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Rethinking Cancer Treatment

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the primary treatments recommended by the health industry, rarely “cure” or eliminate cancer. Find out more>>>

Veterans Divided on Asbestos Bill Passed in Senate and Assembly

On March 17, veterans and representatives from veterans groups gathered to urge Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to stop a controversial asbestos-related bill from becoming law.

"Glitch" In New Health Care Law Could Cost Veterans' Families

A “glitch”in the Affordable Care Act [ACA] could cost some families thousands of dollars, especially veterans with children.

“Glitch” In New Health Care Law Could Cost Veterans’ Families

A “glitch”in the Affordable Care Act [ACA] could cost some families thousands of dollars, especially veterans with children.

Cellphones and Brain Tumors

Good information about cellphone-related health risks is extremely hard to come by in the US....

Benefits From New Recommendations For Annual Lung Cancer Screenings

Veteran Population Runs a Higher Risk of Developing Lung Cancer From Smoking If Exposed to Asbestos, Dangerous Toxins

Curing Cancer with Cannabis

Although cannabis has been used in medical treatment for thousands of years in China and India, it became illegal in most of the western world in the first half of the twentieth century.

Obama’s Climate Initiative: the New Obamacare

As with his sweeping health care legislation, the President’s long awaited climate initiative has winners and losers.

Obama's Climate Initiative: the New Obamacare

As with his sweeping health care legislation, the President’s long awaited climate initiative has winners and losers.

What America Can Learn from the UK’s Asbestos Veterans Debacle

200 Veterans Exposed to Asbestos Before 1987 'Denied Compensation' Under Current Rule

What America Can Learn from the UK's Asbestos Veterans Debacle

200 Veterans Exposed to Asbestos Before 1987 'Denied Compensation' Under Current Rule

We Stand Together: Veterans and Asbestos

The ACVRC supports and protects the rights of our military veterans.

I Spit on Your Grave

Pro-Nukers lie to everybody else (Normals) and by agreement reduce the effective dose absorbed of Radioactive Hydrogen made by Reactors and Atomic Bombs 906 Billion Times - all the while looking you right in the eye.

VA Leads Nation in Breast Cancer Screening Rates

The Department of Veterans Affairs leads the Nation in breast cancer screening rates and has outperformed non-VA health care systems in breast cancer screenings for more than 15 years, with 87 percent of eligible women receiving mammograms in the VA health care system in fiscal year 2010.

Connecting The Dots To Cancer

Semper Fidelis is not just an empty slogan or a recruiting gimmick to entice young men and women to join the Marines.

VA Continues to Reduce Gender Disparities in Health Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has released a report that shows improvement in gender disparities in 12 out of 14 Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures in VA since 2008.

Marine Hangar Was ‘Witches Brew’

MCAS El Toro’s Hangar 296 was “ground zero” for TCE plume spreading miles into Orange County and contaminated with radiation from a Ra 226 paint room.

She Toured Vietnam With USO, Now She Shares Vets’ Cancer Battle

She began her journey alone, armed only with mountains of documents, photographs, maps and letters that she thought proved the rare cancers she suffered from were linked to chemical exposure during the Vietnam War.

Why Should You Be Tobacco Free?

Quitting smoking is the single most important thing you can do to improve your health and protect the health of your family members.

A Death From Cancer, and a Search for Answers

Randy White had just buried a daughter, dead at 30 with a brain tumor. Now his other daughter had been diagnosed with growths in her abdomen.

EPA Rules Lejeune Water Contaminant Causes Cancer

A long-anticipated report by the Environmental Protection Agency determined this week that exposure to the chemical degreaser TCE causes cancer in humans.

Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer

The CIA had developed a poison that caused the victim to have an immediate heart attack. This poison could be frozen into the shape of a dart and then fired at high speed from a pistol. The gun was capable of shooting the icy projectile with enough speed that the dart would go right through the clothes of the target and leave just a tiny red mark. Once in the body the poison would melt and be absorbed into the blood and cause a heart attack! The poison was developed to be undetectable by modern autopsy procedures.

Possible Cancer Cluster in Fort Detrick, Maryland Under Investigation

Biodefense facilities in Fort Detrick, Maryland have nearby residents rightfully concerned about a host of diseases many believe are related to Army activities that include Agent Orange testing during the Vietnam War. Most recently, a possible cancer cluster has been the subject an intense investigation.

Cancer For Profit Part three

The story of John Beard might not make a case for institutional evil all by itself, but there are many such stories—the literature is rich in concrete examples.

