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To Congress and AIPAC Regarding The Trees and The Children

On Tuesday AIPAC "applauded" The House's passage of the U.S.-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012—which the Senate approved on 29 June 2012.

TO: Mossad/Shabbak RE: Your Vendetta against Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Vanunu...

On the 1st of may, Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, Mordechai Vanunu deactivated his Facebook Wall and Twitter Account after writing, “Today they sent first notice, they will renew the restrictions..."

To: President Obama, New York Corporate News Desks and my Cyber-Attackers

A few hours after "21 April 2012: Global Call to Free Mordechai Vanunu, Israel's Nuclear Whistle Blower and a New York Event" PRWEB Press Release went live, I received my first of the usual cyber attacks that have come at me since I went online in 2005, and I seize this opportunity to address them once again.

Cyber Drones and Vanunu Video

This article was published first at my site, which was founded in July 2005; three weeks after my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine.

Christ Under Occupation: Christmas in the Holy Land 2011

Researches predict that if things do not change very soon, Holy Land churches will be nothing more than museums for Christian communities across the region are declining due to low birth rates coupled with increasing emigration due to the persecution and violence rooted in the now 44 years of Military occupation of Palestine.

The 3rd of this October and Vanunu Mordechai

Unless Israel changes the date again, Mordechai Vanunu will learn the Court's decision on October 3, 2011 if he will be allowed his inalienable right to leave the state. Here's hoping what Vanunu said in 2006 will not be a self-fulfilling prophecy.....

FOX NEWS Continues to Lead Way to America’s International Ignorance

"America is facing an information war ... and we are losing that war." That is what Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said as...

Sharron Angle: Remaking America on the Pinochet Model

Sharron Angle, the Tea Bagger running against Harry Reid for the Senate in Nevada says that we should use Augusto Pinochet's model of privatization as a guide for reforming our social security system. Yes, Pinochet, the infamous fascist dictator and Nixon/Kissinger ally who engineered the subjugation of Chilean democracy in the 1970s.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Remember Niger? Valerie Plame? All that Yellowcake uranium ore is now under the control of a platoon commander, NPR has the story. Schools spying on your kids at home? Welcome to the logical progression of the post 9/11 national security state in a story by Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing. The ghosts of Cheney and Bush have livened up the party at the CPAC convention, Salon's Mike Madden has a guide to the festivities. Those stories and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/12/10

Happy birthday Charles Darwin, Steven Newton at Huff Post offers some reasons for the importance of Darwin's work. It's also Valentine's Day and AlterNet's Daniela Perdomo suggests that the way to celebrate it this year is to break up with your bank. The hired "experts" so often seen in the media are very often serving their own bank balances as a story from The Nation tells us and those stories and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Wonder why so many people are so seriously..overweight? Derrick Jackson at the Boston Globe writes that we might consider the 17 teaspoons of sugar in one 20 oz. soda. Cowboy iconoclast Jim Hightower casts light on Texas' Rick Perry's attempt to cover up state collusion with businesses cheating on tax abatement agreements and Dylan Ratigan patiently explains to Glen Beck "where snow comes from," those stories and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/11/10

Time to tax financial speculation? Way past time according to Institute for Policy Study's Sarah Anderson writing in Yes Magazine. Privatized health care? Ask rural Chinese how the switch from public to private is working for them, from the LA Times. Sarah Palin is smacking her jaws together over climate change using disinformation that she gets directly from big oil, from Think Progress and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/10/10

Sean Hannity seems to think that the "world" is limited to the eastern US. in Texas if you report a doctor for malpractice you may go down on a felony rap. Canada seems to have become infected with the paranoia of its southern neighbor, and from Inquisition headquarters: The "Christian Manifesto" brands liberals as Nazis. These stories and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/9/10

The disturbing story of a US soldier waterboarding his baby girl, A Jim Hightower tribute to Howard Zinn, "Innovation" lives on in the GOP...cut taxes on the rich, and privatize everything, casualty reports from the AfPak drone war come under fire and Bob Herbert reports on the unfair distribution of income and pain in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

The gang that paid the Dems to turn their collective backs on the harebrained gambling and outright criminal behavior of Wall Street is threatening to stop the money flow from Glen Greenwald at Salon. More on the fat cat lenders getting rich off the backs of college students in a NYT oped. The results of the recent SCOTUS decision to hand over our electoral process to corporations are already unfolding in plutocratic pow wows in a story from Raw Story via AlterNet and more in today's picks.

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web

Robert Reich points out that it's Congress that does the legislating around here not Wall Street. SC's Lt Guv finds lots of laughs in the unemployed using food stamps, Jim Hightower can't find the humor. At Tomgram we learn that as we suspected, "The Commercials Are the Super Bowl," and the GOP after preaching the horrors of public insurance wants to ration my Medicare and get its greedy fingers ion my Social Security. All that and more in today's picks