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To Congress and AIPAC Regarding The Trees and The Children

On Tuesday AIPAC "applauded" The House's passage of the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012—which the Senate approved on 29 June 2012.

Talking Truth About Assange and Vanunu by Noble Laureate and a...

‘Who next?’ and ‘where goes freedom, human rights and justice?’-Mairead Maguire, NOBEL PEACE LAUREATE

Palestinian Prisoners Behind Bars and Walls

"What so much of the western press in particular has bypassed so far is the human aspect of our prisoners, who unlike Shalit, have been bunched up into one unappealing category: murderers, terrorists, people out for blood. And who wants to give a human story to that?" I do and have ever since my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine in June 2005.

The Third Rail and Forcing Obama to Earn his Nobel

Today at the United Nations President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas formally requested full United Nations membership and stated, "I don’t believe anyone with a shred of conscience can reject our application for full admission in the United Nations." Citizens of conscience can help force President Obama to earn his Nobel Peace Prize...

Obama Proves Zionism Rules US and He is NOT on The...

CTJP=Compassion, Truth, Justice, Peace. President Obama's speech today at the UN drew immediate praise from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his efforts to dissuade Palestinian leaders from pushing for a United Nations vote on statehood, calling Obama’s actions a “badge of honor”.

To Renee Fleming from a Flaming Fleming

Renee Fleming is scheduled to perform Jerusalem on 28 July to sing a concert of ‘duets and arias’ accompanied by ‘Israel’s flagship’ the Israel Philharmonic, which is to be broadcast to 480 cinemas across America under the title ‘Live from Jerusalem’.

It’s Always About The Money So On With This REVOLUTION!

As the August 2nd deadline fast approaches to raise the government-borrowing limit, President Obama called on Congress two days before this Independence Day to make a deal and announced, “Nothing can be off-limits. We've got to cut the deficit.”

Mr. Presidents and Prime Ministers Tear Down This Wall!

Six years of weekly protests against the route of Israel’s separation wall and four years after the Israeli high court declared the path of The Wall illegal and admitted its purpose had nothing to do with ‘security’ but with settlement expansion, Israeli army bulldozers began to dismantle The Wall in Bil'in this week.

Back to Helen Thomas, Lennon, Vanunu and Giving U.S. Some Truth

The religiously fundamentalist Zionist Rabbi David Nesenoff, who turned his camera on Ms Helen Thomas just over a year ago and she shot back with righteous truth, that lead to her “firing” NOT retiring will be speaking out for Pollard at a Zionist celebration of the 6 Day War

Israeli Destruction—Photostory: Home demolitions in Lydd

Martin Luther King Jr. said: “There comes a time when people get tired of being trampled by the iron feet of oppression.” When is...

Military Orders FRAGO 242 and FRAGO 039 Known at Highest Levels...

- Another reason to avoid war:  Good, dedicated people do awful things. All war is terror, generally WE OUGHT NOT wage it unless WE ABSOUTELY...

Book by Innocent Victim Suggests Torture by U.S. Was Widespread

 - "We don't torture," squawked George W. Bush time and again; he was lying. Murat Kurnaz in  Five Years of My Life: An Innocent Man...

Turning Points: Israel Caves Under Flotilla Pressure

From the Huffington Post: By Phyllis Bennis Turning points occur in every campaign for human rights and equality. There are moments when, before victory is certain...

Arab League demands Gaza siege end

Amid doubt that the 1.5 million Gazans suffering from an illegal Israeli blockade will gain support from the regional Arab and Persian dictators comes...