lion Burgers

I read a brief story yesterday from the AP about a restaurant in Phoenix, Mesa actually, .. that's in Arizona ... an upscale Mediterranean eatery, that in celebration of, or as a tribute to the Wold Cup of Football ... that's soccer... began serving Lion Burgers on their Mediterranean menu.

Updated – Judge Blocking Drilling Ban Is Corrupt: Deep Holdings in...

Update: From the AP (Anderson and Kunzelman): " Feldman's 2008 financial disclosure report — the most recent available — also showed investments in Ocean...


IS DISSOLUTION, DISMEMBERMENT AND DELEGITIMACY INEVITABLE FOR AMERICA? By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor To millions of Americans, the "end times" seem to be on us.  The...

Tony and ‘Bob’: Sailing, Not Skimming around the Isle of Wight

BP's 'Prince of Public Relations' Tony Hayward left his reluctant witness chair in Washington and headed (by private jet I assume) for the Isle of Wight for a typical family weekend of ... yachting or more correctly 'yacht racing.'

Get Used to Blackened Seafood, BP’s Spew May Continue For Years

The Guardian reports that according to figures provided by BP 'Weasel in Chief' Tony Hayward, the Macondo field reservoir now emptying into the Gulf of Mexico contains enough oil to continue spewing at the current rate for more than two years.

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg: “We care about the small people”

By James Herron in the WSJ American political rhetoric has a long tradition of folksiness. If you want to get far in public office in...

A Gusher of Light Sweet Terror

"Trees cause more pollution than automobiles," declared Reagan; then, in a classic example of leading from the front, he had the solar panels removed from his roof. It was a clear statement that would set the tone for future energy policy and place control of the game in the hands of the energy moguls.

Families Devestated by BP Spill: ‘Quite Sorry,’ Says BP CEO

Check out Wonkette. She has a satirical piece written in the first-person by BP CEO, Tony Hayward. Great stuff as always. We need humor, more...

Cheney’s Push of Deregulators Led to BP Disaster

If it was supervised, if it was overseen, if it was regulated by the federal government, Cheney with his marvellous bureaucratic talent moved in and essentially replaced the people who were in the positions that were central to this regulation, this oversight, with people who were either lobbyists for the industry being regulated or executives from that industry.

The Price of the Pelican

The subtitle of the BP oil spill is the Price of the Pelican. We will never fully know the cost of this spill to wildlife and wetlands, because it will continue its slow-motion rampage long after the lawyers have settled. Rowan Gould, the acting director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, said the spill “in all likelihood will affect fish and wildlife resources in the Gulf and across the North American continent for years, if not decades to come.’’

BP Tries to Block Photos of Dead Wildlife

For animal lovers, one of the most heartbreaking aspects of the Gulf spill is the oil-drenched wildlife washing up on shore. If you're too horrified to look at any photos, you're in luck — BP doesn't want you to see them. As of Friday morning, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s tally of dead animals collected in the Gulf area was 527 birds, 235 sea turtles (six to nine times the average rate), and 30 mammals, including dolphins

They Are Killing the Oceans

BP Plc’s failure since April to plug a Gulf of Mexico oil leak has prompted forecasts the crude may continue gushing into December in what President Barack Obama has called the greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history. BP’s attempts so far to cap the well and plug the leak on the seabed a mile below the surface haven’t worked, while the start of the Atlantic hurricane season this week indicates storms in the Gulf may disrupt other efforts.

Video of Top Kill – Kent Well Technical Update

As BP's stock plummets, taking down much of the market with it, BP engineers tried to recover from a failed attempt to stop the...

Obama Should Put BP Under Temporary Receivership

The drill-baby-drill fools will scream: "Socialist!" So what? Taking over BP is needed, and is actually very smart politics. It will be BP, Sarah Palin and...

Why Isn’t BP Under Criminal Investigation?

BP is a convicted serial environmental criminal. Why is there no criminal investigation? Why hasn't the government launched a criminal investigation into BP? * By Jason...