Cancer for profit. Part two

The year after John Beard published his monograph (1912) the world suddenly learned about Marie Curie and her discovery of the rays emitted by radium.

Cancer for Profit Part one of Three

There is an absolute monopoly when it comes to the approved treatments for cancer in the United States, and also in much of the world.

New Cancer Paradigm; It’s About Time!

A solution to the scourge of cancer is at hand. Researchers now know where to look, and they may soon be uncovering data that brings an end to the monopolized medical nightmare.

The Cannabis Cure for Cancer

Do we really have the cure for cancer at our fingertips or at the bottom of our collective bongs? Geez us, if so, we really need to do this!

Cancer is a Business NOT a Disease

American People Being Duped by Cancer Business by Tom Valentine   Cut Poison Burn is a searing film that illuminates the grim truth about America's so-called War...

Veteran Finally Cancer-free after Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

Cancer experts at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (MEDVAMC) recently removed a patient’s liver tumor using a medically advanced, laparoscopic technique.

Agent Orange Linked to Kidney Cancer: Study

There appears to be a link between Agent Orange and kidney cancer in U.S. veterans exposed to the herbicide in Vietnam, a new study suggests. Researchers at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Shreveport, La. examined the records of 297 patients diagnosed with kidney cancer between 1987 and 2009.

High Cancer Rates for Vietnam Veterans

The tracking of cancer in the aging population of Vietnam Veterans exposed to dioxin has been neglected.

Falls’ Agent Orange answers will come from provincial panel: Hydro One

Niagara Falls residents who want to know if hydro workers sprayed Agent Orange on the city's power-line corridors will be able to get answers from the provincial panel when it releases its findings, said a Hydro One spokesman.

Left Out in America’s Wasteland

(LOS ANGELES) - I live in soulful frustration along with stunned amazement at how this beautiful country of ours can ignore many hidden American civilians like myself. In 1970, while traveling with the USO as an innocent, 18-year old volunteer, I was repeatedly and unexpectedly exposed to Agent Orange (I have written about those times in alossofinnocence.com.)

Consequences of Israeli weapons testing on Gaza

Richard Lightbown argues that Israel’s use of depleted uranium, white phosphorus and other toxic metals in its war on the people of the Gaza Strip has put the whole of the Strip’s population and its environment – air, soil, groundwater and possibly seawater – at risk of serious long-term injury and contamination.

Report Details Agent Orange use at Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick has released a preliminary archive search report on its past Agent Orange use as the Kristen Renee Foundation began to ramp up its efforts to prove that the Army post caused a cancer cluster in Frederick. According to the report, which was posted online Tuesday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers found that Fort Detrick tested an estimated 16.82 pounds of Agent Orange and similar defoliants between 1944 and 1951.

Gulf War Veterans Alert to Changes in Blood For Their Health

Gulf War Veterans 1990-91/ Desert Storm Veterans that are suffering from gulf war illness are searching for answers and only through their own continual push to find answers has there been a response at all from their government. Through their efforts a law was passed to get the Veterans Affairs Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Illness which meets February 28- March 1 in Washington DC. Their efforts have led to the push for research into biomarkers, the best diagnostic tools, and possible treatment modalities for their illnesses. Dr Bach at the Minneapolis Va has been busy examining their blood for clues and has found some clues and has found so far they have a low level chronic coagulation activation problem. Dr Martin Pall in Washington State is working on oxidative stress as a problem in chronic fatigue, gulf war illness and other undiagnosed illnesses. Dr Bach's research continues and publication of his findings are eagerly awaited. The VA RAC GWI has also reviewed the chronic inflammatory nature of these illnesses at their last meeting in Boston.

China bans a Painkiller, Dextropopoxyphene

Chinese authorities ordered ban on medicines that contain Dextropropoxyphene, a painkiller. The country’s drug watchdog agency warned that medicines, which have negative side effects, may create a potential threat to the life of citizens.

Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA

Hmmm, fascinating! The managerial and professional class in America and Europe get their ass Zapped but good! Wonder how long this will go on?

Movie Breaks All Rules Exposing Cancer Origins

(SALEM / PARIS) - I think the new film Idiot Cycle that delivers the good on the world's top cancer causing culprits, could easily...


PROFIT FROM SCANNER SALES MAY HAVE CAUSED TERROR ATTACK By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor (Ed:  See Ron Paul's new TSA video.) Two very dubious terror attacks,...


Boiling Frogs Beltway Buzz: Obama’s New Healthcare Plan to Bridge TSA, Department of Health & Human Services, & the Tourism Industry Taking Medical...