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New Jersey’s 9th CD Voters Say No to AIPAC

Pascrelli’s victory was a surprise and it could be only an anomaly. Or, it could be the beginning of a new spirit in American politics in which AIPAC no longer controls Congress.

Obama Emerges as the US Warrior President

The president has apparently decided a warrior president is a better image to project for his reelection in a downward spiraling economy.

The Incompatibility of Nakba and Neutrality

Together with thousands of people I took to the streets of Ramallah, joined by a group of amazing women and their children.

Your Hard-Earned US Tax Dollars and Church Pension Funds at Work...

Marchers moved through the streets of Hebron, Kafr Qaddoum, Nablus, Nabi Saleh, Ni’lin, Ramallah, al-Walaja and outside of Ofer prison. The picture above was taken in Hebron.

United Methodists Boycott Settlement Products

One loss and one victory will prepare the United Methodist Church to take the next step in ending United Methodist support for the occupation. Like the segregated church it was until 1964, the United Methodist church can change.

“Throw Their Dirty, Filthy Ships Out of the Water!”

I found myself thinking, we are well past time to “throw this dirty, filthy Occupation out of United Methodist waters”.

Does Israel Interfere in US Elections?

Facts on the ground are always easier to establish as permanent realities while the media and its constituents are looking the other way.

Günter Grass Exposes Israel As a Nuclear Power that “Endangers” a...

A stunning new poem by German novelist Günter Grass, has “broken the silence” on Israel as a nuclear power.

The View From Israel/US In 1977 and 2012

This spring and summer there will be national governing conferences in which United Methodists and Presbyterians will debate what position those official church bodies will vote on whether or not church investments should be used to support Israel’s Occupation.

Should the US Go to War for Israel?

If the US is led by Israel to participate in another war in the Middle East, these McClatchy findings suggest that this war could be one of the biggest sales promotion successes in modern political history.

Sunday afternoon update following President Obama’s AIPAC speech

Netanyahu Comes To Town To Push Attack on Iran; Obama Tells AIPAC Diplomacy Is Better

Which Matters Most, AIPAC’s Power, or Rachel Corrie’s Death?

Why is the choice between AIPAC and Rachel Corrie so difficult to make?

The Destructive Madness of Extremism: First McCarthyism, Then Radical Zionism

Deflect attention from reality, create fear, and take the “high road”. This is the way extremists operate. It has always been so.

Dennis Ross’ Iran Legacy Continues At WINEP

Ross will move to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), the think tank created by AIPAC, which because of its loyalty to Israel, is currently pointing all of its rhetorical big guns at Iran. by James M. wall

Dennis Ross Resigns As Middle East Advisor

Too late and good riddance! “Dennis is the closest thing you’ll find to a melitz yosher, as far as Israel is concerned,”

What Did The Children Learn in School Today?

Fifty years after Pete Seeger sang Tom Paxton’s prophetic folk song, American culture retains sufficient belief in its own “manifest destiny” narrative to continue the expansion of worldwide American hegemony.

Palestine Enters UNESCO in 107 to 14 Vote

The UNESCO vote is step one, and a hugely popular step it is, outside of the US. .

Obama and the Iran “Terror Plot Thriller”

For Barack Obama to take a prominent role in announcing the case may prove to be a serious political and diplomatic mistake...

United States is One of Four out of 58 members Blocking...

This Occupation is Brought to You by A Pattern of Racial Bigotry.

81 House Members Enjoy Hiatus In Israel

So far, the main stream media (MSM) has protected them. Instead of returning immediately to their home districts to answer questions about the US economy, 81 House members are flying to Tel Aviv to demonstrate their loyalty and devotion to a foreign power.

How Would Murdoch’s Downfall Affect Israel? Don’t Ask the US Media

Global News Service of the Jewish People, coverage of the Murdoch News Corp story sounded the traditional Jewish mother’s alarm: “uh oh, this will not be good for the Jewish people”.

Congress Blesses Israel’s Matrix of Control

We are all occupied by Israel’s army because we are, as Zunes notes, “trapped in an early 20th century colonial mindset”. To be trapped in a colonial mindset is to be linked to a a matrix of mind control that deadens our hearts, our minds, and yes, our souls. Not convinced? You still believe that our political leaders, our church leaders, and our media controllers tell us the truth about Israel?

Netanyahu Panics — American and European activists Flytilla

"I, and another US Boat to Gaza campaign member, Missy Lane, will head to Tel Aviv, where we plan to be part of a “flytilla,” a new campaign which will bring hundreds of activists together in Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, all of us intent on reaching Palestinian refugee camps and/or visiting Gazan families." -- Kathy Kelly

Israel Battles Gaza Flotilla on Two Fronts

The second front where Israel is fighting against the Gaza Flotilla is in its constant struggle to maintain control over the American corporate media.

US Congress Becomes a Mob of Mindless Cheering Sycophants

Anyone who has ever been a delegate to a decision-making gathering like a national Democratic or Republican national nominating convention, knows this drill. By James M. Wall

“I Got Vision and Rest of World Wears Bifocals”

We desperately need a few good men and women with vision in Washington this week when President Obama, AIPAC and both houses of the US Congress, prepare to receive a foreign visitor to American soil.

Why Palestinian Unity is the Only Option that Works for Palestinians

You would not know it from reading/viewing the American media, which parrots whatever Israel’s leaders say, but Bibi Netanyahu is secretly delighted that Fatah and Hamas have reached a unity agreement.


We can only hope that Obama is now playing his own intelligence game against the American/Israeli war party. A game in which the President of...


When Dr. King died, the world lost a champion of justice and hope. It did not, however, lose his message of hope over fear,...

Fox News, Fear Peddlers and Falsehoods Reshape Congress

By James M. Wall -- Veterans Today Politicians, pollsters, media and pundits would have us believe ”the economy and taxes” were the burning issues...


By James M. Wall -- Veterans Today What effect will Tuesday’s midterm elections have on US-Israel relations? Let us count the ways, starting with the...