Industry vs. the Regulators: Guess Who Wins

Survivors told a congressional panel last week that Massey Energy had flouted safety regulations and rendered the poorly ventilated coal mine into "a ticking time bomb." Upper Big Branch became a deadly monument to ineffectual enforcement by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration. Massey Energy was essentially allowed to regulate itself.

“Beyond Pathetic” Full Coverage of Oil spill cleanup in the Gulf...

I have watched in sadness and anger the coverage of the unnecessary destruction of the Gulf of Mexico. The oil is now into the Gulf's "loop current" and will be in the Keys within ten days. Here's an update on the attempt to clean up this mess from the St Petersburg Times.

Get Guv’ment off our backs … but not yet

It's fashionable to be mad at the government these days, but many folks are unclear about how to join the movement. The first step is to master the idiom of outrage. It's not just government, it's Big Government. Or even better: Big Guv'ment.

Slick from US oil spill reaches coastland

Oil spewing from BP's ruptured undersea well in the Gulf of Mexico has now reached the US coast, choking marshlands and fragile marine life. Amid the massive mop-up operation, Al Jazeera's John Terrett takes a boat ride around southern Louisiana's coast. The thick slick is already causing the local economy and the environment massive damage, but many fear the worst is yet to come.

Update on BP Oil Spill Cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico

The latest facts, stats, pictures and maps for the BP oil spill, its size, its impacts on wildlife, and the efforts at containment and cleanup in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion of the Transocean Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20 killed 11 people and led to the BP oil spill that threatens coastal Louisiana, Gulf Coast fisheries, Gulf of Mexico ecosystems, and perhaps the East Coast, as the spill reaches the loop current.

Gulf oil spill: ‘Like tracking a serial killer’

VENICE, La. -- A flotilla of shrimp boats skimmed the waters of Brenton Bay at the mouth of the Mississippi Thursday in a desperate attempt to limit the damage to coastal marshes from the long tendrils of oil snaking in from the giant spill.

BP Oil Spill: And A Child Shall Lead Them

An absolutely true news item: British Petroleum says it is considering a plan to plug the main leak on the sunken Deepwater Horizon oil rig by shooting it full of shredded car tires, old golf balls and knotted ropes. British Petroleum announced today that it has fired its top engineer for safety design and replaced him with Jody McNamara, age 12, a sixth-grade honors student at the Dwight Eisenhower Middle School in Tulsa, Okla.

Is BP’s remedy for the spill only making it worse?

Last Thursday, BP began putting more than 100,000 gallons of chemicals into the Gulf of Mexico to disperse some of the hundreds of thousands -- if not millions -- of gallons of petroleum its undersea volcano of oil has gushed so far. Chemically dispersing oil spills "solves the political problem of visible oil but not the environmental problem," Robert Brulle, a 20-year Coast Guard veteran and an affiliate professor of public health at Drexel University, told me. These dispersants "do not actually reduce the total amount of oil entering the environment," as a 2005 National Academy of Sciences report on the subject put it.

Whistleblower: BP Risks More Massive Catastrophes in Gulf

A former contractor who worked for British Petroleum (BP) claims the oil conglomerate broke federal laws and violated its own internal procedures by failing to maintain crucial safety and engineering documents related to one of the firms other deep water production projects in the Gulf of Mexico, according to internal emails and other documents obtained by Truthout.

Spill, Baby, Spill

The oil spill that began when one of oil giant "BP's" offshore oil rigs exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico last week was initially reported as leaking at the rate of 1000 barrels per day. Last night the Coast Guard upped the estimated leak rate to 5000 barrels per day. I assume that they are talking about the typical 42 gallon "barrel" the standard measurement for the toxic fluid now gushing from a pipe drilled in a hole in the sea floor. If so, that's 210,000 gallons of toxic, flammable, carcinogenic, fish, fowl and coral killing sludge every day.