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Veteran overcomes homelessness, gives back after getting UPS job

UPS is assisting the Veterans Village of San Diego by providing full time jobs to a few previously homeless veterans.

How Riverside County reached 'functional zero' veteran homelessness

Homelessness continues to be a huge problem in Southern California, but Riverside County says that they've managed to reach "functional zero" veteran homelessness.

Veterans struggling with homelessness to be given free meals, health care...

Veterans struggling with homeless and underemployment in Kalamazoo County will be lent a helping hand this week.

Northeast Ohio Counties Get Money To Fight Homelessness Among Veterans

Cuyahoga County has received more than $2 million to help stop homelessness among military veterans. The Department of Veteran Affairs grant is part of a nationwide effort to help put homeless veterans and their families into permanent housing. From Ohio Public Radio station WKSU, Kevin Niedermier reports.

Austin Ends Homelessness for Veterans

The U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, the Veterans Administration, HUD, governors and mayors, and countless others share the vision to end homelessness among veterans.

HUD, VA combine to help cut vet homelessness

HUD provides rental assistance to homeless veterans and the VA complements it with case management and clinical services.

Education in America, Drug Companies, and the Cosmic War Against Families

“A recent Reuters Business Insight report designed for drug company executives argued that the ability to ‘create new disease markets’ is bringing untold billions in soaring drug sales”

‘Unimaginable number of veterans homeless’

American military veterans who have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are homeless in “almost unimaginable numbers,” says Gordon Duff, senior editor at VT.

Grant Will Help Local Vets Get Work, Keep Homes

A Massachusetts-based nonprofit group is coming to the Jersey Shore this fall to administer a $1 million federal grant that will help homeless veterans and those at risk of losing their homes.

VA Launches Project REACH Contest

VA Launches “Project REACH” Contest With HUD and Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation to Help Homeless Find Vital Services

Military Suicides, Duff on Press TV

Gordon Duff, Senior Editor at VT slams the U.S. military for doing “very little about” the rising suicide rate among troops, blaming multiple deployments and faulty medications as to why soldiers resort to taking their own lives.

Congress Without Conscience and The Broken Safety Net: Part Two in...

This week in D.C. thousands of Jewish and Christian AIPAC lobbyists have inundated the Capitol to push Congress to vote YES on Senate Resolution 380, introduced by Zionist Senators Lieberman, Casey and Graham, who call for a military attack on Iran.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – February 21, 2012

VA Secretary Meets with Business Leaders VA has partnered with a number of companies in an effort to find meaningful employment for Veterans.

Days of Awareness and About The Money: Part 1

"I was a firefighter for twenty-two years and lost my house over $2,000.00"-Booker T. Perry of Orlando, Fl.

Food Drive for Homeless Veterans

VA Butler Healthcare's Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (HPDP) Program Committee recently organized a food drive to support local homeless Veterans.

VAPHS Director Honored for Leading Quest to End Homelessness

The Pennsylvania American Legion has recognized VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System (VAPHS) Director and CEO Terry Gerigk Wolf for her support in the nonprofit's quest to end homelessness among Veterans.

I Am Eileen Fleming and I Approve This Message

The first political radio interview from a candidate of conscience who will never be a 'good politician' for she tells the truth.

101 Year Old Widow of a Veteran Homeless by HUD

HUD now says a 101-year-old Detroit woman it promised could move back into her foreclosed home four months ago can't return to her home because the building's unsanitary and unsafe.

Support and Vote for a Real Change

All people are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. To secure these rights, governments are instituted among people deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Veteran Rises From Homelessness To a Job With Veterans Affairs

The act of being able to wake up in a warm bed, next to your spouse and then go to work is considered by some people to be ordinary, but not for Veteran Mark Galloway.

Veterans’ Homelessness Drops Amid Partnerships, Outreach

The U.S. Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development today announced that a new national report shows that homelessness among veterans has been reduced by nearly 12 percent between January 2010 and January 2011.

VA-HUD: Homelessness Among Veterans Declines 12% in 2011

The Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing and Urban Development today announced that a new national report shows that homelessness among Veterans has been reduced by nearly 12 percent between January 2010 and January 2011.

Thanksgivings: An Eve, A Commitment And A Turtle

"The formula is simple and it's reduced to four words every kid in the world knows: Tell me a story. It's that easy."-Don Hewitt. What follows are three Thanksgiving stories and every word is true.

Homeless Outreach Campaign

Having hung up their cleats and sweat socks, area sports legends took up a new task on October 12th: ending homelessness among American veterans.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News 1.      Medal Of Honor Recipient Dies. NBC Nightly News (12/17, story 9, 0:40, Williams, 8.37M) reported, "This nation has...

Military sexual trauma not addressed fully

For some veterans, however, the struggle to secure compensation for service-induced trauma continues unabated

‘Combat Paper’ Helps Vets Beat War Memories to a Pulp

One table at the presentation was mounded with a mass of buttons and a gnarled pile of shredded camouflage, which sat next to a portable pulper. Once pulped, shaped and dried, Matott said one uniform can make up to 350 sheets of 8-by-11 paper. The paper created from uniforms is varying shades of green, embedded with little flecks and strands of unpulped fiber. It feels tough, like extra-rugged construction paper

Top 10 Veterans News From Around The Country

The AP (2/22, Hefling) notes that during a recent interview, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki "said he's making it a top priority this year to tackle the backlog of disability claims that has veterans waiting months - even years - to get financial compensation for their injuries." Shinseki, "a former Army chief of staff who had part of a foot blown off when he was a young officer in Vietnam, was unapologetic about a decision he made in October to make it easier for potentially 200,000 sick Vietnam veterans who were exposed to the Agent Orange herbicide to receive service-connected compensation." Shinseki "said he's looking ahead to make sure Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries don't have similar problems getting financial compensation."