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An American Spring?

The coming elections in America have become a contest between candidates who both try to be the leading panderer to Israel. Watching grown men who aspire to lead America grovel and mollycoddle before Israeli puppet-masters is disturbing.

Why It’s Worse Than It Looks and Why We The People...

All that Power cares about is keeping it for themselves and time is NOW for We The People to be The Boss!

Congress Calls for Clemency for Pollard and Continues to Ignore Calls...

After the most recent meeting between President Barack Obama, Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Congressmen Gary Ackerman of New York and Barney Frank of Massachusetts followed up with a letter to Obama asking for Israeli Spy, Jonathan Pollard’s sentence be commuted to time served.

Occupy Wall Street: How Cash Has Corrupted Congress

An Occupy Wall Street press team member explains why members of Congress keep getting richer while the rest of the country has flatlined.

The Media, Ron Paul and a Third Rail named Vanunu Mordechai

Ron Paul’s poll numbers are surging, the Media’s scrutiny is focused on the contents of an “investment newsletter” that Paul produced and profited from back in the ’80s and ’90s.

If I can’t laugh it’s NOT my REVOLUTION and the Colbert...

As I am deadly serious about reaching Stephen and also Jon Stewart- for another of my dreams is that Jon would read and discuss my third book, "BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu's FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010" I have been speaking up on Youtube and I also TWEETED this message to Colbert's SuperPAC Nation...

Murdoch, Media and Intellectual terrorism

It’s not a democracy when a realm is controlled by an unelected power broker with enforcers who run the government for another country.

Congress Blesses Israel’s Matrix of Control

We are all occupied by Israel’s army because we are, as Zunes notes, “trapped in an early 20th century colonial mindset”. To be trapped in a colonial mindset is to be linked to a a matrix of mind control that deadens our hearts, our minds, and yes, our souls. Not convinced? You still believe that our political leaders, our church leaders, and our media controllers tell us the truth about Israel?

The Banksters and American Foreign Policy

Rothbard’s account of the course of American foreign policy as the history of contention between the Morgan interests, the Rockefellers, and the various banking "families," who dealt primarily in buying and selling government bonds, is fascinating stuff, and it illuminates a theme common to both left and right commentators: that the elites are manipulating the policy levers to ensure their own economic interests unto eternity.

It’s Always About The Money So On With This REVOLUTION!

As the August 2nd deadline fast approaches to raise the government-borrowing limit, President Obama called on Congress two days before this Independence Day to make a deal and announced, “Nothing can be off-limits. We've got to cut the deficit.”

Netanyahu Owns the US Congress

We need look no further than the politics of the state of Israel to see what extremist religion can do with power. by James M. Wall

Stealing Success Tel Aviv Style

By act of Congress, Israeli businesses can even bid on most American Federal and State government contracts just as if they were US companies....

Candidate for U.S. House Advocates Peoples Takoever

When I was a novice reporter six years ago, I learned that it was at the end of the interview that you heard the beginning of the story. As I begin my search for a District in Florida to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, I learned that lesson again and was also inspired to go this way to get my political message out to we the people of the USA that we have it in our power to take over the House of Congress.

A Warning From The Past

The answer to AIPAC is not another J-Street lobby attempting to buy the very few remaining unaffiliated American politicians.

The ‘hands off international politics’ should be immediate Jewish call to their relentless lobbies but that's not going to happen.

20 YEARS – Operation Desert Storm Veterans Deserve the Attention of...

20 years ago this week, the world changed for hundreds of thousands of veterans of Operation Desert Storm. 20 years later the veterans are...